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Well I''m starting another story, which follows the tale of a young warlock named Maverick and his sister, Izzy. They set out to defeat a dark witch who has taken over their world.

You''ll have to read to find out more. Please comment.
I cannot believe the dearth of material in this category! o_O It's ridiculous.

Anyway I had to do this for a World Lit. assignment and...well why not, right?
Got paid to write it. So i wrote it. It's for an original music video my friends have to do for class. The end of the video is gonna be awesome x3
Just an idea I had, lemme know what you think.

And btw I borrowed the bad guys from actual myths lol

Also please make sure to check out the Q&A section (for background info on Hellfire), I'll be updating it periodically.
This is basically the same story (with a focus on the anime rather than the manga) as the real thing but with the focus on a character I added in.

Remember this focuses on my OC, you need to know the original story to fully understand this.
This is a song I wrote for a friend cuz shes doing some band competition thingy XP its been so long >.> This is Dedicated to BreathlessAngel
This is a little different than my usual work^^'' I tried to capture an image I had in my mind....don't think I really pulled it off but yea...please comment^^
well....its a poem...with words....and.....rhyyyyyymes....and....wait no thats about it XD anyways comment...oh and if you figure out what the hand is lemme know...actually just everyone guess anyway XP
Happy Valentine's Day Vee ^^ <3
Well this one is, in my opinion, my worst one yet. But I felt bad for not putting anything up for a while. So bear with me, I'll have a better one up soon XP Please comment anyway XD idea what to say about this one XD But um....yea^^'' Comment please....or I'll eat you T_T
Um...its a dream I had....boy loves girl, girl doesn't know, girl never finds out. For a contest (ForGetFul) comment please
Yea, the titles meant to be ironic. And...yea...inspired by YoriXYamiForever...well...i got the idea from seeing her "Dark Kel" pic..(go look at it^^) anyway yea...please comment^^
I bet no one can guess what the subject of this poem is! But if you think you can, please try XP Comment
This is a poem for Vee-chan^^ (Blackwolfmoon) Happy Monthiversary =P
God I'm sick of wrote this during school cuz of a sustitute, (he's a question talker XP) Comment please^^
Its a it....comment....your done. See how easy that is?
This is basically me feeling like the older generations have screwed us over....but I'm required to think that...I'm a teenager XP Comment please idea where this one came from....i think watching House and Scrubs....i duno....comment^^
Here.....duno if this is depressing or pick lol Please comment^^
Happy Monthiversary Vee^^ and Merry Christmas
Okay first off this would be an awesome song/band name. Anyways uh....yea can anyone say depression? Anyway I'll get over it so no worries XD As always please comment^^
At long last I wrote another one! XP For those of you who follow my writing this might sound a little familiar, or at least the subject might XP anyways please comment!^^
Ugh.....LAME! but i wanted to submit something before i left XP anyway tell me what u think!
Anyway this is dedicated to YamiRevea cuz shes awesome!^^