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Sproutpaw is the runt of his litter. How far will he go to prove he's not just a thorn in his Clan' sides? Join him as he trudges through hard times, involving breaking the warrior code far too many times.
me and Itspikatard are writing our own Warriors story. We titled it Dead of the Night. I write all the odd number chapters, and she writes all the even number chapters.
this isn''t a story per-say, it is a list of my warrior clans for DOTN (Dead of the Night) The other two Clan''s, BlizzardClan and HailClan will be uploaded by Itspikatard
it''s hard to tell the stories plot, well i''ll tell you when there''s more pages
A oneshot I did for a contest run by ChaosEmeraldBlue on DA.
Sonicstar, leader of SonicClan must now claim a new deputy after the disappearance of his former deputy, Twotail.
A Sonic/Warriors crossover oneshot.
Might make a full fic someday!
Its been 20 years since firestars death. will the clans survive in their new forest?
Another poem for my project. This one is about cats! :) Please tell me what you think! :)
Hawk is a frisky brown she-cat with short brown fur. She lives on the street of a busy city. Can she find a place beyond this disaster area?

Small Spoiler: The beginning of MudClan
Meet Kyo Yuki, Jaden's Big Sis and Sven's neice. She's been staying with the BC ppl and likes Train. Wat happens when DA goes poof and Kyo gets called, R&R 2 find out
Based off of a RPG my friends and I used to play. It's mostly about cats and how cats and dogs are worst enemies. But I hope you enjoy it. Please Comment.

I hope you enjoy please message!

12/15/07-Ok I know the text was small before but I fixed that so I'll be adding a new chapter soon.

1/08/08-I have finally added a new chapter Iknow the name of the chapters suck but deal with it!
Want a really cool warrior name? Look here!! Just don't take the ones that have ** by it!
A mysterious evil rises from the darkness... Follow KillClan and all they suffer from...
ok...these were on my mind and if i don't get them out they jam up my good thoughts....and writing them on paper don't help....if i happen to accidentally have a cat in here with the name of one of yours I'll gladly change it to something else.
These are the characters for yet another story involving the Warriors.
OK....this is what my profiles were is probably not going to be very good, seeing as I can't right stories very well......but comment if you like.
Blackkit/paw has a long history... A long painful history, and when trouble comes to the forest, it must be revealed.

"A danger will come to the forest...And it will be stopped only by your blood."
"You will need Spirit and Courage to save the clan"
3 new clans rise to power after the destruction of the others. The problems, war, and death they face might cause a defeat unimaganable to any cat, from a Starclan hunter to a Fireclan kit.
A new version of the famed and loved
Warriors' and 'Warriors-The new Prophecy' by Erin Hunter. Please enjoy!
Stories of what happened to me while I was in the 7th grade. (Their really just reports I had to do, but stories nontheless.)
Guys if your wondering why my name is A_cat READ THIS HERE STORY,k?
A realy randome conversation between me and Jacob Brent, the awesome guy who plays Mistoffelees in CATS on video & DVD.
Cute little things to cats and dogs.