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ZoidianGirl_DSZ's Profile
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Username ZoidianGirl_DSZ Gender Female
Date Joined Location New York
Last Updated Occupation College and Internships
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Member Info
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(D is for DBZ, S is for Sonic, and Z is for Zoids.)

My real name is Holly. I have a younger brother and sister, too. The bro is "dynamite9" and the sis is "orangemusicnote101614". I'm a big fan of the shows DBZ (DB + DBGT, too), Sonic X, and both Zoids series! Now also Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden. I am attending Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I'm a senior, going for Chemical Engineering. I don't draw much anymore because of massive amounts of homework. My recent passion has been the car I bought, a Honda CR-Z.


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VictoriaZepeda on August 26, 2012, 5:56:54 PM

VictoriaZepeda on
VictoriaZepedaHi there my name is Victoria and i'm 22 years old and nice to meet you

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on November 12, 2009, 7:41:04 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazHELLO HOLLY! :D
It's me, whats new?! Yeahhhh.. hit me up!:)

FluffysPrincess2968 on September 4, 2007, 8:29:40 AM

FluffysPrincess2968 on
FluffysPrincess2968RANDOM HI!!!

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 5, 2007, 5:33:31 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

thanks for the pic cmnt
ummm; anywayyyy; yea; shoes, sweeeet XD

i wanna see yer haircutt:O

Fairygurl27 on September 17, 2006, 3:15:02 AM

Fairygurl27 on
Fairygurl27Yeah, I like the celestial idea too. ;)

ButtNugget on September 12, 2006, 4:53:00 PM

ButtNugget on
ButtNuggetuh hi! i'm LL_CC's friend and i just wanted to say hi cos you like linkin park! i love them they're so cool!!

p.s. sorry about just randomly popping up out of nowhere i just so your name on one of LL_CC's pics okay bye bye! x

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 31, 2006, 9:01:32 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

yea, he did.


LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 27, 2006, 10:48:29 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazits on his chest

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 27, 2006, 10:58:58 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 27, 2006, 10:56:05 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazCh-Ch-Ch- CHESTERS NEW TATTOO!!!!!!!!!

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 13, 2006, 6:53:42 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazI commented my Linkin Park pictures...then I was like,
"you like linkin park?"

something like that.

I dunno how long Ive been here.
Awhile I guess. ^^

No Holly, I live in Texas. XD
Not UK. I didnt want my mom to find my myspace so I made up a fake thingy on where I live and my name.
My names Chesters Wife Bennington.

That would be soo cool!
We call like raid the store with every Linkin Park merchandise they have!!!
Ive huggled pounce meh boyfriend. ^_^; Lots of times.

I wonder wut we'll do.

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 13, 2006, 6:49:33 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

a secret?
well, email me teh "secret"


LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 12, 2006, 1:36:55 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
i noticed, most of yer pics take u like hours to draw.

while mine are either 5 to 17 minutes long.


man, i need to take my time more. O_O

Maybe then they will be better like yours! =D

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 12, 2006, 1:33:06 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

No, thank YOU for loving it! =D
Holly, you are the most nicest friend ive ever met off of this site. =]

You actually talk to me, comment my pics, [of course i comment yours XD], get along w/ me.

Dude, you are the best.
I effen love you!
**glomp** =3

You are a true friend.
unlike to all my other friends on here you disappear and dont talk to me in like forever. =[
[no offense to them i bet they have a good reason]

If we ever meet one day, Im gunna give you the biggest hug you have ever had!
then, we can go to a Linkin Park concert and THEN, thats when the fun begins. ;]

Ill get us a meet and greet pass and then..oh, then we will get chester!!!!

Fairygurl27 on August 11, 2006, 8:22:27 AM

Fairygurl27 on
Fairygurl27Thanks for the comments!

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 9, 2006, 4:44:43 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
PArents. =/

why cant they let us be friend with whoever we want?
Its our LIFE!

good luck w/ the guy! ;]

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 8, 2006, 5:30:16 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on


anyway, ill just be right here waitin for it to be done!



Still hereeeee......

Yea, my dads gunna let me tomorrow!

Shadowkitsunedragon on August 8, 2006, 9:18:14 AM

Shadowkitsunedragon on
ShadowkitsunedragonThat sounds interesting ^^.

Shadowkitsunedragon on August 8, 2006, 8:08:07 AM

Shadowkitsunedragon on
ShadowkitsunedragonHi ya ^_^! How are you? *oh and by the way I posted a new piccy ^^*

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 8, 2006, 6:11:23 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
so far ur pic is comin out great!!

And I didnt kno thats wut u do when u draw. XD
Thats awesome!
I just draw...I dont like....sketch it out. I just do whatever is on my mind. LoL.

Oh! I maybe can scan a pic and upload it!
You can see how much Ive improved!!!!
Im kinda better on paper then computer. XD
Actually, way better.

Fairygurl27 on August 6, 2006, 11:28:20 AM

Fairygurl27 on
Fairygurl27Thankies! ^-^

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 6, 2006, 11:27:24 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
about to say. o.O

Anyway, I finished it!
And I cant wait to see mine. =3

Anyway, a problem w/ me uploadin ur pic.
I drew it on my sisters computer but the thing is....her internet wont work!
And they might have to restart her computer--
as in losin all the files in process!
Your picture came out great!
I added I lil twist but, youll LOVE it!

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 5, 2006, 9:33:13 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
exactly. MUAHAHAHA!!
**mechanical laughter too**


corpsebecky on August 5, 2006, 9:01:00 AM

corpsebecky on
corpsebeckyHi ZD

Howz yoo?

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 4, 2006, 5:25:50 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazthats the point!! =O

Anyway, here;

Me, you and Chester just sitting down, ya kno?
And we are sharing an ice cream cone, YA KNO?!
Were lookin all sexy n stuff.


LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 4, 2006, 5:08:24 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on


ok, ok. XD
I will do that!!
since its on paint, it will take awhile oO;

So mmyup. By the time you come back, it will be done/posted!
oh, my request.

me, you chester and were just like....all....
you get it. dontcha? eh? **nudge* nudge**
No you dont. XD
Ok, so us, and we are all just lookin all sexy while sharin a ice cream with chester.

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 2, 2006, 3:03:14 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazoki doki.

well, i cant wait for my picture! =]

and i'll draw ur pic whenever u get an idea. LoL.

ZidanesGirl on August 2, 2006, 10:25:36 AM

ZidanesGirl on
ZidanesGirlnot much. you're lucky, I don't have AC -_-

ZidanesGirl on August 2, 2006, 10:18:20 AM

ZidanesGirl on

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 2, 2006, 7:36:56 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

well i draw something for you that u ask for; in details,
then you draw something for me in return.

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 1, 2006, 6:54:37 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

wanna do a art trade thing?

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 31, 2006, 8:23:25 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazif that effem shoot didnt work look up


when it comes up, click on LPTV Trailer 06.


brad: "**in girly voice** its linkin park!"

mike: "rockin at an theater near your @$$! BA DANG DANG!"

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 31, 2006, 8:19:26 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 31, 2006, 3:13:36 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on


Stone_Demon on July 31, 2006, 12:31:02 PM

Stone_Demon on
Stone_Demonwell... in one sence, my summer is kinda over, in another sence i still have one I just don;t have any free time that isn;t maped out for me for a while. I'm painting my room right now [not this exact moment though XD] and then i'll spend a day at the beach with my friend, bring her home, go to DCI, then start marching band camp *shrugs* lotsa stuff to do

Stone_Demon on July 31, 2006, 4:25:50 AM

Stone_Demon on
Stone_Demonhey thanks for the comments!!! how have you been? doing anything special for the summer?

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 28, 2006, 5:13:51 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazlets see.

dark brown eyes and hair.

oh and the Harajuku thingy,

i forgot about it. XD

need to ask that person if shall do my request still. >___>


the stars thing. XD

chesters drunk but mike thinks he sees the stars.
when he looks in one direction chesters like, "NOT THERE!"
Then Mikes like "oh" and looks in the other direction.

Its hilarious! the whole thing. Teehee, "ATTACK!!"

I have like....30.
But have of the pics are my friends for whenever I upload them to send to friends and such.....
but yeah.

I have over 2,000 pics on the harddrive o nmy dads computer!!! =O **gasp**

On my sisters computer I barely have 348 and counting!
Some are drawings though. LoL.

Oh, well can u add me on myspace?

u can see my pics of me and things...and kno wuts goin on in my pathetic life. LoL.

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 27, 2006, 7:41:51 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazsorry if i get it wrong but here::

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 27, 2006, 3:26:03 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz"Make Harajuku do the Chaz piccy"

ummmm sorry, but wut do ya mean by that?


LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 27, 2006, 3:21:14 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

Ya spelt it right.

sorry my sis's name is holley but i call her herlley. so its a habit to say it.
my other friends name, from my school,
her name is Holly. hahaha.

im sorry my mum deleted it. =[[[

i had it under deidres lppics folder, but my mother just HAD to delete the folder.



i have the pictures though.

the chester n the porta potty, the one without his shirt....



i'll be glad to give u the pics though!

oh, u have a myspace???

i do, here::
or linkin_minor

i forget. Teehee. XD

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 27, 2006, 11:51:56 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz"mad leet?"



werd. o.O


well thanks for dem comments herlley.

i shall call ya that now. XDDDDD

ZidanesGirl on July 26, 2006, 3:56:54 PM

ZidanesGirl on
ZidanesGirlHiya! wanna B friends?

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 25, 2006, 5:09:44 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on


im tryin to draw more. =]]]]


takin me tiiimmmeee...slooowwwllllyy.....


Well mmyup.

corpsebecky on July 21, 2006, 3:53:59 AM

corpsebecky on
corpsebeckylol,glad u like it!


corpsebecky on July 20, 2006, 8:46:48 AM

corpsebecky on
corpsebeckythx 4 anotha piccy commenty

Go Mew2 Go Mew2
woo woo woo!

corpsebecky on July 20, 2006, 3:20:49 AM

corpsebecky on
corpsebeckyI'v finished ur pic

I'm sure it will show up soon

corpsebecky on July 19, 2006, 8:21:28 AM

corpsebecky on
corpsebeckyHey kool

I'll start on it 2moz!

corpsebecky on July 19, 2006, 4:46:44 AM

corpsebecky on
corpsebeckyThat pic is amaz'n

It's the best pic of Reice + Spec av eva seen here!

Well done!

Is there any pic i can do 4 yoo?

corpsebecky on July 18, 2006, 8:14:47 AM

corpsebecky on

We are friends
I got your back
You got mine,
I'll help you out
To see you hurt
To see you cry
Makes me weep
And wanna die
And if you agree
To never fight
It wouldn't matter
Who's wrong or right
If a broken heart
Needs a mend
I'll be right there
Till the end
If your cheeks are wet
from drops of tears
Don't worry
Let go of your fears
Hand in hand
Love is sent,
We'll be friends
Till the end!!!!

show your friends how much you care.Send this to everyone you consider a FRIEND.If it comes back to you then you'll know you have a circle of friends.

Ok friend
Send this to............
0-2 peeps your a bad friend.Booo!!!
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10-12 peeps your an excellent friend!

harajuku10april on July 18, 2006, 1:38:04 AM

harajuku10april on
harajuku10aprilhYe ya!  thanx a lot 4ur comment..another chaz's fan huh?! dooh....
come on...whn will i meet mike's fan here....huhu
btw we're all LP loyal fans!!!!!!! U ROX !ME ROXIN' !LP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! 

corpsebecky on July 16, 2006, 6:36:46 AM

corpsebecky on
corpsebeckythx 4 tha advice!

An i can't wait 2 c that Reice + Specular pic!

Shadowkitsunedragon on July 16, 2006, 3:54:40 AM

Shadowkitsunedragon on
ShadowkitsunedragonHiya ^_^! (there's a virus on my computer so I won't be on for a while.)

corpsebecky on July 15, 2006, 10:38:04 PM

corpsebecky on
corpsebeckyHey again

How d'u reduce the size of my artwork

so people can view em properly?

corpsebecky on July 15, 2006, 10:32:33 PM

corpsebecky on

corpsebecky on July 15, 2006, 7:54:35 PM

corpsebecky on
corpsebeckythx 4 tha pic comment!

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 12, 2006, 6:28:03 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

i have a neopets thing.


my name is under deidre shinoda. [when i was into mike...when i first heard of [LP]but after 4 weeks i was into chester XD]

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 11, 2006, 8:28:01 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazi got the LP calender. XD

anyway, the pic of my chaz collage? its somewhere in my files.

lmfao, it was hilarious when chester fell on top of the porta potty.
i remember mike was crackin UP!

gooood times.

ill get a better pic of it for u soon, promise.

Shadowkitsunedragon on July 11, 2006, 1:48:48 PM

Shadowkitsunedragon on
ShadowkitsunedragonIt's a site were you can role play as an dragon. I'm a member there but I
don't know what to do -.-'.

Shadowkitsunedragon on July 11, 2006, 12:40:24 PM

Shadowkitsunedragon on
ShadowkitsunedragonHey have you heard of The Dragons Haven?

Shadowkitsunedragon on July 11, 2006, 12:02:22 PM

Shadowkitsunedragon on
ShadowkitsunedragonThanks for commenting on my pic^_^.

ZidanesGirl on July 11, 2006, 11:48:26 AM

ZidanesGirl on
ZidanesGirlYAY ANOTHER ZOIDS FAN!!!! I used to watch that show, untill they cancelled it

Shadowkitsunedragon on July 11, 2006, 11:15:12 AM

Shadowkitsunedragon on
ShadowkitsunedragonCool zoids ^.^ wanna be friends.

corpsebecky on July 11, 2006, 6:17:49 AM

corpsebecky on
corpsebeckyWould u do me a pic of Specular + Reese?

U'd be amaz'n @ it,
i'v done a few picz of organoidz myself

Do jus like u done the Shadow + Raven one


corpsebecky on July 10, 2006, 11:48:22 PM

corpsebecky on
corpsebeckyHey,d'u do requests?

Fairygurl27 on June 27, 2006, 5:57:48 AM

Fairygurl27 on
Fairygurl27Thank you for the comments ^^

ZidanesGirl on June 26, 2006, 7:45:12 AM

ZidanesGirl on
ZidanesGirlYAAAAAAAAY!!!! Zoids rocks. although I don't really see all that much of it anymore

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on April 7, 2006, 7:29:48 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazoh yea.


Dizzy432 on February 28, 2006, 5:58:53 AM

Dizzy432 on
WELL GTG BYE!!!!!!!!

bluefairy421 on February 23, 2006, 8:31:02 AM

bluefairy421 on
bluefairy421Um, about your comment, I apologize but I don't seem to remember asking a request from you! Are you using a different name? Like are you orangemusicnote101614? Sorry about this!

Blue Fairy

Blue_Bubble on February 3, 2006, 7:21:31 AM

Blue_Bubble on
Blue_BubbleHEY!!! Remember me? My old name on here was ILoveAang!?!?! I saw you were on and thought I'd comment! What's new?!

SSOD on January 28, 2006, 8:58:16 AM

SSODHello! about the "haro" thing, (i don't know if you've ever seen Gundam Seed, but...) When Athrun grows older than he is in my pic, he's engaged to this girl. Anywhoo, he continually makes these annoying little robots for her called Haro. So, i created a little character they could've been based on. ^^ oh, and he also makes a little robotic bird called Birdie, so that's where the bird came from. P.S. if you know all this already, than wow, that was a waste of long, tedious explaining...sigh...

SSOD on January 18, 2006, 11:46:48 AM

SSODNYAY!!! you got the "shh" thing!! NYAAAYYY!!! thanx fer the comments! i'll try to get around to coloring might take me a while, though, as i have other pics i want to get up first. again, thanks fer the comments, and I LOVE YER ART!!! SWOOT! (don't's a LOOONG story...-_-)

Stone_Demon on January 6, 2006, 8:19:00 AM

Stone_Demon on
Stone_DemonYo whats up? how was your new years? hope your grandparents are well XD
lol Sky's hair isn;t white, i just didn;t have anything brown colored with me at the time that i drew it. But white hair with streaks is hawt!
most people have no clue what a cherindai is, i didn't till i started my real first role play forum. but they are creaters that are half human half animal. I wanted to make sky half monkey cherindai, but i wasn;t allowed to TT.TT
although i'm prolly a bit late... yeah, i'm 15 also and Sae is actually my name in nihongo no kyoshootesu (japanese class). we all had to get new names and a couple of my friends and i all made characters to go along with the names. character design is alwasy fun ^.^ i just need to find the other pic i did of her and out it up...
i hope your well! get anything fun shoping?

Stone_Demon on December 29, 2005, 11:44:58 AM

Stone_Demon on
Stone_Demonhave fun at your grandparents!!!!
man, i NEVER get money for the holidays! like, maybe one card for barnes and noble and a bond, but thats it! lucky! i wanna go shoping u.u

Stone_Demon on December 28, 2005, 1:05:03 PM

Stone_Demon on
Stone_Demonoh man! thank you soooooooooo much for the plushies!!!! kawaii ne!
thanks sooo much!

man, i should do some lp pics, i love them so much but the only one i've done was for a friend of chaz from L.i.T.

*goes off and huggles the plushies more*
have fun at the mall? god i wish i had money! i blew it all on x-mas presents. i'm not geting ANYONE presents next year XP

Stone_Demon on December 27, 2005, 3:59:34 AM

Stone_Demon on
Stone_DemonYAY!!! I GET A CHAZ PLUSH!!!
um *blushes(* can i have a milkie plush too? ^.^

Stone_Demon on December 27, 2005, 3:57:29 AM

Stone_Demon on
Stone_Demonlol your commenting so much ^.^
answering some questions woo!
i drew sky originaly with a very DBZ style cause that was one of my fav anime's back then. and dbz made me odsesed with tails, which is why Sky has one ^.^
fave curse words? prolly shoot and frack, what about you?
it's not that hard making up characters. I do a loyt of forum role play so they usually ask for you to fill out a list about your character. it's easiest to makc a character with your personality. so your first character is always a ot like you. After that character design comes easier and the character's personalities differ. It still takes me a long time to come up with characters. I have a new one that i needed for a site, it took me a couple days just figuring out his name! then a couple more to figure out looks and personality. Histpry is always the worst. i gthink you would be pretty good at making them if you just gave yourself time to come up with one. ^.^

Stone_Demon on December 27, 2005, 3:37:07 AM

Stone_Demon on
Stone_Demonhey! thanks muches for the comments!@ i lube geting comments ^.^ your really good! i like all your chazzy pics ^.^

Lychee on December 17, 2005, 5:02:41 AM

Lychee on
Lycheeheh, i knew it, but i thought i wanted to respond on you're profile...
i'm sorry if i caused confusion v.V

Lychee on December 15, 2005, 8:01:26 PM

Lychee on
Lycheesorry i never wrote back... it's been a hectic time for me o.O

well... my bf dumped me, and my rabbit is veeeery ill -_-

aaaaaaaaah depressing times.
but now i feel better, and how r u?

Fairygurl27 on December 14, 2005, 8:11:41 AM

Fairygurl27 on
Fairygurl27HI!!! ^^ How are you ? I don't see you much anymore ^^ I saw you on and I'm like OMG SHE"S ON how cool! ;D hehehe Soo How's 9th grade :] well just wanted to say hi!so Hi! :D ^^ toodles!

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on December 12, 2005, 11:49:40 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazoh yea, sexy chester.

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on December 9, 2005, 8:42:42 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazeh. ^^
Yea, I now see Dominic in the hallways kissing and hugging his gf Marisa...who is my best friend...>>**cough*whore**cough** Anywho, now i see BILLY in the hallways smugglin Meagan, who is TOO my best friend!! >.<
I just get sad and lonely when I see um. Ya know, I am jealous of you. XD
Cuz for 1. you draw better
2. seems you got a better life ._.;

thats it....XD
Well I think this dude Jose likes me.^^;
he's really nice and all. Today I bought him mashed potatoes and a cookie for lunch. He said " Awww, Deidre you are too nice!"
Jose is awesome. If he likes me, I wont mind bein with him ;)
but my best friend likes him...but he doesnt like her...0__o;

papaya_shocka on December 9, 2005, 5:29:13 AM

papaya_shocka on

Uh...eheh, I am sure you havent seen me around yet, as I am pretty new. But I was just looking at some of your art and I thought I would say its really good! Keep it up.

New York eh? Yeesh. I went up there with my band once and i about froze my butt off. Anyways, yeah, I am also a big zoids fan. (Chaotic Century being my fav)
Hope to see some more of ur stuff.


LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on December 5, 2005, 12:05:08 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazim really sad that billy left me.
i cant stop crying...

Before he left me though, I told him that I really loved him.
His response was
"...see, I dont know wut to say to that."
I just stood there for awhile as I hugged him. Then I let go of him and walked off.

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on November 8, 2005, 11:09:27 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazhehe, glad ya liked my stories. :3

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on November 7, 2005, 6:36:36 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazDAMN GIRL!! In NINTH gradE?!!?!
Im barely in 8th. x__X
**cough** well anywho, yes, Mike has a mustache. XD
Sexy aint it? LoL. Oh well, Mike is Mike...even with the 'stache. LoL.
Well I got TONS of pics to scan. Just dont have time. u.u;
well I will catch yaz l8er mah [LP] sista! **glomp** X3

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on November 6, 2005, 7:11:47 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazI havent worn my LP shirts in 3 weeks. o_O


well I miss talkin to you and every other of my [LP] friends here. I cant wait for LP to come to Texas though....**Sigh** but its goin to be awhile.

oh well. see ya!

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on October 7, 2005, 8:40:41 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazYEA!!!! :o
god...i hate school. got loadz of pics but no time to upload um. :(
Oh yea, Mike made a music video for FM's song "Petrified". I can tell that Mike gotz himself a lil mustache now...XD
dude, he is full hip-hop and no rock!! :O!!!
**screams** WHY MIKE??!!! WHYY!??!!!

sesshy_lil_gurl on September 24, 2005, 6:47:14 AM

sesshy_lil_gurl on
sesshy_lil_gurlhey, i love zoids, my fave character is ervine. i have my on character she is ervine"sorry if i spell his name wrong" lost sister.

CresentStar on September 18, 2005, 8:02:52 AM

CresentStar on
CresentStarheyy wuts up, i went shoppin in the galleria if u kno wut that is, if not it's a huge mall. n as many times as i've been there i have never known that there's a hot topic there, so when i saw it i like screamed all loud like n everyone was like starin at me. anyway i like ran in n bought everything. well actually i only bought a linkin park t-shirt finally, 2 fish nets hand gloves, n a pair of baggy pants. i'm soo happeh ^^ i never knew u lived in new york, i live in Elmsford

holla back


LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on September 11, 2005, 5:18:34 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazhaha. Nice. I got homework on da 3rd day too. ._.'
wow. That is how nice teachers are. XD
LoL. Anywho, I am goin to put a pic up with me in mah [LP] shirt! :D
But I have to find a camera. >>
hehe. Sorry that I am hardly on now. SCHOOL SUX! Anywho, I got tons of pics but no time to put dem up. grrr.... **shakes fist** I am listenin to LP right now! yay. And dude, go to You can here 2 songs from Mike Shinoda's new Cd; Fort Minor: Rising Tied. They are called Remember the name and Petrified. FREAKIN AWESOME SONGS!!!! LoL. Ok bye bye mah LP budday! Oh, your [LP]er pic is done. I got to get to da scannin soon. i will see ya later! sorry for mah lackness on herr.

CresentStar on September 6, 2005, 4:59:57 AM

CresentStar on
CresentStaroh i never knew there was actually a store. where is it? oh and i always go on next time i go i'll be sure to check thanks

holla back

laterr ^^

CresentStar on September 2, 2005, 11:47:32 AM

CresentStar on
CresentStardude your shirt is totally awshum, i need to know where u got it cuz i can't find any in new york, and yea i live in new york, actually elmsford new york, near white plains, and yea they were on tour now in like europe and england n crap, hopefully there come to new york or sumthin

anywayz comment back

laterr ^^

AeroArtist on September 1, 2005, 10:46:56 AM

AeroArtist on
AeroArtistthanks for the comment.

hellpoemer on August 31, 2005, 6:29:01 PM

hellpoemer on
hellpoemerHey there ^___^

Whoa... Your art is so nice and so much fun to look at! Please keep on doing whatever your doing, because it's really great!

Ok bye and keep up the good work ^__^
Ps. I luv your screenname =D

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 21, 2005, 10:53:18 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazAhh. I wish I had them. You're colorin is so beautiful. I will try to get beter colors for me! I fear the other colorin pencils.

I sure dont mind. ^^ Just happy you asked...unlike other stealers at FAC...>> **ahem** Besides, I dont mind, you can take any pics of mine. Hehe. Well I start school tomorrow, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, and I wont be on as much...**Sigh** Well, tell the other [LP]ers. But I am still workin on your pic. ((Next [LP]er pic))
I will tell you when it is done though. ^^ See ya! **hug**

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 18, 2005, 4:34:35 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazahh...same here. it goes straight, then wavvy, then curly. So strange. :P

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 18, 2005, 4:32:01 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazHAHAHA. Great story. i am plannin to tell mah friend that when i go to school. Even though I have no car...LoL.

AeroArtist on August 18, 2005, 3:14:04 AM

AeroArtist on
AeroArtistyou've done some funny dbz stuff. lol. even though my artwork is an entirely different subject matter... take a few and check it out sometime. blessed be.

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 17, 2005, 11:51:05 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
Srry, but it sounded funny. Well how you said it. hehe.

I did. But I have mah hat on. LoL. I DO have highlights though. I just cant found a pic that shows um. I WILL DO IT...
See ya later mah budday!

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 17, 2005, 1:27:09 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazWow. No it wasnt me. That is just funny...hehe, i won a house. LoL. **moves in it** WooH!

OMG. You sre soo pretty! **is jealous** :P

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on August 17, 2005, 3:44:42 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazYea, you can be an [LP]er. saved the spot for ya. I chose:

Lin, you, linkinpark_fan.

Then there is me and MINA-CHAN. But she started it all. WooH!

Fairygurl27 on August 9, 2005, 7:51:13 AM

Fairygurl27 on
Fairygurl27sure i'll draw you some wolfies! is there any way that you want them to look? ^^

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 30, 2005, 1:35:52 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazOh yea, I AM BACK!!
Hello. ^-^

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 30, 2005, 1:35:33 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazYou DID?! OMG U R SOOO FREAKIN LUCKY!!
I only got 4...hmph....**crosses arms**

Darkmasterbabe on July 30, 2005, 6:15:17 AM

Darkmasterbabe on
DarkmasterbabeNo it said bad man on the back of the shirt that bulma gave to vegeta..

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 28, 2005, 10:52:56 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

**hugglez ya**

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 24, 2005, 6:31:56 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazOMG those pics u drew r soooo hilarious and AWESOME!! XD
I missed ur drawings when i was out...**sigh**

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 13, 2005, 8:31:03 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazreally? OMG! That will be a great n u in chesters pants...fantastic! LoL.

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 8, 2005, 1:53:39 PM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazOk then.

I like the pic. its funny! But thats our Chazzy. XD

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 8, 2005, 9:27:12 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazCANT WAIT 4 THA PIC!!

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 8, 2005, 9:26:46 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazXD LoL.
That is enough of a thank you.

orangemusicnote101614 on July 7, 2005, 9:26:43 AM

orangemusicnote101614 on
orangemusicnote101614Hi-----hold on I have to go to the bathroom!

-your sister who will find you

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 7, 2005, 7:19:42 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazIT IS UP!! **squeak**

tsumitobatsu on July 7, 2005, 6:36:08 AM

tsumitobatsu on
tsumitobatsuHey! :3 Just thought I'd say thanks for the lovely comment on my picture [--Lai--]! It made my day. :D

orangemusicnote101614 on July 5, 2005, 11:40:12 PM

orangemusicnote101614 on
orangemusicnote101614He sounds a lot like how we used to be, huh Holly?

He's only commenting hair with all this stuff that you have no idea about because I accidently commented on his pictures under your username. Just so you're not confused.

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 5, 2005, 11:33:47 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazOk. ^^ **gives u a plushie of him too** XD
Night night. The pic will be up some time today or tomorrow.

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 5, 2005, 11:08:37 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazHe sure is. ^o^

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 5, 2005, 8:07:30 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazaww thanks. :)
In return...I will draw u a Chazzy pic. it will be up by tomorrow maybe. ^^

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 5, 2005, 7:57:41 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 4, 2005, 6:49:37 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazthanks 4 all the wonderful comments!!! XD **hugglez you**

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on July 3, 2005, 11:40:21 AM

LinkinPark_ChazzyChaz on
LinkinPark_ChazzyChazLoL. Thanks. U r on mine too. ^^ YAY! WE CAN AlSO BE CHESTER LOVER BUDDYS!!!! XD

odd on June 15, 2005, 2:52:03 AM

odd on
oddOn the comment put said on my picture "Shadow Fox", no it only took me around 45min-1hour.

ILoveAang on April 28, 2005, 6:30:24 AM

ILoveAang on
ILoveAanghey your requests up just so you know HEY I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING!!! im on your fave artists list now i feel loved thank you!

ILoveAang on April 28, 2005, 6:30:21 AM

ILoveAang on
ILoveAanghey your requests up just so you know HEY I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING!!! im on your fave artists list now i feel loved thank you!

ILoveAang on April 28, 2005, 6:30:16 AM

ILoveAang on
ILoveAanghey your requests up just so you know HEY I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING!!! im on your fave artists list now i feel loved thank you!

ILoveAang on April 23, 2005, 1:20:21 AM

ILoveAang on
ILoveAangHELLO!!!! thanks for commenting on my pics oh all i have left to do on your request is color it but i just want to tell you that zuko sucks very very VERY badly i cant draw him for crap anyway here im gonna give you a request becuase you said you cant draw avatar characters i wanna see what wrong with them becuase eveything else you draw is great so i want you to draw aang i think itll look good i meen again everything else you draw is TERRIFIC!!!

Fairygurl27 on March 14, 2005, 12:50:58 PM

Fairygurl27 on
Fairygurl27hi hi, uh uber pictures? eh ok, ive been on FAC for a while now, 2 years maybe o.O i don't know now, ^_^

i-love-digimon on February 18, 2005, 6:14:56 AM

i-love-digimon on
i-love-digimonBUD!!! it DBG999 in a new login how r you?

RJ on January 7, 2005, 2:19:31 AM

RJ on
RJHAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!! hehe ^^ sorry this was a day late, my computer went crazy on me yesterday and I couldnt get online!! I so wanted to wish you happy birthday!!! hope you had a great day buddy!!! *huggles you then gives you loads of vegeta plushies* yaaaaaaaay! :D

RJ on December 23, 2004, 6:57:48 PM

RJ on
RJ MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ^0^ *hugz* Hope you have a nice xmas day!! RJ xxxx

RJ on November 26, 2004, 11:51:55 PM

RJ on
RJ^___________^ Thank you sooooo much for the piccy!! *huggles you 100000 times* It was sooo sweet and perfect!!! It was ok about taking long I really didnt mind!! You cant rush art as they say hehe Your art is always perfect!! ^.^ btw thanks for letting me know when your birthday is!! ^_~ hehehe watch this space after christmas!! lol :D

RJ on November 11, 2004, 4:23:54 AM

RJ on
RJHiya!!! Just though I'd drop by to let you know that I did a tribute story, and YOU are in it!! lol ^^ see ya around!

RJ on November 6, 2004, 5:39:23 AM

RJ on
RJYEY! *hugs* thank you sooo much for all them comments!!! :) hehe!! sorry I havent spoken to you much, my computer is actting up, but I am getting a new one soon!!! Oooooo!! I seen in one of your comments you told me that me Gohan and videl are in the piccy you are doing!! LOL I wonder what happens in it!!! LOL I cant think!!! hehee, dont worry I am not rushing you I would never do such a thing but I cant wait to see!!! your pics ROCK!!! keep on drawing my friend!!! *gives you box full of vegeta plushies* ^_________^ see you around!! *hugs* :)

DARK_DORMENT on October 17, 2004, 2:48:34 PM

DARK_DORMENTyou know charizard and mewtwo have always been mah fav's thou i don't really follow much pokemon anymore. :( see ya.
ohh yeah i likes you drawings of mewtwo :)

UltimaMewtwo on October 2, 2004, 11:53:08 AM

UltimaMewtwo on
UltimaMewtwoIt's alright. XD

UltimaMewtwo on September 29, 2004, 12:16:55 PM

UltimaMewtwo on
UltimaMewtwoI didn't mean any offense, I only meant it as a kind of joke, reference the text face "XP"

DARK_DORMENT on September 28, 2004, 2:07:23 PM

DARK_DORMENTthanks for the comment. sorry it took so long to reply me comp crashed. any ways i agree with mewtwo from super smash bros as fav, thou mah absoult fav is Roy, with the beam sword hacky hacky >.<

UltimaMewtwo on September 27, 2004, 10:14:41 AM

UltimaMewtwo on
UltimaMewtwoFrom what I've heard how's that Mewtwo family pic coming. Don't try to embarras my race. XP

RJ on September 9, 2004, 6:51:18 PM

RJ on
RJHey, thats ok, no worries!!! I understand what school was like!! hehee EVIL!! Take all the time you need! ooooo you took my quiz!! *hugs you* thanks you!! hehee oh, and about the sister thing, well, anyone who is a close friend to me we always refer them as a sister (sissy) hehehe looks like you are one too!! yey! sis!! *hugs you* lol ^^ Take all the time you need with the request, and I will see you around!! =^.^=

Aura on September 3, 2004, 12:02:38 AM

Aura on
AuraHey! Your'e on Fanart Central right now! :D I just thought that I would pop in and say Hello, Bob! lol.

RJ on August 24, 2004, 7:47:58 PM

RJ on
RJYey!! and sooo glad you liked the pic!!! ^0^ anytime!! It was fun drawing that! *looks at pic at top* awwwwwwwwwww!!! the cuteness!!I got that game!! hehee! got one named after Gohan! hehee! you wanna do a request for me? omg! thank you..but I am not sure what to ask for! LOL! XD! um...lets see..ah, I can't think of anything, maybe could you do Gohan in his highschool clothes with me, you can do anything you want in the pic! hehe and take all the time you need my friend!! ^_______^ keep up ya awesome work!!

RJ on August 23, 2004, 11:44:39 PM

RJ on
RJHey there!!!!! weeeeeeee!!! I finished your request!!! yey! I just posted it now, so it might take a while to come up because it needs to be approved, but when it does, hope you like!! I hope I got it right for you! ^__^

RJ on August 11, 2004, 6:58:41 PM

RJ on
RJhehehee! funny request!!! ok sure thing, but it might take a while to do, as I got sooo many other ones to do -_-' but don't worry I will do it for ya! ^-^ I will let you know when its finished k, and of course you can have one of my backgrounds in it hehehe ^0^ thanks for the comments my friend! ^-^

psychotic_black_kitsune on August 6, 2004, 11:26:46 AM

psychotic_black_kitsune on
psychotic_black_kitsune I GOTZ YOUR PICCY UP!!! SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG I IS A BUSY!!!! HOPE YOU LIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

psychotic_black_kitsune on July 27, 2004, 12:35:16 PM

psychotic_black_kitsune on
psychotic_black_kitsuneYESH I SHALL DO YOUR REQUESTS!! oh and thanks for da nice comment it made me feel good bout my art! it shall probably be up by next week k!

ZoidianGirl_DSZ on July 27, 2004, 1:56:57 AM

ZoidianGirl_DSZ on
ZoidianGirl_DSZyay! vegeta plushie! just what i've always wanted under my x-mas tree! i need to finish a picture of Manga-Me before i ask u the request...and i'm doing fine triple 9! (thats rihymes!) i just got back from my 2 week vacation in Montana yesterday, so now i can keep putting up more pics!

dragonballgoku999 on July 15, 2004, 9:19:40 AM

dragonballgoku999 on
dragonballgoku999heyyyyyy DSZ how r you??

RJ on July 12, 2004, 1:19:37 AM

RJ on
RJOMG!! Thanky soooooo much for all the comments you left me!!! your are awesome!!! ^0^ Oh yeah, of course I can do a request for you!!! anytime you want one you know where to find me hehe!! ^^ *gives you vegeta plushie* hehe!!

RJ on July 10, 2004, 5:10:15 AM

RJ on
RJWow! I am? thanky!! *hugs* you are awesome!!!! consider yourself as one of my best buddies!!! ^--^

Shezara on July 4, 2004, 12:23:47 PM

Shezara on
ShezaraThanx for the comment on "Girl Talk". You wanted to know what I used to color it, so I used photodelux. By the way, great artwork!

ZoidianGirl_DSZ on June 18, 2004, 11:58:48 PM

ZoidianGirl_DSZ on
ZoidianGirl_DSZthnx! hello kelsey (a.k.a. Joe) and RJ. i have waaayyy more pics to be put on! i have a bro and sis on this site too, so they need time to put pics on as well. -_-;;; and some of my pics are on line paper and then i have to use JASC Photo Shop 8 to get rid on all the lines without ruining the picture! *ugh* it takes a long time...any ways thnx for the comments! =^-^=

Aura on June 18, 2004, 11:20:01 AM

Aura on
AuraHey, H. ^-^
I just thought that I should drop by and give you a little hello!! So, Hello Bob!! lol.
Well, see you laterz! :D Cool!! Someone's lighting off fireworks in the field!! *scampers off*

RJ on June 16, 2004, 12:36:46 AM

RJ on
RJweeeeeeeeeeee!! hi there! Thought I'd drop by to say,thank you so much for the lovely comments you left on my pics! ^^ I just looked at your pics and I think they are really cool!!! keep up the great work my friend!!! ^-^



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