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A story about a guy introduced to 'yuri. This is not intended to offend anyone. It's just a story and all characters names and actions are merely coinscience and are not based on reality.
a poem of two lovers, she loved him but he used her to get another girl. She sank into deep depression. Until his heart was broken by the other he relized that his true love was the one he hurt the most.
Is this about a technique for reforming delinquints? It is a dubious joke about homosexuality? Nope, it's just a nice moment between Numbuh Two and his crazy new friend, Laura Limpin!
Matt Khan and Argol Vazin. Two very different people from two very different worlds. What happens when fate brings them both together to rise up and fight for the ones that they care about? You'll have to read on to find out!
A girl discovers many things about her magical powers hat she hadn't known before.

*This is a story which will soon be part of a whole series. You won't really understand this one if you don't read the first one.
a story about 2 wolves that leave their pack because they are always under fed and they jurney in ukown terra's!
Feelings can be an unusual thing.
Two People are Destined to be together...
I wrote this when i was sick...
After an ordeal at the carnival, Laura Limpin becomes attached to Numbuh Two, taking him home with her. This is of course an exercise in diplomacy, given her alterego, the Big Badolescent...but is the inventor boy the one to soothe the savage beast?