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Well songs or poetry brandon and me and more of my friends write...
well this is about when i lost my best friend (guy friend) and he was also my crush..i miss him so much but i'm happy with the boyfriend i have now
Alex Baltimore is a girl that doesn't believe in love. She doesnt know what it is. She is on the computer and the next thing she knows she has new friends that is teaching her about love. What will happen?
I wrote this in English. Got the sheet idea from Princess Ai
   Do you suppose you know cats inside and out? You think you understand their complex little minds? Come test your knowledge and find out if you qualify to be the purrfectly purrfect house cat and take the Eticat Purrfection Test.
   Bruffleshnif, I dedicate question number 11 especially to you! :3
Enjoy and Good Luck!
Gaara hates Sasuke. Itachi hates Sasuke. Gaara wants revenge and meets up with Itachi. Itachi gets close t Gaara...too close!
This is a poem i wrote after Nuriko died *cries* it was so sad!! anywho! R&R if u love Nuriko!!
Song fic. CxR. Rosette has a question to ask Chrno. What happens when she asks it in a song? When you read it please review. even if its a one word review. but plz no harsh flames.
Song: Believe by Cher
This is a story someone requested (THANKS cyborggirl!!) She says that Raven is paired by everyone, and this story (which is as random as my "Gameshow" story) tells it all!
This is a very stupid story.
I have this story on so i decided to put it up here. Its a NarxSak fic. Its Naruto and Sakura send letters back and forth to each other. Oh and Sasuke has his say in it too. tell me who he should be with besides sakura
As you can tell, Ed and Al go to school. BUT! There's some other stuff. If you like: supernerds, nerds worshiping numbers, white guys trying to be pimps, and perverted teachers, READ THIS!!!
Neji finds every night he sleeps, he goes to the past... NejiHinata.
After stealing the Rose Orb, Brendan finds himself in quite a situation. Now he must save himself and his friends from Team Aqua. Who are they? and why exactly do they want this Orb?
I'll warn you now...this is one of the stupidest FMA stories you will ever read...
Scar is back, and this time, Ed is helpless in the face of death. But when a strange poem is heard, things turn out different...
Two poems about Beast Boy and Raven.
VERY stupid Teen Titan stories. I advise anyone over 20 not to read unless you want brain damage.
A few sad Teen Titan stories.
Very sad TT it, please!
Just some poems I wrote during free time.
A spell causes BB to turn 25! Read it...if you dare..