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This is just a little story for that drawing I posted earlier, this sets place just before the drawing, when Hesper finally has the courage to ask her mother if she loved her.
A stoory I maade... (please tell me if I spell wrong)
Melua, the tiger, is finding it rather hard to cope with the memories he keeps encountering.
well i have a friend that i have known for years and we got REALLY closse.. like bro and sis.. then we liked each other... then we didnt.. well yea... u get the picture
While traviling to find Naraku, Kagome senses a jewel shard and the gang investigates, uknown to them that a group of traveling demon slayers has a "little" surprise for them.
I wrote this poem for my older brother. He is moving out tomorrow. It didn't hit me until a couple of days ago how much i was really going to miss him.
another one from last year
well.........this is bout him i periate if ya read it..yeah psychos have feelins 2..