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Dr.Gero may be gone but his Hatered of Goku Will never Die. Nor will his Lifes Work... To Create The Perfect warrior!

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Dr.Gero's Journal-
We fear them...we dream of them...they're demons, animals, plants, monsters...etc(Ratings Not Yet Decided) SIGN UP NOW!!!
If I have enough People Joining then I will Make this story but if not then I Guess this story will just sit in my gallery Chapter less -.-

A semi-normal teen named Crysta Aile finds out she is not so normal after all...
After The Battle of the Nexes,All Nown Scouts Disapeared,Now 5 New Scouts will Face The Nexes and try 2 Save the Old Scouts By Useing the Silver Crystal,But ONLY A Air 2 the Moon Can Command Full Power Of the Crystal.Can They Defeat the Negaverse?READ ON!
If You Are a Trainer In the Tono Region, This Story Sort of Gives you an insight to The History Of the Tono Region and Their Champ's!

Don't Know what the Tono Region is? Check out this Link
Lol I changed the Title! We have custom made pokemon made by People ON FAC!*alot of them are mine*...But anyways We might even add your custom Pokemon To the Story!!! So Basically if you want to Start your Journey KEEP READING!
Hello A message for all you lovers out there. If you Think Love is For FairyTales, Then Well I am here to tell you the truth.......I Am Cupid, Ninja Of the clouds and of the heart...And now its time for The tales of Love Ever Lasting......
When Ruby moves to a whole new region and a whole new town, he also has to go to a whole new school. He is then put in a class with a buncha weirdos! Will Ruby survive or will he be doomed to live like this forever?!
Yes, i will allow other OC's to this

So far:
Cecoeluv-Cecoe (maybe)
Crazicat-Stephanie (maybe
A young trainer really sucks at battling because she doesn't want her pokemon to get hurt. But when she feels worthless and runs away, she realizes she's more important than she thought.
The New Sailor Scouts are back. New enemys. More action. And more crazy Hika stuff. Also a new main charcter. Lastly leaves that can the scouts defeat a enemy that knew the scout genaration before them. Find out. HeatherxAlex fluff.
Its about the new male sailor scouts! The Sailor/Planet Warriors.
The future is a steak. 4 girls and 1 boy must keep the original scouts time safe for their princess to come. For this when she comes war shall rage and they shall defeat 2 evil boys