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Animegurl4life's Profile
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Username Animegurl4life Gender Female
Date Joined Location traveling with Mushra-kun
Last Updated Occupation keeping the leaf village safe with my kewl ninja skills
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Member Info
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apperently we were married by mushrambogurl. YAYZ! *hugs Mushra*
can't. . . breath, . . . Hikari-chan
*lets go* sorry, mushra-kun. I'm just so HAPPY!

Name: Courtney
Nickname: Hikari or Bunni
Age: 15
DOB: Jan. 5, 1994
Gender: Female of course
Hair color: Dirty blonde with highlights (almost gone, need to redo in summer)
Eye color: Hazel. Sometimes brown, sometimes dark green
Hieght: 5 ft 1 3/4 in
likes: anime/manga, blue, music, DDR, kingdom Hearts,space, astrology,reading, math, ramen, chocolate, sour candy
Dislikes: School, jerks, pervs, veggies, boredom, war, american history

Fav animes/mangas: Ah My Goddess, Absolute Boyfriend, Beauty Pop, Bleach, Bobobo, Buso Renkin, Chobits, Death Note, DNAngel, Dream Shoppe, FMA, Fruits Basket, Instant Teen, Inuyasha, Kitchen Princess, Nana, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, Petite Princess Yucie, Pretear, Rurouni Kenshin, Shinzo, Vampire Night

Hi! I'm a sophomore at my high school My favorite class is my seventh period, Art I. I love to read and write. I consider my self a very good writer for my age.

I'm obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, more sepcifically, the Cheshire Cat. He's better than Chuck Norris and you know it.

Wanna be friend's just ask. I love meeting new people and chatting.


Do not send me any chain mail, or else I'll hunt you down and stab you in the heart with a poisened kunai knife, fill you with so many bullets that you jump back to life to beg for mercy, and slash your throat with a hello kitty brush.


I have adopted Twinkle,the girl Dusteon from saphirestar7789:

I have adopted a girl Normi named Binka from Ashleetheangel312:


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EndlessAsgard on June 26, 2006, 2:43:36 PM

EndlessAsgard on
EndlessAsgardHey, EA here, thanks for the fav on Antilaw, it's one of my favorite pictures of mine.

As for the dragon totema, Adramalic or whatever his name is, my advice is to simply hit him until he dies. Simplistic I know but that's about the only way that's worked for me and I've played the game through about a dozen times. Of course, to do that you have to be strong which means a higher level than you probably are so here's the secret to leveling all the way up to level 50, (there's only 50 levels, don't know about you, but I was disappointed when I found that out):

Okay, this is sort of cheating but its there so use it: first off, mastered the thief ability "Steal EXP," to steal enimies' experience so that you can use it while you're other classes since the stats that increase during level ups are all different.

Once you have that I recommend you equip your men (I say men as all the humans are male for some reason, it was cooler in the first tactics when you could have both) as fighters. Fighters strength and HP increase by more than other classes.

Okay, make sure you have your second ability the thief command: Steal when you're human unit is equipped as a fighter or paladin, both are good. After that find clan Dip and engage them making sure it doesn't fall on a day when steal is illegal. Only go in with 2-3 units and kill every enemy except their veira white mage. All she has mastered is the ability Cure so she won't be able to bring anyone back. Once everyone else in her clan is KOed she'll have no recourse but to attack you and if you're higher level than she is she'll gain more EXP and then, guess what, you steal it! Haha take that rabbit eared dog! anyway, Since she's so low level and a magic user she'll only do like a few points of damage with her rod which won't even phase you.
The experience she gains is relative to how many levels she is below the character she's attacking: +2 experience points for every one level above her the person she attacks is added to 10, the amount of exp you get for doing something to a unit of your level. So theoretically, you could level up every one in your party to level 50 once you get the steal exp ability.

Here's another cool exp trick you can do: since it would be rather time consuming to level up everyone this way (and it would be, this tactic requires patience as the amount you steal each time is semi-randomized, there is a pattern but you'll figure it out quickly if you do it) for lower party members that you want to gain levels fast, if Marche or any other high level party members are a lot higher in level than others, do a similar battler where instead of having them steal exp from the enemy, they simply do support actions on high level fellow party members which awards them more exp, it works the same way I explained above with the exp gaining according to level.

Once at least 3 or 4 of your men are pretty strong just go in there and wipe the floor with the dragons. I tried the law card thing too, it doesn't work because he has a ribbon, if you remember early in the game they explained that ribbons give units the ability not to get red cards. Just an excuse for the sake of game mechanics is all. Right, and as for archers and hunters, while they can be useful, against the dragons they're all but useless at this point in the game. Later on when you can steal the Max's Oath Bow, best damn bow in the game, make yourself a squad of hunters and they'll lay waist to you enemies, my last game pretty much consisted of them and double sword paladins :P

Well, sorry for the long boring and probably useless tutorial, I hope it helped. If not then I likely didn't make a new friend :P





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