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This is RON and my Warriors fanfic. The prolouge was written by both of us, then we are gonna alternate writing chapters!! =P
Hope you like!! =D
Wanna know what Hamstar27's and my OCs look like? go to her profile -->
This is Warriors in a kinda funny/awkward/weird way! lol! XD Cats that are dead are also in it!
...just read it.
Sample of my story, Embargo.
this story is told from seven different point of views. they change every chaoter. here is who they are;
leopardface, mousefoot, smokebird, ceadertail, littlepaw, gorsespring and tigerstreak.
Five kids on their way to a campground. Little did they know that more than a week of swimming, hiking and enjoyment waited for them at their destination. A prophecy from eons ago was about to unfold in front of the kid’s eyes.
One day when Blazestar is named leader of ShadeClan all goes wrong...

Mean while Riverclaw is fighing for the right decison. Will he try to kill Blazestar or will he let his clan build up into a super clan with killing and violence?
hehe =] i'm hoping i can rewrite my friend's manga style into a story XD for now only the profiles.... still working on it!
No this is not a story it's to see if you want to adopt and pet from my adoptions 0___0

To see if there is still adoptions left XD
just random stories =] and they're very short so don't expect any long stories from me 0_0