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An octopus gets his nerve up to ask a certain squirrel to a dance 
Have you ever been dancing, and you heard the bells ring? We implore you, never stop your dancing to look for the bells... if you do, you will die.
Naomi's perspective.
Maybe something would happen. Although I always wondered, I never thought it actually would, but I was mistaken.
Just a Big Cheese x Polly fic in which he wants to ask her to go to a dance but he's a bit shy

let's hope she says yes it's my fic so i know what she says^^
well it came very randomly, idk?
im an artist why would i keep track of how i came up this stuff! if its good! ITS GOOD!
Meru-chan and Kiyoko-chan are nervous for the school dance. Will they be asked by the ones they love or will the be rejected and have a scar that will mark them forever?
This was originally Another Lonely Night but I changed the Title... soo... read it and enjoy.
Time can change a lot, including the affairs between two opposites. Takes place when Hao is 18. [Yaoi][One-shot]
a peom about slow dancing lol
The Gaurdian duo known as Katana and Hiei have a challenge to face? Did the two finally meet their match when the red-headed Kenshin appeared on the scene in the middle of a demon fight? I know this has Hiei in it, but the main man in this entire thi
Just a simple poem I created at my boyfriend's house while he was at work...