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Layer decided to tell Zero about her feelings , but what happends if someone came back from death...unexpected and is from girls POV
Yay a fanfic
Laven <3
Katsura Hoshino and her lovley self owns these wonderful charectars.
This is a parody, don''t take it seriously, and whatever ^^! There are so many fanfics and namexname stories on the web (even sites devoted to such stories) that some people take it too far. This should satisfy everyone, so there!
Tamaki x Haruhi: an extended ending for the anime.
Title says it all. Most of these characters came from Sonic X, and the legal information... I think it was the Sonic Team. Anyways, some of the characters are made up, so yeah. If it cuts off, I'm not done.
A story that seems like a rip-off of Sonic Heroes (NOTE: My Custom character makes up for the fact that there is no flying character.)
These are the many adventures of my Oringal comic book charecters, Supreme Team X! The members include Dash, Katie, Sarina, and Tyson!
In Honor of Naruto's 13th Birthday today I present to you my first Fan-Fic...SPRING MATSURI!(note if requested i may make more festival fics)
Summary: What if Yuna and guardians left Tidus in Luca what would Tidus Do
I was thinking of this one for month i just have been getting lazy so it took me a while
The adventures of Mischief {Rei} and Blood Shadow {Mike} two metahumans
Content HOTNESS!!!!!

Elricest!! [Ed x Al]
Raiden X is the name of my up coming manga
BEHOLD! A brand new series! Takes place after "The Weresheep Anniversary Dance." Inside the strange ship "Dragoon", the Sonic Heroes, me, and a couple others set off to space. This is the Ravnica saga, taking place on the planet known as Ravnica. More rom
Ethan Hayward has the ability to control water. Does he also have what it takes to become an X-Man?
Self-insertion fanfic based on the characters from the movie trilogy.
Chapter Two of series Shaman King X. What's after the tournament? What is the last shaman king? Find out more...
This is a continuation of the Shaman King series. The show never officially ended so I thought it'd be fun. Except my series is called Shaman King X.
Shaman King X is just a continuation of the series. I can't draw so I wrote it. It starts off with the scene of Yoh's Oracle Bell turning on automatically. Throughout my series the remaining contestants who wish to participate in the tournament striv
Ok this is my first fanfic so BE GENTLE i'm fragile also this is going to be a Emily X Jack story I just thought of it when i was scanning some fanart (thanks to CoRpSeBrIdEFaNaTiC's ~+~Corpse Bride Doodle Of Doom~+~ this fanfic was created!!)don't f
Jet the Hawk is pretty pissed off about being beaten in the race against Sonic in Babylon Garden. Jet and his gang have recently discovered two thinks. 1) Sonic has married Rouge, and 2) Rouge has a unique talent to hunt and find treasure. Jet sugges
This is a story from the point of veiw of my oc character (Shocker) He is looking for his brother and finally found him.
This is one side of a two side story i'm writin with my gf kayla, make sure to read her parts too!
This is one side of a two side story i'm writin with my gf kayla, make sure to read her parts too!
Sequel to If I Had A Delerium. A mysterious new foe appears with one task, to kill all of Emplate's servents. Now Generation X must try to save one of their own before this foe succeeds.
Sequel to Catch A Sound Wave. After the events of Soundwave's attack, one of the student gets a chance to win big, however something happens to lure a visit from an unstoppable foe.