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I really like how this came out! I tried to think of a lot of different ways to view blood, and I think it worked.
Random feelings. Kinda hopelessness. Etc...
A story about a person (me) with a surprise ending.
Short story about myself.
Was playing Kingdom Hearts 2 like crazy and this story popped up one night.
All fact and no fiction.
Been wanting to write this ever since I saw the movie last. But it's been ages since I saw it so I probably got a bunch of it wrong. This is just a different view of one situation.
Not sure why I wrote it, maybe because I take pleasure in other people's pain.
Came out of nowhere - didn't capture exactly what I wanted to say, though. Still like it.
My first "hate" story about a real-life person.
A story I planned to finished but never got past the first two chapters. Really liked what I wrote but just wasn't satisfied with the plot so it was dropped
Kei (Digital Dreamer's RP chara), Tori, and Koji (My charas) are in Traverse Town for Christmas. Follow the last few days before Christmas in this comody! (Unedited, uncorrected. Sorry about the spacing)