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Plushie Love The love of an Octopus And Squirrel brought together through plushies and friends 
An Experiment in Love 
the Planet of the Squirrels? random fic featuring a grumpy octopus  and a sassy squirrel 
What will happen when a time lord,and teacher/Archeologist and a high functioning sociopath meet? find out in my book SherlockWhoJones
Note: I do not own the characters in this story they are owned by BBC and Lucasfilm  
This is about a character I made named Miss Chloe. I'm not gonna say much, just read! BTW this is a creepypasta, (if anyone knows what that is) and I can't really submit it now because the submission time is over, so I'm posting it here!
sort of semi long but short fanfic paring Hooded Claw And Penelope Pitstop Ant Hill Mob And Bully Bros only mentioned
Plot: One of the most evil and powerful villaness, Escape's from prision, And goes around commiting terrible crimes, It is up to, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Violet, And Mighty to stop her.

but anyways,
This is about Marvel and Alli, I couldn't think of a different title, so I put the same one from an earlier version of this., uhm, yep.

An amazing story, although it'll take forever to actually finish it. And I apologize for using some qualities of A New Chance At Life by Arceus-master off of, but I was inspired by it to write this.
Dthis is not a anime or manga but a show i watch called Doctor who and it will be a crossover with Indiana Jones
It a fanfiction that I'm making and it about bladers save the world from evil.
This is talking about the Eeveelutions we all know and love. And MORE. This is going to tell you them all.
Idk what to put this story in a category...Sorry -_-

London and Kenny were dragged by a mysterious creature that appear in a hole kenny saw and landed in a place called Haven City
random story based on some pics i did and a dream i had
A story on how Lenny and Aleen met and bonded.. ( first story so may include errors)
OK so I was thinking about it and here it is!! OK so we look in on silver's life with interviews around silver and himself Enjoy silver's life!!!
My story is about how they solve another mystery
In Unova:They run into someone,who explains a story Pokemon.They go on a life thretaning adventure with thier new friend and discover many shocking things in the process and some old friends who come into play throughout the story.
just a POV Hooded Claw short fic
My story is going to be about how hiccup meets Eragon for the first time
I keep a dream journal, and I thought I'd put some of the more interesting ones up here.
Two female friends who go to different colleges win a contest for two special characters on a site called Kawaii World.
Ok first check dark woods story (it's 2 parted) then learn htf then after all that come back here (THIS STORY WILL BE COMPLETE SOME DAY!!!)
Just a story on raving rabids but rabids count as rayman so sense you can't name Rabids I just came up with some so enjoy this story thing...:l
Ok so i want you to comment and dare the following: lifty shifty flaky Flippy mole mime splendid Splendont handy lumpy lammy disco bear muffin (it won't let me put everyone)