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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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Just a short drabble about my Eragon OC, Valefor and Murtagh. Contains slash. If you''re not into it, you''re crazy...I mean, then don''t read.
Basically, Kyo is hit by a car and hospitalized for damage to his lungs. It only gets worse over time. He finally confesses his love for Tohru, but does she love him? Even if she did could their love be strong enough to conquer death itself? Kyoru fluff!
This is my contest entry for frozen_tundra! Hope you all like it! See if you can find out what it means!^^
Digimon thing to do during school, like the title says.
Just a list of Digimon obsessed things to do.
Hey Kisa!! (KaibasFlameAssAngel) I read and reveiwed ur Real Poems and they rocked!! They inspired me to write something 4 u so I hope u like it!! R&R!!
This is for Chris and Rachel (Amaya Asakura and Rachel Robinson) Because I know they're going through hard times. Although they may be fighting I know they still love each other! Please R&R
This is yet another poem about something that everyone fears so please listen to what I write and I hope u like it R&R ^_^
Do u like? it's the sequel to I'm Sorry Kagome...My Love R&R !!!!^_^
Here's my second poem! 5 reveiws and I'll write a one-shot story that describes the whole scene!
This is my first story...err...poem on this site so please go easy on me. OH! And funngurl is my name on another site... R&R