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Favorite Stories

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I love the first one! Read it! It s hilarious and the second one is random ^^ Comment if you like :D I reply to all comments (Because I am weird >.<)
Kiomi Natsuka didn't know of Kira until he killed her older brother. Now she's out for vengeance, with help from a Shinigami with mysterious motives. Can she separate truth from lies in time? Or will Kira add one more Natsuka to his list of victims?
This is just one of those 'Link gets tormented by Navi' fic. Don't worry it's funny enough! It has a japanese phrase like in all of my stories. Mainly Link bashing. Nothing to violent though. But very funny. Ja ne! /Seeya!/
ya well...ya hundred things to do in class when you're bored.
i got inspired by Genkai's 67 things to do when ur bored(so its like a fanfic of genkai's fanfic), and i also realized that i was going on a plane soon, so BOOM! this idea popped into my head!
again, this is a fanfic of Genkai's fanfic. if you really liked the last 67 things, then you'll really like this one! pls read and comment! ^_^
It's a fanfic for Genkai's fanfic! ^^ Hope you like it!
Songfic to Godsmack's "I Stand Alone". The story of the fall of one of my oldest characters, Queen Loupe the 1st.
please read?
A cloaked man finds a young maiden along the shores of Hyrule ocean crying all for her absent lover. He goes to her and finds out more than what he expected. [one-shot]
A story that starts as a simple visit from a cousin and a snowstorm that expands into an adventure the likes of which Zelda and Link would never imagine. This story encompasses many different characters, so you never know who'll you see next.
Ever wonder what possible names for some of the games were? Well, you're in luck, 'cause some random author, gemdrop123neo, has made this up just for you!
When Zelda decides to give Link back those 7 years he lost sleeping, something goes terribley wrong! Instead of sending Link back in time, she winds up erasing his memory instead...