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In retrospect, chasing Tomo in a bus Yukari was driving was a more Tomo-worthy idea than any other sane person''s.
Hmmm. Well this was done as a short story in the BB manga. I just took the originl and made it longer, detailed and better =P. So its basically what ACTUALLY had happened in Yurys childhood. I just added more tid bits into it.
This story is about Tenshi Yuki A.K.A. Jaden Yuki''s Daughter and how she meet Yusei.
Tengoku-twin brother
Kaida-Godmother(also Yusei sponsor ^_^)
Sora-Jesse''s son
Hikari-Jesse''s daughter
Jenny has just moved form america and left all her friends behide and as she arives at the airport and get into the lobby she meets yami and (no they don''''t share a body why cuz I didn''''t want them to)
the story of crystal as an angel before she goes to earth and how a war between angels and demond began!
there is a new bad guy who is destined to kill one of the monks. she's even willing to kidnap kimiko to get to him (clay/kim story)
A New power draws new enemies and allies. Along with a new and old Sailor Scouts. Can the scouts handle this or will the world be coverd in forever darkness?
this is what mace puts in his diary when he moves to australia
I would like all of my friends and fans from here at FAC to read this!! ^_^ Thank you!!
This is a poem about how Sakura and Ino got together... my first yuri attempt, I hope you guys like it!! :3
Sequel to "She really is a girl". When Neji and Tenten get into a petty argument will this be the end of it all? Or will something greater happen? Read and see ^_^
When Naruto hears Sasuke moaning out his name in his sleep, what happens? And how long has Sasuke been having these dreams? [sasuXnaru][one-shot]
Gaara didn't know why he felt this way. He didn't know why he had drifted close to Konoha or why he needed something to hold on to but... read and see... [NaruXGaa]
After Naruto and Hinata get together, Kakashi insists that Naruto introduce his new girlfriend to the team. How will the rest of the team react? [sequal to: Everflowing Tears]
Chouji at 15, falls in love for the first time and falls hard. When he even stops thinking about food, how far will it go? And will Shikamaru get the girl first? [ChouXOC]
Neji sees Tenten with her hair down for the first time and for the first time, he noticed something really important... [NejiXTen][one-shot]
Ino returns home after her mission with Shikamaru broken and unable to move on. Who is the one that will help her? [sequal to Ino, my motivation]
Sasuke's reaction to Naruto and Sakura is very unexpected. What happens when Byakugan meets Sharingan? [I'm back!!] lol
Nobody knows his secret. Grissom`s vampire ways get in his way as he takes Sara on a crime scene. But once he gets the faintest smell of her bloode or rather all of the team`s bloode Grissom wants all of it and nothing more. Will the team be able hel
Withought Naruto even knowing he helped two lost souls find eachother for the first time... [IruXKaka]
Well...just something for start.
He loves her. He sees her beauty everyday through his tinted shades but he longs to see it in color... [ShinoXHina] [One-shot]
What happens when Kakashi and Sakura are alone after a feaky justu makes Sakura's inner self come out? Well read and see. (KakaSaku)(one shot)
Have you ever heard someone cry so painfully that it pierced your own heart and you began to cry sharing their sorrow and emotion? Read the tale of Naruto and Hinata's painful encounter...
Shikamaru is noticing how Ino is growing and how his attraction for her is growing too. How will they both react to all of these changes? Read and find
3 part story, ShikaXIno