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A continuation to Buried Secrets. Kodi vows to never love again...but the new addition to the dog team may make him break his vow.
All right, in japan, scary stories are pretty popular. Sooooo, I will be posting some of the stories (mostly from Japan) that I know of! Some may be true stories (could be a killing/ murder). so enjoy!
A list or pronunciations of the names of the characters and places for "Arasya." Please forgive me if the way I wrote the pronunciation doesn't make much sense, but this is my first pronunciation guide, so I gave examples of how the words sound.
Highly off track stories from the depths of my mind. Look here if you want ot be utterly comfused or have a great laugh.
Well, I'm making a story of... " How in the Heck did I think of Collie, Anti, and all of the Other Characters!!!"
Collie: Woooohoooo!!!! I finally get to find out how I got here!!!
Anti:... and how I got stuck with Him...
SPS: Enjoy!!!!
A Vampire story...a bit odd...DARN IT i cant explain it well,just check it out
I wrote this poem when I was watching the firemen put out my house a while ago. One of the rooms used to be so bright, especially in the morning, so i reffered to it as a sanctuary. But the smoke blackened it, and killed one of the cats that stayed i
yeah its supposed to be like remembering someone you like or something.
I was a little depressed when I wrote this. But its an old poem.
This is just a poem I wrote a while ago. It is about myself. I have changed alot lately and have become distant and weak and I dont really like this new me so I wrote this dumb poem about it. (kinda gothic i guess)
Two young girls get taken to a magical place where they have to take on the roles of their other selves. But what really awaits them in this land called Arasya? The story you've all been waiting for! Read and tell me if I should continue!
Two friends write letters back and forth between Japan and florida.
I was depressed I guess.
Funny Obvious things you shouldn't do...
HAHAHA...the corniest story ever. Oh well, i wrote it in 5th grade. It's kinda cute.
the diary of a roman slave. very interesting. kind of sad.
A girl's grandma gets cancer. for some reason alot of my stories are sad.
What if in the episode Kagome's Voice And Kikio's Kiss, Inu-Yasha DIDN'T wake up as Kikyo was dragging him down to hell? A Sesshomaru/Kagome fic, even though I really don't believe those two are a good couple.