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Favorite Stories

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I don't know what the hell this is but enjoy.
This is a poem I wrote during school at 8:29 AM. So tired. But I was bored. Here ya go.
Poems relating to fantasy, whimsy, and myth. Some dark, some affectionate, either way, I enjoy them.
"Mary had a little lamb." Yes, we all know the story. But heres my version of the story.
A hilarious fake chat whose characters are me and my best buddies, and anyone I feel like adding. IT SHALL BE THE FUNNIEST EVENTUALLY! MUWAHAHAHA!!
Gohan, Videl, Bolma and Vegeta go to New-Namic in search of the purple star dragon balls to restore the planet after it is poisoned. But when they get there they find out the namics have been mutated and are deadly. But what will happen when vegeta is bit
This is a poem I wrote on 10/24/05, and I'm dedicating this poem to a certain somone stuck in hurricanes.
A bunch of different kinds of quotes and sayings all by me, more to come! Enjoy!
i did this when i was really bored and stuff just poped in my haed so i wrote it.
this story is about zatch kyo and two new caraters.
yusuke findes out he has a sister.
For crimes in life, a girl must wander as a ghost and fight the forces of darkness that threaten her soul and world.
Just a little thing i thought up. Better read it now befor i lose my nerve of having it stay (if you like hopeless lovey thingys then read)
A poem about what a fairy truley is .
Inu & kagome have switched bodies thanks to kaede. Find out what happens in this twisted adventure. Please comment!
This is one of my favorite poems. Its about how Kagome would feel if Inu died. PLEASE comment
O_O Random fic. I have been writing some depressing stuff latly so heres a funny one. Sorta. At least in my point of view. Me and my friends are stuck in a white room and have to do the test...OF DOOM! o_O No flames.
Time is gone anew as an ancient force uses Pandora's Box to wreak havoc, a crossover fic with alot of others, more to come. LUVYAZ!!
Humans are becoming demons, Yusuke is flashing in and out of worlds, and all of the leaders of the realms are missing, and finally Hiei returns.
It's the Battle City Finals. YamiYugi vs.YamiMarik. But there are about to be some changes. Hotheaded Joey Wheeler wants a rematch. Don't miss this rematch of the century! Joey vs. Marik!
Hiei turned into a chibi+_+See what happens.
The darkness of the shadows hides many secrets, some too terrifying and great to even begin to imagine, but one of the most terrifying of all, is not what the shadows hide, but who chooses to hide in the shadows. Watching you eternally, like vampire
This is just a poem I wrote a while ago. It is about myself. I have changed alot lately and have become distant and weak and I dont really like this new me so I wrote this dumb poem about it. (kinda gothic i guess)
A hilarious fake chatroom featuring characters from Full Metal Alchemist!