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Sasuke, introspection (he''s an arrogant little prick, but he''s still inspiring) For the 100 Themes Challenge on deviantART, and for Team 7, because I loves them.
[When she opened her eyes, her first thought was that he was beautiful. The second was not a full thought, just an awareness. They were safe.] An ItaSaku drabble on love and death. Fluffy.
Watching over captives is never fun, and Sakura has reason to dislike this man. But even with gills and pointy teeth, he''s still human. Non-romance, SakuKisa, for the 100 Themes Challenge.
nothing to say
...yes another poem lol 8P
well this story here is connected to me "Apep Dragon of Knowledge" piece that i gives you an idea of What the piece represents...hope you enjoy!
A story about a guy introduced to 'yuri. This is not intended to offend anyone. It's just a story and all characters names and actions are merely coinscience and are not based on reality.
This is the very first chapter book that im writing,i have only ever wrote short stories,that werent very good in the first place.this story is going to become a series.hope you all enjoy it and remember that this is only a few chapters.
Rock Lee has a hangover. And nobody is sympathetic. Just a random little ficlet that came to me all of a sudden, one-shot. Please comment!
This is just a little poem i wrote...Naruto and Sasuke, and their relationship (platonic, not romantic). Inspired by Leonard Cohen, please comment. Also about change/growing up/apart. Enjoy!
I decided to write a story with Kabuto in as a "good guy" to some degree, 'cause everyone i know seems to hate him...

Also, I'd just like you to know that this is my first fanfiction, so please comment, and tell me if it's terrible. Cheers!
just alittle yaoi story... im too lazy for summaries

About a gurl....
poems. poems, poems!
their paretns are dead.
poem. again. if you do not aprove of my style writing keep away...
its realy a poem... a good one too.
When Lena starts at hogwarts its all fine and dandy until she finds out that she is not alowed to visit her poor dad.
two teenagers run away from their orphanidge.. yada yada
meh was feeing for it
It's a list of poems I came up with. Some don't rhyme, but who ever said poems had to?