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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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This story is about a teenage girl who is warped into a world of people who can change into a certain animal. She learns that this world is in danger due to undeparted human souls and is faced with many trials and conflicts in order to help them.
Strange things have been taking place caused by the darkness and the cruel beings that live within it. Sora, Donald and Goofy must fight against the heartless joined by some new characters Princess Kita, Ti-Day and Ni-Ne Nite. Appointed by King Mickey t
Well,what tha heck,just read it.
Redoing them all X3 And thanks to everyone who gave me credit for this idea.
A story told in first person by the one and only Yami Atemu! I got the idea from the song i named it after. It's not very long, but different for a change. Enjoy!
My newest Yugioh fic like Phantom of the Opera with a twist! ^_^ Read and Enjoy! Bwahahaha!
Dreams I've had that I remember well.
This is a tribute to all you out there who have commented on my work, or done pics or is a friend of RJ!! TAKE A LOOK! LOL ^^
Just Dragon ball Z mixed whith sonic chars.You can ask me to add a char if you
Everone keeps calling him and bugging him lol!
My Sonic characters.
Guys if your wondering why my name is A_cat READ THIS HERE STORY,k?
DAY!NO MORE THAN ONE ARTICLE!(voting polls inside)
A story of the future i wrote for Language Arts last year. I like it, so i thought i'd post it.
Krackle age 13 goes throght a lot scarier changes than just pubertey. Krackle's powers are tally outta control
This is a poem i wrote for someone when they seemed to be really depressed and i was under the impression that i could help. I don't think it did help. I found myself following the advise it gives to get through my own difficulties at one time. I
This is a limerick I wrote in 6th grade. It's funneh! Yes, there's more.