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In which the Homestuck characters are descendents of the Final Fantasy 7 heroes.
This got good reception on deviantART ( and Archive of Our Own (, so I figured I'd post it up here, too.
Hay a new place to put all my random song parodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YAYAYAY my poetry shtuff!!!!

read my sonnets and limeriks, por favor!!!
This is a story of my own creation. All characters are my own-or people I know. Yes, I made up my own language. I know it's a cliche. Meh.
Myess, I know, you're wondering why there isn't a second one. Well, that's because that Advent Children and I wanted to start on my own storyline: Recognition. In this one Sun realizes her past. Tell me if u likey!!!
The main char of this fanfic is a dark brown tabby named Hawkstorm, who has one green eye, one blue eye, and a father named Hawkfrost. She is the daughter of Leopardstar as well.
This is funny-ish. Not too funny, but I think anyone who likes FF7 will like it.
Just a little story object thing I thought up in my spare time. Nothing that extravagant.