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oh, yeah, um 1/16 wuz my birthday. i'm 11

Hey, I'm Akita, I love to draw (though I suck!!) I love anime and manga, My favorite animes are Rurouni Kenshin and Wolf's Rain, though it's so sad...:( anyway.... please comment, and give me any advice you have!! I'll do requests, though I don't know why anyone would want one! I can only do things like wolves (the one on here is crappy, though,) dragons, and more animals. I totally SUCK at humans, so..... oh, and I LOVe mushrooms! their so cool!

Fave colors: black and white, black and red, black and green, black and purple, or yellow by it's self......

OMGkenshinbecool is my friend from skool, lol shes the only reason i saw Rurouni Kenshin, and for that i thank her!

MY Warriors Charicters::: kitty......

Mushroom Clan:
EmraldStar: Black tom with golden eyes. Wears a large emrald studded color. Used to be a kittypet belonging to a rich Count. He escaped as a kit looking for a butterfly that flew out the window. Nekoflower found him and raised him as her own. When River Clan attacked and killed Nekoflower, he chased them out not by fighting with caws, but by shaking lemons from a nearby lemon tree.

Flamingmoon: Deputy of Mushroom Clan. She is reddish, with black paws. Her eyes look kinda like moons. She is one of the best fighters, but has little stratagy than to attack. Her mother was Floatingflower and her father was Ghostclaw.

Crabtooth: Warrior. He's a thin siameese. His amazingly sharp teeth are his main wepon. He is a great fighter, and is Shellpaw and Finpaw's father. His favorite thing to do is sleep!! n__n zzzzzzzzzzz

Stoneflower: qeen. Blackish grey, with long bangs.

Dazzleflower: qeen. White with ice like blue eyes. Shellpaw and Finpaw's mother. Her fighting skills are mutual, but her heart is huge.

Witchesdawn: Medicine cat. Brown and ginger tabby with one blue eye and one green eye.

Shellpaw: ginger tabby with black ears. Finpaw's brother. Hates water, and loves to be near fire.

Finpaw: black tabby with ginger ears. Has exeptional swimming skills, unlike his brother.

Ocolatclaw: spotted tom. Warrior. Sunsetkit's father. (Stoneflower's mate)

( ^^)* Copy the bunny on to ur profile, help him achive world domonation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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dragonfox on August 15, 2007, 9:28:26 AM

dragonfox on
dragonfoxConno is kind and VERY timid. He loves to swim, he also hates to be in charge. He is realy inteligent with erbs......

desertbreeze on August 6, 2007, 12:20:09 PM

desertbreeze on
desertbreezeHello would you like to borrow my Wolfy Tarrin? He is a sandy colored wolf with one blue eye and one green... He also has a v shaped scar in his left ear.

B on August 6, 2007, 7:04:00 AM

B on
Bthank you

EternalDarknessWaitsForDawn on August 6, 2007, 2:11:39 AM

EternalDarknessWaitsForDawn on
EternalDarknessWaitsForDawnHello, ummm would you like to have my Oc dawn? I'll draw her as a wolf on my profile soon. She's got a big mouth but a good heart and is willing to risk her life for her friends...

dragonfox on August 4, 2007, 6:47:42 AM

dragonfox on
dragonfoxYAY!! Sanku!! OK, so His Name's Conno he has black and tan fur, blue eyes, A spiky bracelet, and a bangle on his back left paw

B on August 4, 2007, 5:38:46 AM

B on
Bthanks for the comment on my pic

dragonfox on August 4, 2007, 5:30:18 AM

dragonfox on
dragonfoxNO!!!!!!!!! They wont delete! Sorry Akita....*major BLUSH*

dragonfox on August 4, 2007, 5:27:07 AM

dragonfox on
dragonfoxHI! Ooooh!! ^^ a story?!? Awsome!!!!!! Um.... well, i was just wondering...PLAESE!!!!!!! couled you put my OC in your story?

*Shigh* U probly dont want to...

dragonfox on August 4, 2007, 5:22:19 AM

dragonfox on
dragonfoxHello! A story? cool! Um..... Can i PLEASE have my OC in it???? Please??? And If so, will you draw him for me?

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