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A new student arrives in Miss Viola''s class, and she''s not shy at all. Yes. Michelle does have a Heartsong. She sings the best in her class. Can Gloria beat her?
there is a light
This is a story about what the Simpsons and the Terwilligers. And the rest you will have to find out......P.S. yes there is a conflict!
i have been through lots of things in my life, now that i do this. I am happy because all of it so true.
Feeling a little trippy... yeah
Never let go.
Description of my own HTF, Drake the dragon. I am working on a story including him, so consider this an introduction.
1. either maradara desided to get a job and pick the wrong one...

or 2. He did so much bad his mom sent him herself!

Anyway's this is another story about maradara get's sent to a military school ora bootcamp, just hope he doesn't go to war ):l
During a storm, Flaky finds an abandoned house and runs into a mystery.
just something i wrote while thinking about stuff that happened this past school year....
ok well I wrote this poem real early in the morning, dont ask why, and I was just bored so I just started typing what first came to my head.... and I guess it was about friends... ^^
erm... i really dont know... kinda feeling depressed when i wrote this so yeah... >.>

what ever -.- ....
This is my HTF's bad day do to the title...
GThe story with Maradara, MaliaCocogirl, KOOLGAMES, and some origenal HTF's
[ONESHOT] He again looked at her, and there, suddenly – for a few, precious moments – all of the hate had been drained from his face. And he was beautiful.
My charictors!Spiky,Officer McBrian ,Dr.Whozamawatchit ,Dr.shink ,Electronica ,Smelly ...and maby more...IDK
Due to a storm that wrecked everybody's homes, Wa-wa, Pop, Cub, Ma, Glory, Disco Bear, Valley, Toothy, Macadamia, Nutty, Bristles, Flaky, Cuddles, Giggles, Petunia, and Handy must stay in Flippy's house. Chaos ensues.
I've decided to write a story based off of the dreams I've had. It started out as an assignment for school...the teacher lady was like "write a 2 page essay on anything as long as it's school appropriate." Crazy assignment for Biology class, but ok! This is what came of it. And the little `s infront of paragraphs are for just that, indenting paragraphs..because the tab or spacing doesn't work. So enjoy the strangeness :3
Wel, this is about a person who is happy.
Something I wrote just for fun, I enjoyed writing it, and cried as well.
Is sad, but has a happy ending :)
This is just a quick story, you know, to kill the boredom and pass the time. Bla bla bla
"Did you miss me?" He asked, trying to stand up.
Sakura bit her lip and turned her face the other way. He could see a tear glint on her face.
Mime starts talking and all of HTF is turned upside down, or is it? (warning, amount of random may be hazardous to your health)
my first Htf fanfic, NuttyRulez221 told me i should post this, so here ya go, flamers will be eaten by rabid flippy
Just another one of my songs that came from my realy depressed mood right now. Actualy, almost everything ive wrote recently has been about Shane.
A poem i sent a girl to let her know what kind of a friend shi is to me