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A sequel to a Edocatastrophi's story. I strongly advise reading the original first. There's sex in her though. Well here's a link to her DA account. Just look for the story called "Life in a Lab".
Okay... let me explain. This is what my life would be like if I really knew MCR from when we were young. I am the girl in the very beginning and my name is Ira. I am way older than I am now. Probably 28. Yeah... I'm around their age... Just love my fantasy world and stop thinking about how strange I am!
Hiei and his sisters... and Kuwabara, and Botan, and Koenma, and probably the rest of the Yu Yu gang.
Roy's friend and her family have some problems... I hate doing these descriptions. Rawr! Oh, and love the title! It took me a whole one minute to thing of it!
I'm bored, so I'm gonna do mah character's profiles!
A story about one of mah characters and her friends.
Yeah. Just a clutter of old and new poems of mine. =^.^=
Keera, Karasu, and Hiei are locked away and have nothing to do... soooooooo a battle breaks out.
My first chapter story here. It's a comedy romance-ish story with Yu Yu Hakusho and InuYasha. Yeah... Read it!!!!! (There's a very small little thing involving yaoi, but it's not in the story and it's warned when it's coming so I'm not gonna put yaoi in the ratings)
It's not really violent, just a little... My friend did this at like 5:00 in the morning while I was sleeping on the floor. This is what runs through her mind.
Ayame finds Hari's video camera and torments the other Sohma's and some of my own characters.Some gay sugestions, but nothing big.
A girl lost one of her close friend and doesn't know how to deal. Does any one else think that Cassi and Gerard are a perfect couple or is it just me? (Gerard is a character from the story and not our favorite singer)
Hiei and his wife are wandering about and they some across a war. Ruby gets hurt and they stay at some one's house for her to get better, but while they're there Ruby lets a few more demons into the world
Some Of my OC's are going to meet a friend and are faced with a problem on the way.
(Once again with my bad titles) There is a heat wave and Yuki has a girl who's is madly in love with him. Something quick and sweet.
I suck with titles but the story is pretty good. It's short too for the people with atention spans like mine. So here is my story!
Just so you can learn about our favorite dead people!
A large gang of friends are at Valence's house, but a casual sleepover turns out bad.
Just a little thing I did during some spare time. Hatori gets a call and one thing leads to another and Hatori is faced with a problem.