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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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A poem (and tale) of the fallen (plant leaves).
Some poems I wrote inspired from the massive amounts of snow that have consumed the area where I live. Hope you enjoy.
Poem about Mother Nature. I'm no poet but, I hope you enjoy.
I know, I know; The title is horrible. I didn't know anything better, alright?! 

Anyways, It's about me. See it as a diary or a blog about my life. I guess you'll find out more about me than anyone of my regular friends ever has or will. There is not much to tell. 

If you're interested you can read it, if not.. Then don't ♥ 

(LGBT topics!) 
Telling of an experience of relaxing outside on a cool Summer day. (Note: this passage will/may be altered over time). (More experiences may or may not be add; for the time being this shall be labeled 'complete', unless said other wise). Enjoy.
Idk what to put this story in a category...Sorry -_-

London and Kenny were dragged by a mysterious creature that appear in a hole kenny saw and landed in a place called Haven City
Maybe it is time I started writing poetry again?
Orochimaru finds a way to heal his arms thanks to the help of a certain mysterious man. The devilish man makes a deal with Orochimaru: If Orochimaru kills a certain girl, he will become unstoppable.
He refused to look me in the eyes, most likely his pride bruised from me seeing him cry like that. All of this was that girls fault. She didn’t deserve him… OneShot LuluxC.C
Okay, here it is!! To me, this is ROTFLLMAOLOL. Its what happens when Zim gets tricked into buying farm animals and decides to be a farmer. Personally, the best part is when he explains to Dib how to milk them.

It's epic.
a story about the chaotix meets natsume the hedgehog (my oc character) she joins the team and she goes on adventure with them
More haiku's may be on the way.
I'm not very good at writing poems. But, I thought this was the best one I wrote. Enjoy.