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I am now two lazy to even have three sentences written here <3



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mushu262 on February 23, 2007, 6:24:20 PM

mushu262 on
mushu262Kod nas su temperature trenutno od 15-20 stepeni C ^^' To je skroz neprirodno za ovo doba godine, ali sta da se radi.
Mama mi je iz Hrvatske, ali ne idem tamo jer je kuca koju su tamo imali srusena za vreme rata, ili su je prodali, ne znam.T.T
Mada bih jako volela da odem tamo... Zamisli da se sretnemo ovde...
Mislim, ja 26. februara punim 16, mozda bi me i moji pustili da ''skoknem'' do Hrvatske... Nije to toliko daleko... Bas sih volela de se upoznamo^_^
Demokratska stranka je neka politicka partija, i po mom misljenuista je kao i svaka druga. Da li ti u Kanadi pricas engleski ili francuski? Znam da se u Kvebeku pricaju oba jezika... Cudno, zar ne? Dva maternja ^__^
Nego, pricaj mi sta ima novo kod tebe! Ja sam od18-16 bila u Nisu na seminaru borilacke vestine kojom se bavim. Proslog vikenda isto, ali u Novom Sadu. Da li si cula za ta  2 grada?
O,da. U martu mi dolaze 2 grka blizanca^^ Odsesce kod mene kuci,jer sam jedina koju poznaju u Beogradu. Oni su majstori ove vestine o kojoj sam ti pricala^___^
Uf, kolika poruka^^' nadam se da ti to ne smeta!

diva96 on February 21, 2007, 8:24:16 AM

diva96 on
diva96i had trachidous (i have NO clue how 2 spell that word). i have 2 take this pink syrup that tastes pretty good. *_*"

My_Last_Resort on February 20, 2007, 7:52:27 AM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_Resorthoray for extreemly long comments!!! since they give you more to talk about ^^ me wonders how long we can keep the really long comment thing going?
me hasnt had exames yet, but they're in about 2 weeks... *cry* and dont worry, it's not a stupid question. and for my science project... well, my science teacher is a crazy german lady 0.o' everyone has to do their project on some type of food, and me is doing bread. we have to do experiments on the food like messing with temperature, and doing substituions on the stuff... me spent like 5 hours yesterday making bread, writing about bread, and me even had to eat plain white bread so me could test how freezing the bread affected it TT_TT me really hates bread. we also have to give a 5 minute speach to the class on all sorts of things relating to our food product, like a company that deals with it, and the history of it. our teacher gives out crazy projects like this a lot... earlier this year, me had to write a paper about nuclear fission... TT_TT that really sucked. so, no fun in science.
Yay for Venice!! getting lost is fun ^^ if me is trying to find a place, me wont ask for directions, insted me will wander around untill me finds the place ^^ it's more fun that way XP me guesses that being lost is an adventure.
Your reading Twilight? a bunch of my friends love that book, and one of these days, me is going to read it!! *dramatic stance* and yes, me loves vampires ^^ dosent everyone? speaking of vampires, have you read Blue Bloods? it's another vampire story! ish quite good.
a painting of the Effile Tower? cool! even from the first deck, the view is great. Me is sure you'll get there some day. before me dies, me wants- no, me WILL, go back to Paris, go to Venice, and have something published!
you glared at someone until they actualy said sorry to your brother?! that's so cool! and me is happy to hear your random info, since it makes me laugh ^^
as for the adult swim thing, me guess the swim part comes from the thing at public pools where ever so often the have an adult only swim time, which me dosent get... but me didnt name it so... yeah.
well... me went on an InuYasha icon spree... and now me has... actualy me dosnt know how many me has now... hold on, me will go look. *walks off* *comes back* wow... me now has 764 Inu Yasha icons! that almost beats my bleach icons ^^ but the thing is, is that me still isnt done getting inu icons, so by the end, me will probably have more the bleach. and yes, me realises that me is a total icon whore... me will never use all these icons, but me keeps them anyways ^^ why? because me has a problem, that's why XD
Woot for pokemon!!! pokemon is a prime example of how you just cant beat the origonal ^^ out off all the pokemon to be created, they just cant beat the first 151. me actualy kinda likes Giovanni... me likes a wide variety of characters, like Misty, Sabrina, Giovanni, Mewtwo, Mew and all of them are nothing alike: Misty is bouncy and quick tempered, Sabrina is really stoic, Giovanni is, well, like you said, power hungery, Mewtwo is a tortured soul *cry*, and Mew is a cute little pink guy ^^ umm, and about Mewtwo's experiments, me isnt quite sure, but they were probably very painful... go to wikapedia and read the mewtwo artical. Lugia is pretty cool. me think's its a girl...umm... go to wikapedia and look her/him/it up XD that's my solution to everything.
me can kinda see why there are so many InuXkagome fans: first off, she shows up in the show before kikyo does, and people realise the relation between Inu and Kagome before they realise anything about Inu's love for kikyo. also, Kagome just so much more screne time then Kikyo. and also, Inu and Kikyo's love is very deep and emotional- there's no comedy in it or anything. It's far more serious then Inu and Kagome's relationship. Inu is constantly yelling at Kagome about pratically everything, but Inu never ever acts that way with kikyo. So the botem line, is that InuXkagome is more cute and fluffy with lots of humor thrown in, and InuXKikyo is deep, emotional, and much more complex. So many people just want the cute and fluffy. And let's face it; when do Inu and Kagome have conflict as a couple? Inu is always getting jealious when Koga's around and talking with kagome, kagome get's mad at inu when he's being stuborn and is always telling him to "sit" but that's all humor, there are very few problems that the two of them go through. In fact, as far as me can tell, there are only two: Inu having his demon blood take over and causing all sorts of problems, and Kikyo. When Kikyo shows up, Inu runs off after her and kagome get upset because Inu has such strong feeling towards her. in case you cant tell, me could rant for hours on this subject.
and yeah... kikyo gets screwed over... a lot... that's why they call her the tragic preistes, cuz she's just so sad... every time kagome says she's going back to her own world and never comeing back, me prays, "Please just stay there!!" and everytime kagome is about ro get killed, me has my fingers crossed chanting, "pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease PLEASE DIE!!!" because then Inu could be with Kikyo ^^ but me knows she wont die... *pouts*
speaking of funny inu moments, do you remember the one where Kagome accidentialy lets it slip that Inu was at her house and then all her friends wanted to come over and meet him? me was laughing so hard during that epsode ^^
me not sure how soon it will be till me gets to watch wolf's rain, but when me does, me will tell you!

Bye for now!!!!

diva96 on February 19, 2007, 5:52:26 AM

diva96 on
diva96hi! on friday i went to the doc an i kno wot i have

Living_Dead_Girl on February 17, 2007, 11:06:08 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_Girlhehe... well, Happy New Years to you as well ^^ I've been uber busy. Sorry I've been gone so long. I had to have a coupel exams, but they were pretty easy. hehe... I don't study ever unless it's right in class. The Internet wasn't working cos they turned us off cos Lonnie didn't pay the bill. Fear the blankets of doom!! I was thinking that too, but that's a good question. I think if you got the blankets wet and got under them... well... the fire would be hot enough to mke the blankets dry and blankets are very flamable. If it didn't catch the blankets on fire, then you would suffocate from the smoke. Probably not a good idea to do that. XD how come your bed is getting bigger? XD yah, I wish she had been home then she wouldn't have fraked out so much. Kd's birthday was on V-day and I got her a bunch of things and sh got me something too ^^ Just pixelized items though and a piccy. What else is there to give when you're hundreds of miles away? XD No, my plan is not yet in action. First I want to make an elaborate profile for all my characters. THEN I'll put my plan into action XD. Well, they've been getting better, cept Ry hasn't really been on much at all lately. She's been on twice this month. My mom gave me a cookie for V-day. It tasted stale at first, but I was eating it today and it tasted so yummy and it's gone now. Thanks or the advice and it's good that yu and your best friend made up. Yah, Kd does make things world's easier. Guess what?? My stack has gone down to 2 and there have been a ton added from last time! I feel so prown of myself ^^ XD Glad to be of service. Well, I can't have friends that are really close cos they get annoying to me. I have to have my privacy. Yah, I could do with less stress, I've been under a lot of it. Wow, that extra 6 hours would do wonders! If only... hehe... were you late to school? I remmeber I've woaken up at around the time my alarm would have gone off when the power had gone out. One of my friends said they had a friend that had a cat that woak her up for school. It would always wake her up at the same time and you could tell it something like 'No school tomorow' On the weekend or on a day where there was no school and it would listen! I need a cat like that. XD Sounds like some fond plane memories. Reminds me of what one of my other friends said. she said she was on a plane to go to some other country and this old guy ina turban gets up and starts marching up and down the isle. Then he does this thing that looks like a balerena dance. The he did this thing that looked like he was punching a ghost. She did it and it looked sooooooooo funny!! The flight attendant had to tell him to sit down. She said it was hard not to laugh. I immagine it would have been XD!

ChildrenOfTheMoon on February 15, 2007, 1:26:50 PM

ChildrenOfTheMoon on
ChildrenOfTheMoonOh M gee! HI LAURA!!! It be me... Cloe! How are you? I hope your good. Are you good? Sorry I'm tired and hyper. Been awake for hours. Not cool. Lol ttyl love.


Silver_Moon on February 13, 2007, 10:58:23 AM

Silver_Moon on
Silver_MoonLMAO X3 I know!

My_Last_Resort on February 12, 2007, 9:37:41 AM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_Resortwow... that is possibly the largest comment me has ever seen... there are probably a lot of typos in there, but oh well.

My_Last_Resort on February 12, 2007, 9:35:06 AM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_Resortwow, your comment is even longer then mine was!
so school was the problem... that must have really sucked, doing all that studying. Exams can be a real pain and me knows what it's like to have to do a ton of work all at once. me has this big science project me has to do that involves making bread, freezing bread, making a slide about bread, giving a speach about bread that has to be exactly 5 minuets, and a bunch of other stuff, all about bread @_@ me is so going to hate bread by the time me is done with all this. anyways, at least the exams are over ^^
you're going to Venice! me wanna go!!!! me has wanted to go there for about ... umm... at least three years... me thinks me first got interested in venice when me read the book "The Theif Lord" since it takes place in Venice. have you ever read the book? it's really good ^^ and yesh, me has been on the Effile Tower ^^ only to the first deck though, and that was hundreds of steps up anyways. the line to get on the elevator to get to the top was about 2 miles long and we didnt have the time to wait or climb all the way to the top... but one of these days! ... or years...
yay for fantasy! me had a feeling you liked fantasy ^^ its got to be impossable to be as obsesed with anime as we are and not like fantasy =P actualy speaking about writing, next year, at school, me will be taking a creative writing class! hopefully that will be fun.
and yes, you did mention that there were only three fic on fanfic and that you were mad. *glares at random people with you*
and yeah, adult swim is a rather odd name. but it's on cartoon network, which is for kids and me guess the name kinda says that it's not for kids... or something like that. and yes, Yay for InuYasha!! me made a squee sound when me say that they were starting from the begining. 488 icons is a lot of icons, but me has even more! lets see here... me has 656 naruto icons, 601 Fma icons, and 774 bleach icons ^^ beat that =P me also has hundreds of icons from other shows, but not as many.
you like pokemon too?! Yays!! ya, that show is still around; they refuse to quit. Me thinks that the origonal 151 pokemon are the best ^^ About Mewtwo's past? okay, here's the full story *clears throat* Mewtwo is the clone of Mew, that's why is name is Mewtwo- it's Mew Two. researchers found mew deep in the jungles of the Amazion, me thinks. well, they managed to capture it somehow, and they took some DNA from it and started using it to create Mewtwo (Mew escapes from the lab later somehow) The doctor in charge of the experemant was a guy named Dr. Fujji. Giovani, the leader of team rocket, was paying for everything to create the "ultimate pokemon". they made mewtwo through horrable gene splicing and other genitic experemnts. So, when mewtwo was fully developed, he completly destroyed the lab because he was a clone and didnt know his purpose in the world. Giovani showed up and told mewtwo that he would help "add value" to mewtwos life. So Mewtwo did Giovani's bidding for a while until Mewtwo fully realises that Giovani was the one who had him created and he is just using him. then he blasts out of Giovani's place, with his armor peeling off as he flys. that's the basis of his past before the first movie. there is actualy one more thing that me left out. During Mewtwos growth, another clone is being made. it is the daughter of Dr. Fuji, Amber. Mewtwo creates a physic link with her and they basicly grow together. but then Amber's experemnt goes wrong and Amber disapears. this leaves Mewtwo alone, lost, and traumatized. Dr. Fuji is forced to remove the memory of Amber from Mewtwo, which leaves him gradualy growing into a twisted state because he knows that he lost something important but he dosent know what. T_T the whole story is just so sad. Me recomends that you look up Mewtwo on Wikipedia, so you can get the full story. that's where me gets all my anime info from. oh, and you probaly cried during the first movie because towards the end it looks like Ash dies. that's when me cried... and of course me remembers Mew! it's probably my seconds fav after Mewtwo. me also really likes the three legendary birds: Articuno, Zapados, and Moltres. but Mewtwo will always be my fav- just because me loves his character desing, he is unreasonably powerful, and he has such a tragic past... me loves Kikyo for the exact same reasons ^^
now back to Inu: did you really not notice the massave number of InuXKagome suporters? even here on FCA, if you go to couples in the InuYasha section, there are over 400 InuKag pics, and last me checked, not even 30 InuKik ones. the gap between them is massaive. me dosent have too much against Kagome... but she does get on my nerves every now and then... okay, maybe a bit more then that...
me loves InuKik sooooooooo much!! me loves it to death ^^ it's one of the two couples that gets me all emotional... the other is Zabuza and Haku. the reason the two get me so emo is because they both have what me calls eternail devotion: Hake dies for Zabuza, Zabuza in turn, dies for Haku. InuYasha cared so much for Kikyo, that he was willing to become a human so he could be with her (even after inu becomes interested in kagome, he still wants to become a full demon). and kikyo fell in love with Inu, even though she knew that it would result in her death... and then she seals him to the tree insted of killing him because she still cares for him.
what do people say about Kikyo? that's a very long list. umm... for starters, a soul stealing dog. many people hate her because she "gets in the way of Inu and Kagome being together" if anything, Kagome get's in the way of Inu and Kikyo being together (which she does, many many times) they also get mad at her because she once tried to bring inu to hell with her. it is true, that she does try to do this, but she does it so they can be together forever, and Inu even later says that he would gladly jump into hell, just to be with kikyo. me did another squee noise when he said that ^^ the reason kikyo fails in bring inu to hell, is because kagome breaks the spell that was holding inu, and he had no idea that she was there so he goes over to her to see if she's okay. Kikyo then asks if Kagome means more to him then she does TT_TT as she's saying it, you can tell her heart is breaking all over again.
on a more cheerful note, yes me remembers that ^^ your right, her name was Lady Escargot. that part was really funny ^^
Death Note? me is sorry, me knows nothing about it, but with a little luck, me will be able to read the manga soon ^^
Me loves gay wolf sex!!!! *quiets down when people start giving me weird looks* me really wants to watch wolfs rain. a friend of mine (the same one who got me back into pokemon and lent me advent children) has it on dvd and she'll lend it to me once she's done with it ^^ and me is glad me could make your day ^^

^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ me loves those things! ^^

diva96 on February 11, 2007, 10:59:31 AM

diva96 on
diva96just did xD. take a bath that is. my feaver was about 101



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