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this story is about itachi's daughter aimi (where I got my nick name from) being a member of squad seven and kakashi's girlfriend
Naruto, Kiba, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Neji are best friends. But what heppens when the element of romance gets thrown into the mix? sorry not yaoi. Naruhina, Sasusaku, Nejitenten, not sure who shika gets yet.
This is basically a story about what the sonic cast would say if they were drunk. I only wrote it to fool around with my new pens but I deciced to post it here anyway.Alaa is my fan charachter.
Yes I know..another New Mew Story.. A few years after the first Mew project four new aliens have come to take over the place of the ones that failed. Kuroichigo is just a girl trying to get through school and make it in life. but now it all going to chang
Kaede Mishua live with her grandparents in Domino City. She loves her school and her friends. But there is a certain guy she finds it impossible to like, but maybe he is the one she will love?
THIS IS MY FURBIE STORY. unfortunately, i dont own Furuba, and if anyone has any problems with this story i will delete it AGAIN, it is only back by popular demand. My character, Kuroumo, replaces Rin.
this is a story about my new character faith ( picture soon to come ) this contains drama/ adventure / romance/

hope you like it ^____^
My first fic! It's about the Duel Academy students going on a trip to England! Alexis X Jaden, Chazz X Jasmine, and Bastion X Mindy!
(also on fanfiction)
Chiro wakes up and is sick, but will not listen to the monkey team, they say for him to rest and stay in bed. What will happen to chiro? Read and find out.
Well...just something for start.
ok basiclally this is a sotry that goes on and on. u can be with any characther u want! just let meh know and i'll let u join the story! its mostly a funny/love story! U DONT HAVE TO BE WITH A BEYBLADE CHARACHTER!!! ANY CHARACTHER WILL DO!
You may have read it on
My Brother Tala gose away and sie's and i try to find out how and why.
There is only ever one transfigurator alive at one time, a new one born right when the old one dies. Amaria
Midesha, a 16 year old witch attending Trisha Academy for young witchs, is the transfigurator of 2005.
Training her powers for good, she ca
Set after GRevkinda A beyblading tournament is being held in Australia, with any and allbeybladers welcome to compete. The tournament is not for a title of any recognition, but mainly for fun, somewhere teams still existing can battle each other and
This is the diary of my made-up beyblade character, Mason. Sorry, I only got to after the Cina Tourny. Enjoy!
The title basically explains itself.
A new mews in town and they just moved to Tokyo from the US can the mews find theam?
“You think that stress ball I got her for Christmas is working?” Fanney asked. “I don’t think so.” Imma said.

Rose Fletcher, the new girl at school, feels out of place. All that changes when she learns that she's the princess of Icesp and a member of the elemental Winx.
Bladebreakers atend a boording school. a group of 4 girls come new, and they promise to get into trouble, themselfs and others! Better be a friend then a enemy!
Me, pranks and humour it can not get more simple than that. R&R and yeah the story is complete ^-^
A new girl comes, Kiwi. When Ryou tries to make the Mew Mews stronger, he makes a huge mistake! What is this mistake? And why is a new Mew Mew appearing?
What would happen if Tyson drank a love potion?! Find out!
A crazy story- packed with extra madness! Yay nonsence!