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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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Something I''m writing to kill time...
Some silly haiku.
Memories are nice, but that's all they are...
My First written story/fanfic!! At least the first that has ever gotten past three sentences. XD hope ya like it! Enjoy!
Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Cards! I just love thinking up new cards!!
Now if I can only use them. *long evil laugh*
My first Balto fanfiction. When the white wolf that Balto had met that fateful night appears, what kind of tale does this wild wanderer have to tell? And what does the future have in store for him?
I wrote this based on an instance that happened not too long ago. It meant so much to me and inspired me a great deal, so I wrote this short little story about my experience and feelings.
When the weather unexpectedly changes for the worst and it is linked to the mysterious collapse of Kenshin's master, can Kenshin and his allies find out what is going on before it's too late?
These are some of the poems that I have written. Some of them were supposed to have pictures, but they won't show and I forgot to remove them. ^_^ Hope that some of these will reach someone out there. ^_^
This is a little something that I wrote for humor, and you can be in it. ^_^ Just read and find out.
I thought this would be funny to write! LOL!
These are some random things off the top of my head.
I thought this would be funny since many of my friends (Including myself) are Zelda fans on here. Please review and comment.
This is a funny little... thing that Karasu_hiei-girl and I wrote one weekend together when we got bored. If you like humor, you'll like this!
When a young Hunter leaves his home in search of his place in the world, he may get more than he bargained for! What will he find, as his path crosses that of a certain dunpeal Hunter?
When Seishiro is involved in a serious accident one day, how will this change his life, and those of Subaru and Hokuto? AU (First time posting here, minna, so please don't laugh at all the mistakes, okay?)