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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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this is the remake of my myth assignment.
this is a something i had to do for school and decided to post it
this was a story that i had to write for English using random words that the students came up with in class.
this was an assignment for English class. we had to do a found poem, so i did mine on architecture
Awhile back during the fma on tv craze I had messed with the lyrics to "Bowling for Soup"s song 'Girl all the Bad guys want'
...dont know why the hell it took me so long to post thisXP but here it is^^
Mysta Loring's vacation takes a turn as she falls for the local island boy. Is he really all he seems?

Raike Jocanon's life had been one fearful turn after another, will trying to win the heart of the city girl only bring danger from his past?
It's been awhile since I posted stories on this site, so I figured I'd throw one up for old times sake. It's a simple one-shot about Ed and Winry.
I suck at summarys, (sp?) but I just think it turned out cute. ^.^'
I couldn't resist posting this one, I typed it during the days I spent being bored at night...
Perhapse i should have slept instead?

Oh well; the story is EdXWin so it don't matter. ^-^
In order to obtain a large Shikon jewel shard, Miroku does the unthinkable...rated PG-13 for some sexual themes (Nothing dirty, though!)