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the revise veson of inuyasha and kagome all explain in the end and changes and more chapters and desptive stuff
that kgome inuyasha start there neww life together wedding mate pregnant and stuff revise verson a new beegging story more about it on the note
Is a single kiss enough to shake one whole life?
It's Joker's and Harley's wedding! But, then, why was Joker not informed?
The wedding of 2 old friends and the meeting of another
Ever heard the song White wedding by Billy Idol? This is just like it. Sept diffrent in a way. 2/28/05
An adventure in forced matrimony. THIS WAS LICENSED BY DANI, so no lawsuits!
Hermione decides to sing at her wedding. Harry never thought that it would be their song.
Basically, this is just a weird roleplaying thing that my friends and I did online. It was so hilarious I decided to write a fic about it! Felix is from Golden Sun and the twins are mini-versions of the Twins from Matrix Reloaded.