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Umm....Summary inside I guess
Dear comrades, this is my first English-language fic! Fanfiction about Rath’s bad day.
This is comedy.
RENT's own Angel!Starring as Zim in this song fic!Why?Because I love RENT and Zim.HHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE
This is for Ferret_avitar22, and im sry its taken SO long but here it is.

This is about Cyrus Riddle and Kit Johnson...and stufz that happens at hogwarts. Marauder era.

Sorry for ANY spelling/grammar issues.
Sequal to 3rd times a charm.Zim and Dib are getting married!Time for the bride to meet the parents of the groom!Red,Purple,and Sonya!
First Gir.Then Gaz.Now Dib!Is everyone asking to marry me?
I'm obsessed with songfic now....this one is to Fishing in the dark by Kenny Chesney
It's sorta like the sequel to Won't say i'm in love.Now it's Dib's view on Zim.To the song 'Forgive me' by Evanescence
It's a song fic!Zim sings with Gir,Mya,and Gia about love
I wrte this listening to Evanescence 'Even in death'.It's VERY sad.
Two poems that Zim and Dib made for eachother
That's right!Kid's!The whole gang has one kid(Sept Shippo corse)!I'm not going to tell you the couple's find out for yourself!Oh yeah,they meet other couple's kids too.
After reading Alice in Wonderland Dib falls asleep and wakes up IN Wonderland!A lot of Characters from IZ turned into Alice chars.Enjoy!(No Dib does not wear a dress)
The basic timeline of all the Characters in my story. Hopefully I can finish it soon
Kagome goes with Inuyasha one night but then he turns on her and kills her.Wait that's not Inuyasha!Well the imposter is making her just like kikiyo!!God I hate kikiyo
Inuyasha and the gang are travling but then are tied up and taken prisoner by read for yourself I can't tell
All my favorite anime shows and their people are going to compete in a special challenge.Who will be #1!!!!!