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one of my personal favorites.
A story of one boys obsession taken too far.
About a girl terrified of the ferris wheel.
An article about the crisis in Darfur and Chad.
A pretty narrative poem/
blah blah. Just read.
A poem about unrequited love and the way your mind thinks when someone brushes you off.
A poem about the pain of ending a long friendship.
A short review of the band Three Days Grace.
I draw her often enough so I gave her a little background.
A poetic letter to the romance I ruined.
song about a sour relationship. This shouldn't be new by now.
Another poem about a friendship gone sour.
About the opression of parents.
About one of the people I used to call my best friend.
a poem about Eddie Guerrero
Another sappy poem
I'm just a sapy little poet.
A poem about the bassist Cliff Burton from the ever awesome band Metallica.
A love poem
My love song