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Miliath's Profile
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Username Miliath Gender Female
Date Joined Location Scunthorpe, England
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I HAVE A DA ACCOUNT!! ^_____^ i put most of my stuff on there now, so... yeah... i'll still put the odd bit on here, but only the good stuff lol

Wow, 3 years since I joined FAC. Woot.

I'm 18, from north-ish England, virgo, just finishing my first year at college... anywho, I like drawing. no duh XD my scanner eats things. it's rubbish. barely picks up pencil. so BEWARE if you have a small moniter (800x600....) and are looking at my hand drawn stuff, cos they have to be big. if i make them smaller then they go all bitty and eugh. yes. but i can shrink them for photoshop, cos the wonderful (read rubbish) colouring masks it out :D i got a tablet, but i'm still rubbish at using it... :3

OK, stuffs I like...
MUSIC: metallica, death cab for cutie, angels and airwaves *teh love*, a little bit of random j-pop, then loads of other sutff. i'm pretty open minded, generally. no rap. *hisses*

ANIME/MANGA: fruit's basket *fave*, princess mononoke, qwan, speed grapher ((only found it a few days ago, love it!)) naruto, AKIRA ZOMG IT'S AMAZING, legal drug, evangelion <3, steamboy, Full metal alchemist, angel's sanctuary, Ray ((on this site, seriously it's amazing. it's got like 400 pages and its own section. read it. NOW.))

GENERAL: my boyfriend ^^ <333 thunder, pringles, gaming, nintendo, link, fable, tales of symphonia, WACRAFT, drawing (duh lol), cold, dark, coke, sugar, white chocolate, CHEESE, pasta, cats, wolves, roleplay, umm yeah, i should probably shut up now XD

DISLIKES: poeple calling others 'n00bs', need for speed, grand theft auto, me, my hair, having a greasy keypad/mouse/keyboard after eating food, people annoying me ;;¬.¬, the fact my pencils ALWAYS break when i sharpen them, my art teacher, dark chocolate, nuts, DBZ EEWWW, the way i seem to have put more dislikes than likes XD

so that's pretty much me. i don't bite. much. o_O

I will do requests! i'll also try and do contest entries if people want. please? XD


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hvite_devil on June 19, 2007, 11:28:00 PM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilWOWOWOW! Do you read Ray?! COOL! I've allready read it and I'm just waiting for more! hahhahaha! It's a really good manga! XD
I'm so looking forward to seeing your manga! :D *glomp!*

hvite_devil on June 19, 2007, 5:32:23 AM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilTHEE HEE!! You're welcome!!! XD *glooompi*

hvite_devil on June 19, 2007, 5:30:19 AM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilhaha noo problemo! :D

hvite_devil on June 18, 2007, 11:31:09 PM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilDo you want me to draw him my way or do you want me to draw him as alike as posible?^^

hvite_devil on June 18, 2007, 8:19:41 AM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilAwww!! I'm so honored that you like my art!!^^
Thank you very very much! Umm.. Is it okey with you if I draw you a gift? Or.. If you maybe wanna give me a request that'll work too.^^' Haha,, just wonderin'. ^^' Your comments make me so happy that I just felt like giving you something!

hvite_devil on June 18, 2007, 7:27:27 AM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilOMG you're allways so nice to me! WHY??! OOOH WHYYY?!
When I saw your comment I got so teary-eyed! You're an angel! And you comments toutch my heart! HAHA!


SpiderMuffin on June 13, 2007, 4:05:51 AM

SpiderMuffin on
SpiderMuffinHahaha yaaay ^___^ Yeah, I love that song...I haven't got it yet cause I didn't know when it was out (like on CD) and if I download it before then I get crappy versions recorded off the tv XDDD

YAY NO MORE EXAMS ^__^ I have my last one tomorrow T______T

hvite_devil on June 12, 2007, 2:02:19 AM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilWooow! You're a genious! That's a great idea! XD
And thank you a million times for commenting! It made me SO happy! Thaaank youu!!! XD
*thank you hug*! AND *GLOMP* HAHA!

SpiderMuffin on May 29, 2007, 5:02:53 AM

SpiderMuffin on
SpiderMuffinHahaha XDDD Yeah, I've heard of that XD

I LOOOVE your new avatar XDD It's way cool XD


Heeey, I had a dream I killed someone last night. You were in it. XDDDD No seriously though XDD You and me worked in this little newsagents type shop and this guy came in with a gun and we were like get out and he tried to shoot me but it wasn't loaded and you were like IT'S NOT LOADED SO GET OUT and he had this bullet and was about to put it in so you grabbed it off him and then he pulled out this knife and we were kinda fighting over it and I said "quick go and get [whatever the boss guys name was]" and you went out and then I stabbed him in the throat (Like his hand was still on it if you know what I mean) and then you came back and said "He says he's too busy to come and help" and then I was pissed off and the wall was like wood and I like pushed his neck on the wall so the blood soaked in and I was like "I hope this stains his stupid wall" and then the guy was like "What do you want me to stain it" and I was like yeah and it was strange I was like "You missed a bit" and he was getting blood everywhere XDDD...And then we went out and he just kinda slumped in the corner lol and there were these cinnamon sweets for £3.20 and I was like I'm not paying that and I earned them (?) so I took them and then we were walking across the car park and the boss guy was walking towards the shop (I dunno either XD) and he said "Did you pay for them" and I said "Yeah I left the money on the side"

And then we went to college 0.o and this guy said to you "Do you want to go to the cinema to see that cow film" and you looked at me and said "Do you want to come" and he got all pissed and said "What so you just take the compliment and ignore me" and I had to go do my IT coursework o.0 and I went outside and mum and dad came to pick me up in 'our car' except it was a big silver square-y one XDD And then we drove to some other part of the college and I got out and went to the boot and there was this roll of green carpet and I was like "Ohmygod that guy's grandmother did it because I killed him what am I gonna do?!" And I was panicing then I went into a room of computers and then the phone rang and woke me up XDDDD

Hahaha, so...anyway XDDD

hvite_devil on May 28, 2007, 5:03:04 PM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilHee hee!! You're welcome!^^ And thankies for the coockie!! *Gives coockie too*

Have a great day!!!^^ *Glomps*



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What's the use of wings?

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