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Idk what to put this story in a category...Sorry -_-

London and Kenny were dragged by a mysterious creature that appear in a hole kenny saw and landed in a place called Haven City
a story about the chaotix meets natsume the hedgehog (my oc character) she joins the team and she goes on adventure with them
A collection of drabbles for GrimmjowXOc!
"...Or maybe she's just stupid..." GrimmjowXOC!Chanae Oneshot. Short. Grimmjow's POV
Dante the Pikachu and Kayton the Charmeleon have been friends since they met. They explore a new dungeon, only to discover a mysterious beach, where they loose conciousness and find themselves seperated, and in quite a predicament... please R&R!~
Many years ago,there was an elegant,mysterious dragon.This dragon could mold any clay,so he made a rare race that appeared every thousand years...And the poster...appears before the next mage is ready.Zayli...the mage...a poster,from a dear friend...
My pokemon character. She has emerald eyes, short fire red hair, 13, wears jeans, and long sleeve shirt with white sleeves, and blue main part. She lives in Blackthorn City Johto. (I know it seems kinda short...I'll work on that...)