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My favorite bed time story. <3

Along with my rendition of the story through poetry. c:
Just a Poem I came up with for my English class. c:
Well on Facebook I do this thing every once in a while called Poem on the Spot. & Basically I just write a poem off the top of my head and post it.

I wanted to share some of them with you guys, hope you like it <3
Heres my little multi-chapter halloween story.. i might make it a full series.. but for now.. it is what it is
This was meant to be sort of alternative, with a bit of a blues kind of edge. Just Random.
I wrote this Naruto fanfiction a long time ago and only recently found it again. The Mary-Sue-ness of the whole thing made me laugh, so I'm putting this back up just for jollies. Hopefully my character-creating skill have improved since I wrote this.
Alright, it's sort of random. Just something I thought of. It's meant to be a song, with a bit of a Linkin Park flare to it, the bars are where a word is drawn out.
This is a fanfic I did of MR, one of my favorite series ever. A freind of mine ghost-wrote the last few chapters, I thought they were pretty good. Tell me what you think.
Okay, I feel this way about someone I know. I'm not going to say who she is or where I met her, but I'm wondering if she feels the same thing........ Wow, this is really sappy for me.
Just written stuff.... That's all....
I couldn't help myself. I made a second string of territories.
Tiz a list of commandments me and Wolfeh came up with! I thought they were funny and she got the idea to put them here! Enjoy!
My own story!! :D Inspired by Cowboy Bebop, Captain Harlock, Star Wars, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and Alice in Wonderland.
Story about my Naruto OCs, yeah. No actual writing and stuff so far, but here are the OC's information.
First part of the Ramble Band Chronicles. This is about the imprisonment of the Borzoi Clan leader, Dread Raven, and his daughter Night Raven starting the bandit clan. Final Fantasy Tactis Advance fanfiction, please read and comment. ^_^
Just some poems write don't judge them by name!! Read plz! and comment!!
ok well this is a song that me and my girl MoMo started on the bus this morning but i liked it so i decided to finish it...the genre is Country
just a couple poems i was forced to write for LA...take a look PLEAZZZZZ.....their stupid but be nice
umm welll i dont kno if ever happened to anyone but my boifriend moved away like 4months ago and he was the only guy i can honestly say i fell in love with and i dont care old i am i kno wat love is,and now i just cant get over him
okey this is a story idea ive had for a really long time
its about...welll read the prolog its not much but its a pretty good way to see how i write and how the story goes
ME: Life with my umbreon... XD
Umbreon: AHEM!?!
ME: Um... Life with my master, and how it all started.  *grins nervously*
A dragon pokemon loses her memory and lives with a delcatty pack, eventually being exiled, and learning that her silver/gold coloring is a sign that she is cursed, but she pushes on knowing she will be miserable, with the hope that she can help others.
um,,i suck at description thingys so just let me kno what you think
ok So my friend J.T-kun came up with the ending for this and I did the rest!
a poem i wrote when i was depressed, i like it but it's not my best