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Hmmm. Well this was done as a short story in the BB manga. I just took the originl and made it longer, detailed and better =P. So its basically what ACTUALLY had happened in Yurys childhood. I just added more tid bits into it.
Well it's about.....READ IT! lolz
welllll......YOU HAV TO READ IT!!! k?
well, its about... read it and youll know...
Things I want to tell Heidi.......but cant
well....there awesome songs that rock!!!!!
These are songs I decided best fit my life right now.
These are a bunch of poems I write to get everything off my mind. They're pretty easy to understand for the most part. But they're all about my 1 true love.
you have to read it! im not spoiling anything!
this is a story about a "mysterious" person that no one could find. they saw their shadow but never saw their face. a 10 year old girl name Raja is called into action to save the person and bring them into the life of others.
this is a notice for my friends...and any other people whom are SO bored that they are ready to die.....