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A cute fic dedicated to my friends and Rent!
A small series of tragedies and love stories, each with a Rent song involved!
This is dedicated to all of those shippings out there. More details in the first chapter.
Nasha was a new student at Cadic, and things weren't going so good. Then she met Jeremie and the gang. Now she has friends, and a secret love. But in order for her to tell her feelings, she'll have to let go of the past.
Here, this works! This is just an area for my friends and I to RP so that next time the profiles go down we have somewhere to go!
(But when they're up again, we'll go back to profiles.
This is a story for Sofy-san for three reasons.
1) She entered my contest
2) She's gonna be in my story
3) I woulda done it anyway!
Stupid quotes from family, friends, myself, manga, anime and movies!
Ha! I have a title! And it's in German! My friend's OC's Kay and Cat will be in this! So will some others if I'm lucky.
I'm doin this for Konohasdarkshadow.....yes Jamal will be in this.......and it will be good
Yes, i will allow other OC's to this

So far:
Cecoeluv-Cecoe (maybe)
Crazicat-Stephanie (maybe
Just bio's of all my OC's for different shows and stuff. You can use them for stories or artwork, but you have to tell me first. I will tell you if I will let you use them or not.
15 proven ways to get people annoyed at you...comes in different situations