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Favorite Stories

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A poem I wrote after a nap I had today.
just the discription of people
(there WILL be more content ratings but i guess in a discription can't have any bad things in it x3)
A poem I wrote about a vampire girl
I was really bored one day and instead of reading someone elses fanfic they wrote i decided to write my own..this is it.Please comment also if you have like..title ideas or anything! ^_^
Written 11/13/05
Written: 11/13/05.
Sekumi, an 18 year old wolf hanyou, has been put apon with a major burden on her past. When she was ten Sekumi's family and village was slaughtered. Although her family was only an adoptive family it still stung hard. The scar on her left shoulder re
Can you love and hate someone at the same time? When Kagome meets a man over the internet and begins to fall in love with him, she doesn’t know that she hates him in real life, when she finds out who he is, will love or hatred prevail?
A Song I wrote. It's not amazing, but I like it. I wish you could know the tune that goes with it. But I can't so.. Comments?
A vampier poem
Written April 21, 2004.
Written 12-18-03.
Written 09-20-03.
1868. Kenshin has just begun his wandering, and stops a moment to join a child in play. My second 100 word story. I don't know what came over me, but please read and review!
A story of a young girl rising above all expectations, to become a hunter of the Bogtrets. And to be a protectore of all who needed protecting.
vegeta poem
This is a story kind of like that one epesode about Wiked Scary exeped this is real it is not from Raven's head
please read this and commet
A poem about what Goku was thinking when he killed cell.
A poem that about every girl can relate to at some point. It's a poem about how sometimes you wish your friend was more than a friend, but you're afriad it will mess up your friedship. So they become your secret crush.
Um...different then my other poem... i dunno its kinda odd. Tell me what u think!
A poem about a girl you wants to be invisible
A poem about spike, and him trying to win Buffy over.