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Echidnachick's Profile
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Member Info
Am I supposed to write something about me here? can call me Alana because that is what I like to be called. I am ANIME and MANGA obsessed. I like to read, especially HORROR stories. In fact, give me horror manga and you will have one satisfied little freak. 
My favorite animals are CATS. My cat can beat up my dog. My favorite food is BACON CHEESE FRIES. I can easily eat about two boxes. My favorite band is EVANESCENCE and I like ALL of their songs so I'm not even going to bother to try and choose. STEPHEN KING is my hero. If anyone loves his books as much as I do, feel free to talk to me sometime. 
I dislike:
SNOBS or people who think they own the world. Because I've got new for you: you don't! I hate SICKNESS.
But my #1 hate is SCHOOL. I am so glad that it is summer vacation.

You have now read Alana's profile. I hope you feel special.


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xkibaxgirlx on June 18, 2008, 8:53:59 AM

xkibaxgirlx on
xkibaxgirlxHI! oh my gosh! i love stephen kings books!they are so crazy!!!! but ive only read the gunna read misery soon though O.ohave you read that one?

nina94 on April 26, 2008, 4:32:42 AM

nina94 on
nina94Hi. Do u want to be friends?

nextguardian on September 20, 2006, 11:56:26 AM

nextguardian on
nextguardianhow are you doing?

isischazzmel on September 16, 2006, 2:05:20 AM

isischazzmel on
isischazzmelhi i find stephen king really co0l i saw kingdoms hospital its great xD ^^ =P

nextguardian on March 22, 2006, 12:36:24 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianIt was very good.

nextguardian on March 19, 2006, 7:50:27 AM

nextguardian on
nextguardianYour fanfic is hilarious. Nice work.

AlanlaCat on October 19, 2005, 7:16:43 AM

AlanlaCat on
AlanlaCatthat request was taking a long time hey unless u haven't been on in a while

AlanlaCat on October 13, 2005, 11:56:18 AM

AlanlaCat on
AlanlaCatWow those requests are taking a long time, huh. well can u notify me when it is finished. TY

SkyetheHedgehog on September 24, 2005, 8:14:34 AM

SkyetheHedgehog on
SkyetheHedgehoghi EC! i'm about to read your new chapter, but first i thought i'd better come say sorry i haven't been talking to you. i've had a hard time getting on the computer lately. i hope you've forgiven me!

Angelamy612 on September 20, 2005, 9:11:31 AM

Angelamy612 on
Angelamy612Hi! I am having another contest to let you know. just tell me if you want to enter on my pic "Contest!!! Again!"

Angelamy612 on September 3, 2005, 9:09:31 AM

Angelamy612 on
Angelamy612Sure! I don't mind you drawing Katie for me.

lyrahedgie on August 24, 2005, 7:31:26 AM

lyrahedgie on
lyrahedgiehiya, just popping by to say i adore your art and style ^^ it looks really awesome ^^ check mine out sometime if u like, itd b cool if we cud do an artrade at one point ^_~ cya ^^


Saya_Kizashirin on August 7, 2005, 2:37:19 PM

Saya_Kizashirin on
Saya_KizashirinHey thanks! I'm glad you like my pics... I think yours are pretty darn good too! ^_^ Nice meeting you!


AlanlaCat on August 6, 2005, 5:46:43 AM

AlanlaCat on
AlanlaCati'll try 2 post a pic of tala so u know what she looks like^0*

Weird_gurl on August 6, 2005, 3:02:13 AM

Weird_gurl on
Weird_gurlHey check out my Human Shadow pic&tell me if you like it

AlanlaCat on August 5, 2005, 12:00:19 PM

AlanlaCat on
AlanlaCatI have a surprise I drew Alana 4 u. ^0*. enjoy

SkyetheHedgehog on July 25, 2005, 2:52:37 PM

SkyetheHedgehog on
SkyetheHedgehoghey! *pokes with stick* i have the Alana chapter up, its called ALL HAIL ALANA... i bet ya can't geuss what its about...!

SkyetheHedgehog on July 22, 2005, 1:20:12 PM

SkyetheHedgehog on
SkyetheHedgehogOK!! i'll put her in... well i just did. she's at the end of chapter 27, and the rest of the fan fic. i promise she won't be passed out in the corner, ok?! ^^

SkyetheHedgehog on July 21, 2005, 4:42:08 PM

SkyetheHedgehog on
SkyetheHedgehoghi lana! thanx very very much fer reading my story! and faving me! i feel happy. do you want me to put Alana in? i want to. i'm not sure why, i just do. ^^ tell me on my profile, anyway. ^_^ if ya say yes, she'll have to be in chapter... 27. thats the one i'm writing right now. ^^

SkyetheHedgehog on July 20, 2005, 5:12:29 PM

SkyetheHedgehog on
SkyetheHedgehogHI! ^^ will you read my story please?! ^^

Big_Pimpin_Domo on July 8, 2005, 1:20:10 PM

Big_Pimpin_Domo on
Big_Pimpin_Domoam just messaging people to ask if they would be willing to help raise awareness to the poverty in Africa and the G8 summit. I'd love it if you could help. If you wish to here is the info. Of course if you don't support the cause then you don't have to but it would be lovely if you could.
Here is your chance to make a difference. What you do:
Draw your original character with your fav character or on their own, but draw them wearing the white bands for Make Poverty History on their wrists. In the space for the comments, put as many facts as you can about poverty.
This only takes about 30 mintues of your time to draw the picture. 5 minutes to upload it. By doing this, you are helping raise awareness and even save the lives of thousands of people. Think about it.
It only takes £1 to buy a band, and that pound will go so far and do so much.
Copy and paste this message onto as many people's profiles as you can.
Make a difference.
Wanna help?

ivy_hedgehog on July 6, 2005, 11:02:52 PM

ivy_hedgehog on
ivy_hedgehogHEy thanks 4 the comments! ^^

Shadowrocks on June 11, 2005, 1:53:49 AM

Shadowrocks on
Shadowrockshey Echidna, whats up, just wanted to tell you I'm Alex the Hedgie from the SonicZone forums ^^ Later!

SkyetheHedgehog on June 10, 2005, 4:11:02 PM

SkyetheHedgehog on
SkyetheHedgehog^_^ Hello i fainaly finshed reading soni cast - DRUNK. it is so funny! will u be my friend?

ivy_hedgehog on May 25, 2005, 9:22:40 AM

ivy_hedgehog on


1. U must WAFFLETRON at least 5 other people.

2. U cannot WAFFLEIRON the person who WAFFLEIRON'd you untill they're WAFFLEIRON'd by someone else.

3. U must start the WAFFLEIRONING NOW!

Sonicdynamite on May 3, 2005, 9:47:15 AM

Sonicdynamite on
Sonicdynamitedo you want to join my sonic drawing contest read my pro. for the rules at the top the deadline is june 1st i hope you join ^V^

ivy_hedgehog on April 26, 2005, 7:13:56 AM

ivy_hedgehog on
ivy_hedgehogHEY WHAT UP!!!
hows it been . . . sorry i haven't comment on your pics. :(
but i look at all of them and you r doing great! keep it up!
oh and when r you going to put up the next ch on the funny story of yours! LOL XD see ya!

julie-su_fan on April 25, 2005, 11:15:37 AM

julie-su_fan on
julie-su_fanHey, long time no....type EC. Can you please read What If....
One more thing, life is.....Reeses, sorry but I needed to get that out of my system.

Sakura_Sky on April 24, 2005, 7:46:58 AM

Sakura_Sky on
Sakura_SkyHey EC, guess who >= )

hot_sonic on April 6, 2005, 1:01:36 PM

hot_sonic on
hot_sonicI appriciate that! It's a strom down where I am so I gotta go,LYLAS!
Piper the hedgie!

hot_sonic on April 4, 2005, 11:33:06 AM

hot_sonic on
hot_sonicHi there! I'm hot_sonic and I think your charrie is really cool.Wanna be friends? If you do, then smack it up on my profile somtime!^_~ toodlies! hot_sonic

VeckyChan on March 26, 2005, 2:32:22 AM

VeckyChan on

chibi_lover234 on February 26, 2005, 10:50:55 AM

chibi_lover234 on
chibi_lover234ur goodO.O
comment on my pictures?

RogueClawdite on January 20, 2005, 10:53:12 AM

RogueClawdite on
RogueClawditeCheck my section Echidnachick! Youre Alana pic is up! I'm quite proud of it too ;)

RogueClawdite on January 17, 2005, 9:41:30 AM

RogueClawdite on
RogueClawditeAwww gifties make me smile. So do five bucks and toast, but gifties too. Sure ya can put Heath in your fic. You be my homeh, yo, so you can use Heath whenever ya feel like it.

RogueClawdite on January 17, 2005, 12:51:28 AM

RogueClawdite on
RogueClawditeYo Ec! I'm gonna probably be shot down by rabid Men in White Coats after askin this, but I was wondering if you wanted me to draw a pic of Alana for you. I got some outfit ideas I could put her in, so if you would like it, I'd be happy too. RC, over and out.

julie-su_fan on January 4, 2005, 11:01:13 AM

julie-su_fan on
julie-su_fanTHANKS ^-^
I was also wondering if you've ever been to

Echidnachick on January 2, 2005, 8:19:32 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickTHanks. ^^ Anyway, I just finished drawing it and I have to color it before I can put it up. So it shouldn't take very long.

julie-su_fan on January 2, 2005, 7:59:59 AM

julie-su_fan on
julie-su_fandon't worry about it. i'm a forgiving person

Echidnachick on January 1, 2005, 9:14:02 PM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickI know what she looks like, I just haven't had a lot of time to work on requests. Sorry.

julie-su_fan on January 1, 2005, 11:43:05 AM

julie-su_fan on
julie-su_fanhey ec uhhh back in nov. i asked if you could draw a human version of lara-su you said yes and i still don't see it
if you don't know what she looks like check out my profile

ivy_hedgehog on December 31, 2004, 3:06:54 PM

ivy_hedgehog on
ivy_hedgehoghey i got something for ya came and look! LOL XD

texas_luver on December 5, 2004, 1:34:33 PM

texas_luver on
texas_luverHey there enchidachick! ^_^ I'll do yer request. Leave the details (colors, outfit, pose, etc) in my profile and i'll get on it asap. XD thanx!

julie-su_fan on November 24, 2004, 11:22:31 AM

julie-su_fan on
julie-su_fanAll hail Echidnachick, in other words thanks.

Echidnachick on November 22, 2004, 11:38:00 PM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickOkay I shall!

julie-su_fan on November 22, 2004, 2:28:41 PM

julie-su_fan on
julie-su_fanOh yeah can you please draw a human version of Lara-Su for me. ^_^

julie-su_fan on November 22, 2004, 10:25:41 AM

julie-su_fan on
julie-su_fanI'm good.

Echidnachick on November 21, 2004, 1:46:16 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickOkay. I'll draw Yum-Yum. She looks like fun to draw! ^_^

BespectacledChicken on November 20, 2004, 2:34:19 PM

BespectacledChicken on
BespectacledChickenWow, your totally awesome, EdchidnaChick! You should... *shifty eyes* Draw my character Yum-yum? Or Max? Or both together? XD Hehe, anyway, keep up the good work, chika!

Echidnachick on November 20, 2004, 1:48:59 PM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickCourse I remember! How ya doin! ^.^

julie-su_fan on November 20, 2004, 12:51:47 PM

julie-su_fan on

julie-su_fan on November 20, 2004, 12:47:06 PM

julie-su_fan on
julie-su_fanhey there EC its me Julie-Su Fan

FOX_fan999 on November 17, 2004, 12:34:58 AM

FOX_fan999 on
FOX_fan999can you do an aleena sprite?
my aleena not youre alana?
aleena is (C) of me
cutesonic has really good aleena pictures.

Echidnachick on November 8, 2004, 1:06:19 PM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickSure, I'll do your requet as soon as I get some new colored pencils. (I killed all mine so I can't color anything -_-) And of course we can be friends! *adds you to list of friends that is currently pending in head*

Amyfan2004 on November 8, 2004, 10:27:04 AM

Amyfan2004 on

RJ on November 3, 2004, 1:41:20 AM

RJ on
RJLOL!! ^.^ awwwwww I am soo glad you liked it!! *hugs* anytime my friend!! your character is so cute!! ^0^

Echidnachick on November 2, 2004, 11:51:35 PM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickI just went to look at it! And I love it RJ! ^o^ ^o^ ^o^ *face is permanatly stuvk like that*

RJ on November 2, 2004, 8:15:00 PM

RJ on
RJyey! your request has been approved now finaly!!! LOL ^^ It took forever didnt it? LOL alana is in my gallery now waiting for ya!! hehe!! =^.^=

Echidnachick on November 2, 2004, 11:22:08 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickThank you RogueClawdite! ^_^ You're so nice! I'm sorry I didn't reply to your last post, I've been getting very lazy with reaing the comments on my profile. Thank you again. =^_^=

RogueClawdite on November 2, 2004, 8:40:16 AM

RogueClawdite on
RogueClawditeK I finished sketching Alana!
I gave her a bit of a...Seasonal look for Xmas.
Just think of it as a mini gift for Xmas
(I'm gonna make you another Xmas one anyway, only in December)

Echidnachick on November 2, 2004, 8:31:55 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickThank you! I can't wait to see it! ^o^

RJ on November 2, 2004, 3:44:36 AM

RJ on
RJhiya!!! ^.^ Thought I'd drop by to let you know that I finished your request!!! yey!!! sorry it took so long! I just posted it now so it might take a while to come up, and we cant see the approval queue anymore which is a pain!! LOL XD Hope you like it when it comes up!! its called pretty alana!! =^.^=

Rockologist on October 31, 2004, 3:56:28 AM

Rockologist on
RockologistYes, thanks for the comment. I'm glad you enjoy it. ^_^ Oh, and Happy Halloween! *scary music*

RogueClawdite on October 31, 2004, 12:48:02 AM

RogueClawdite on
RogueClawditeHey Echidnachick!
I was thinkin of doing another pic of Alana for you (if you don't mind), but I need a pose! Got any ideas?

Speedy_Sonic on October 25, 2004, 8:55:28 PM

Speedy_Sonic on
Speedy_SonicYOUR BABY ALANA PIC WAS JUST SUBMITTED! It should show up in my gallery soon! It's very cute! Hope ya' like it! THANKIES!!! ^_^ ~Speedy~

Echidnachick on October 24, 2004, 3:27:30 PM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickOh , thanks Speedy! I'll draw Sara for ya when I get the chance! (Probably when I decide to finish my homework XD)

Speedy_Sonic on October 24, 2004, 10:17:59 AM

Speedy_Sonic on
Speedy_SonicOK!!! I'm ready! I'll draw your pic of baby Alana, and it should be ready in a few days! THANKIES!! ^_^ ~Speedy~

Echidnachick on October 24, 2004, 6:17:31 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickThank ya Speedy, and it's okay if you don't draw her. I'll ask if you start taking requests again like you said. ^_^

Speedy_Sonic on October 23, 2004, 2:26:05 PM

Speedy_Sonic on
Speedy_SonicWell, I WOULD draw a pic of baby Alana for ya', but I'm not really takin' requests at the moment. Tell ya' what, as soon as I start takin' them again, REMIND ME TO DRAW IT! I'll say on my profile whether or not I am taking them. THANKIES!!! ^_^ By the way, Alana is SO perty! ~Speedy~

Echidnachick on October 19, 2004, 7:03:42 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickOh, when you take a quiz they'll usually have a thing that'll say something like "put this badge on your webstite" or aomething like that. Just cut and paste that onto your biography and it will appear on your profile. Hope that helps. ^_^

yujinakasgirl on October 19, 2004, 3:22:47 AM

yujinakasgirl on
yujinakasgirlHey Echinda chick! aka Alana!
your pics are so Kool! I like your character she's cool also! I have to ask you how did u display all those pictures up above? I try to upload more than one but i only get one! if you can answer please tell me how thanx! ^__^

Tikal_knucklesrocks on October 17, 2004, 5:03:46 AM

Tikal_knucklesrocks on
Tikal_knucklesrocksI like youre pics.

Echidnachick on October 9, 2004, 8:58:02 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickThank you Mad_person200 and Rockoligist! ^_^

Rockologist on October 9, 2004, 7:55:03 AM

Rockologist on
RockologistYou, along with your friend ChaosCollision, are easily accountable for 50% of the excellent art on this site...or the Sonic the Hedgehog section, at least. Good work!

Mad_person200 on October 9, 2004, 2:14:04 AM

Mad_person200 on
Mad_person200hey girl, lookied ur art and ur improve fast ~.^ keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

PuNkPoP on October 4, 2004, 11:39:50 AM

PuNkPoP on
PuNkPoPSrry it took so long to get back to you! sure you could just draw jazzy getting revenge on Stan for grabbing her @$$!lol!

Echidnachick on October 1, 2004, 11:12:54 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickThank you RJ! I hope you feel better!

RJ on October 1, 2004, 8:40:16 AM

RJ on
RJhelloooo!! ^^ thanks for the comment! awwwww your character is so pretty! Of course! I would love to do your request!!! ^^ I will put you in my green list in my profile, hope you dont mind if it takes a while, I been suffering from a nasty cold latey which is slowing me down, but dont worry, I will draw her for you!!! Love your pics!!! they are sooo cute!!! keep it up my friend! see ya around!! =^.^=

Echidnachick on September 19, 2004, 9:38:56 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickI could draw Jazzy for you but I couldn't do a sprite. I re-read the rules when my friend Libra registered and it said no sprites. But I could draw her for you, kay? ^^

PuNkPoP on September 19, 2004, 1:43:40 AM

PuNkPoP on
PuNkPoPYAY! Insanity rox *pumps fist in air* glad you like the Alana piccu thinggamajigger i did *feels proud* Hey, could ya do a Jazzy or any of my insane chars as a sprite? Por favor (please in spanish)

Echidnachick on September 18, 2004, 10:17:25 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickSure! Hi Sam! I'm insane! At least that's what everone else calls me! XD *shot*

PuNkPoP on September 16, 2004, 12:42:20 PM

PuNkPoP on
PuNkPoPHola! *waves* nice to meet you! I'm Sam! Ilike pie! YAY!I don't think your evil! I like pie...want a cookie?

Echidnachick on August 28, 2004, 1:52:18 PM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickYour welcome. ^_^ I like your pics, Nightychao! And thank you for the request! Chao rock peace out! O_O

Nightychao on August 28, 2004, 1:17:22 PM

Nightychao on
thats the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me!!!!!You really made my day!!!!!!^.^(your the best!)

Echidnachick on August 14, 2004, 10:26:52 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickOf course I will, ChaosCollision, after all you did all those nice pics for me! ^_^

ChaosCollision on August 14, 2004, 4:38:11 AM

ChaosCollision on
ChaosCollisionYou need requests? Hmmm... *thinks for a minute* How about a pic of Sky and Shadow? Please and thankies ^_^

RogueClawdite on August 12, 2004, 10:28:33 AM

RogueClawdite on
RogueClawditeI finished your gift!
<br>Hopefully it'll be up soon.
<br>I tried my hand at PhotoDeluxe (kinda like Photoshop) and I hope I did alright!

RogueClawdite on August 11, 2004, 11:33:42 AM

RogueClawdite on
<br>Maybe I can work on her during Band Camp *Laughs evilly*
<br>It'll give me somethin to do

Echidnachick on August 11, 2004, 11:20:58 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickSure! I'm glad you like my character! ^_^

RogueClawdite on August 11, 2004, 11:03:56 AM

RogueClawdite on
RogueClawditeHey! Could I....draw Alana for you?
I think she's really pretty neat!

Echidnachick on July 29, 2004, 6:55:24 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickThanks! I really like your drawings too!

Star_The_Hedgehog on July 29, 2004, 3:34:44 AM

Star_The_Hedgehog on
Star_The_Hedgehogyour drawings are so kool!

ChaosCollision on July 23, 2004, 10:59:01 AM

ChaosCollision on
ChaosCollisionThanx for the Sky Sprite! it was cute ^_^ Hey I did an Alana Sprite to thank you for the present you gave me, it should be on soon XD (WARNING: I'm not very good at sprites)

Echidnachick on July 18, 2004, 7:09:34 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickHoly crap you are?? Thank you you are so nice! ^o^

ChaosCollision on July 18, 2004, 5:33:37 AM

ChaosCollision on
ChaosCollisionOoooh! You really liked that pic, didn't you? Well I wanted to surprise you, but I'm doing another Alana pic for ya, as a gift ^_^

Echidnachick on July 11, 2004, 6:39:05 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickThis is like my fifth grade school picture. *shudders* I look so fake when I smile like that! XD

ChaosCollision on June 28, 2004, 12:05:04 PM

ChaosCollision on
ChaosCollisionI loved that story about the Sonic Cast getting drunk, it was very random and funny!

Echidnachick on June 26, 2004, 12:54:57 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickWOW! You sure like to hold random things hostage huh! XD I will add another chapter full of randomness once I find out where mom hid da sugar! XP *holds comp. hostage* Sorry, I just had to! XDDD

SpiritWolfGirl on June 26, 2004, 12:43:59 AM

SpiritWolfGirl on
SpiritWolfGirlHiya meza buddy!^^ I liked you're new chappie(XP said 'chappie'!).It rocked!You rock!INSANITY ROXZ!MOO!*goes to Wal-Mart and hols a Pop-Tart hostage* >.O

Echidnachick on June 25, 2004, 6:46:28 AM

Echidnachick on
EchidnachickThanx! ^^ YAY! I'm nice! (and slightly insane) =P

kai_the_hedgehog on June 24, 2004, 2:54:34 PM

kai_the_hedgehog on
kai_the_hedgehog*grins and points to Echidnachick* VERY NICE PERSON!!!!

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