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Miliath's Profile
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Username Miliath Gender Female
Date Joined Location Scunthorpe, England
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Member Info
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I HAVE A DA ACCOUNT!! ^_____^ i put most of my stuff on there now, so... yeah... i'll still put the odd bit on here, but only the good stuff lol

Wow, 3 years since I joined FAC. Woot.

I'm 18, from north-ish England, virgo, just finishing my first year at college... anywho, I like drawing. no duh XD my scanner eats things. it's rubbish. barely picks up pencil. so BEWARE if you have a small moniter (800x600....) and are looking at my hand drawn stuff, cos they have to be big. if i make them smaller then they go all bitty and eugh. yes. but i can shrink them for photoshop, cos the wonderful (read rubbish) colouring masks it out :D i got a tablet, but i'm still rubbish at using it... :3

OK, stuffs I like...
MUSIC: metallica, death cab for cutie, angels and airwaves *teh love*, a little bit of random j-pop, then loads of other sutff. i'm pretty open minded, generally. no rap. *hisses*

ANIME/MANGA: fruit's basket *fave*, princess mononoke, qwan, speed grapher ((only found it a few days ago, love it!)) naruto, AKIRA ZOMG IT'S AMAZING, legal drug, evangelion <3, steamboy, Full metal alchemist, angel's sanctuary, Ray ((on this site, seriously it's amazing. it's got like 400 pages and its own section. read it. NOW.))

GENERAL: my boyfriend ^^ <333 thunder, pringles, gaming, nintendo, link, fable, tales of symphonia, WACRAFT, drawing (duh lol), cold, dark, coke, sugar, white chocolate, CHEESE, pasta, cats, wolves, roleplay, umm yeah, i should probably shut up now XD

DISLIKES: poeple calling others 'n00bs', need for speed, grand theft auto, me, my hair, having a greasy keypad/mouse/keyboard after eating food, people annoying me ;;¬.¬, the fact my pencils ALWAYS break when i sharpen them, my art teacher, dark chocolate, nuts, DBZ EEWWW, the way i seem to have put more dislikes than likes XD

so that's pretty much me. i don't bite. much. o_O

I will do requests! i'll also try and do contest entries if people want. please? XD


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Enigma_Girl on June 28, 2007, 3:24:01 AM

Enigma_Girl on
Enigma_Girlthx for the comment


hvite_devil on June 28, 2007, 1:11:54 AM

hvite_devil on

There you go! The picture is very ugly so ignore it. lol!

hvite_devil on June 27, 2007, 11:34:49 PM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilHii!!!^^ Today I'm gonna show you how I draw on Aku-Tenshi!^^ lol!

hvite_devil on June 27, 2007, 5:03:41 AM

hvite_devil on
Oooh yuck! WH is he a teatcher for if he can't help the class?! he sounds very stupid. =__=

Oh! I'll have to leave! The store is closing very soon and I have to go buy some candy! XD LOL!! BRB!!!^^ *glomp*


hvite_devil on June 27, 2007, 4:56:12 AM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilYeah I know! She's amazing!! But we'll make it!! XD hahah!! Just think happy happy thoughts!!! WE'LL MAKE IT!! XD

Btw. Why are you failing art?!!!!!!!!! O_O

hvite_devil on June 27, 2007, 4:49:09 AM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilOMG are you getting adicted too?!! HAAHAHA! I'm totally adicted!! TT_TT I've been member on this other oekaki site too becouse we can only draw two drawings per day on the first one. I'll give you the link! LOL!
I've made a piccy there too! It's called "daydreaming". It should be the first one on the list! hahah!!
OH!! Have you seen the piccy that was resently postet on Aku-Tenshi?! It's called "Where's my top"?? It's made by my sister!!! XD did you know?!! X3 hahahahha! She's the best!

hvite_devil on June 27, 2007, 4:39:46 AM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilOooh sorry! I didn't notice the messages you sent me! sorry sorry!
What awesome idea do you have?! XD
YAAAY!! Are you seriously starting on the manga today?!!! IIIIIIHHHH!!!!! YAYAYAYAAYAAAAY!!!!
Hahahahhahahahahahahha!!! And thank you for the compliments!^^' I feel so honoured.. AGAIN! LOL!

hvite_devil on June 26, 2007, 10:05:11 PM

hvite_devil on
hvite_devilYOU!!!! OMG you're allways so nice! You.. you make me smile all the time with your wonderful comments! Why are you so nice to me?! I doooon't understaaand! TT_TT
Umm but thank you so much! haha I'm so happy you like it!^^

I read your profile. What's with this multi-chined art teatcher of yours? o.o? What does that mean anyway? hahah! >_>

SpiderMuffin on June 26, 2007, 5:05:34 AM

SpiderMuffin on
SpiderMuffinHehe...WHAT DID YOU SAY. What did I tell you about the bus window!!?? And we break up next wednesday XDDD

SpiderMuffin on June 26, 2007, 4:29:23 AM

SpiderMuffin on
SpiderMuffinXDD I TOLD you about that AGES AGO!! XDDD Remember in WH Smiths in meadowhall XDDD Silly billy pilly bean. XDD HAHA.


Yeah, I was gonna do that (Then never got started lol)

Awww...:S I'll try and borrow the disk again if ya want ^^ And I'm TRYING but I just can't get this picture finished T^T XDD



What's the use of wings?

What's the use of wings?

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