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I am now two lazy to even have three sentences written here <3



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PoisonousDahlia on March 17, 2007, 7:01:26 AM

PoisonousDahlia on
PoisonousDahliaLaura, thanks for all the wonderful comments! I was pleasently surprised when I saw that I had comments from here since people rarely comment on my art. You really made my day! Happy Saint Patrick's day to you both!


Darkmasterbabe on March 14, 2007, 5:23:23 AM

Darkmasterbabe on
DarkmasterbabeThe picture of edward is also over 3 years old

Darkmasterbabe on March 14, 2007, 5:17:17 AM

Darkmasterbabe on
DarkmasterbabeThe picture I drew of Sora is over 3 years old My skills have improved sense then

mushu262 on March 13, 2007, 7:58:20 PM

mushu262 on
mushu262Ne, ja sam sada napunila 16 ^^
Tebi je 29. marta rodjendan? Super! Ti ces tada moci da vozis u Kanadi, zar ne?
Mi ne vozimo do 18. TT Glupi sistem! Morala bih basom... Ako bi me moji pustili...
Da, radim u restoranu... Ne kuvam bas, vise spremam sendvice, hladna jela etc.
10 sati? Pa kada se vi vidjate? Upoznali ste se preko neta? 

Living_Dead_Girl on March 11, 2007, 1:14:01 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_GirlXDthe only thing I don't procrastinate on to much is ummm.... well, I still procrastinate on it, but not too much, but I don't procrastinate much on drawing... or maybe I do. hehe... I never study yet I still make uber grades on everything. You need to pay attention in class. That way when the techer asks you something, it's easier to bluff your way through it, but sometimes it's hard not to blank out. I corrected my math teacher before ^^ Adn he;s on of those uber ppl that never makes a mistake. Everyone even clapped XD. I feel so smart. hehe... Almost everything makes me mad and I glare at my computer untill it gets when I need it to go if it's going slow. O mai! 10 minutes?? hat's how long it takes to turn my computer on. It takes 15 minutes to turn it off. hehe... We used to have a slow computer, but then we got this newer one and put more memory on it, so it doesn't really go slow. XDDD I love Rat Race!!! That movie is soooooooo funny!! My fav part is probably the 2 women that have to deal with the squirrel lady and when they go in the rocket car. Priceless. Last year I didn't have a heater and mine used to be the coldest, but fate smiled upon me when my parents said I could put a heater in there. That how my room used to be. I could just open the door and I already could feel hat it was like 10-20 degrees colder cos there was only one vent in it and it was the furthest from the heater. My character profiles are simply to have a way to show ppl about my characters easily. I'm not sure why I wanna make them. I just want my characters to seem as special as they do in my head. hehe... "special" Let's just say that I only have 10 friends in this state and that's cos I know them at church. All of my other friends I know on the Internet and some are in different countries XD. Canada, Austratilia, England, places like that. It's actually quite cool to have friends in other countries. The reason Ray wasn't on was cos she had switched to another account without telling me. hehe... I should have thought as much XD. You relaly are a poor, deprived child if you have never eaten a cookie cake. It's been relaly warm around here lately. There are birds chirping every day, I saw some bugs earlier, and I even saw some little blue flowers. It's like spring is starting early this year. That would make sense cos the winter was so cold. I've already beaten guys at drawing. I don't think that's gonna do much good. they aren't going to respect you if you're better than them at something. Not the guys in my school. They're only nice to you if you put 15 pounds of makeup on each morning. I'm the weird kid as well and that usually makes me the loved member in the group except for in the one with my best friend. In my church group and my other friends, a lot of them say that I'm their best friend, but i just can't seem to make the ppl I want to love me, love me. You know what I mean? XD a list. Well, I got a bunch of pictures done, but I have to redo one. My pile is up to 4, but they're all pictures that won't take long and it's only that high cos I'm workign on one that has a lot of shading and should take forever, but I got a lot of it done yesterday. I suppose it's hard to explain about how I'm enspired by Walt Disney. You would have to go to Disney World and watch this movie about him that they have in order to explain it well. XD I used to have cat that woak me up in the morning, but that was just so it could eat. I miss havign a cat in the house. Yah, that was quite a long night, but I supprisongly woak right up the next morning I think. hehe... I have done that before. Lightning is pretty to watch ina sky that's all dark and filled with clouds. Wow, I don't think I've seen something like that before! It sounds uber pretty! hehe... it's neat to think of the moon as a hole in the sky. I rather like crazy ppl. Even the ones that are crazy in a bad way. Indeed, they make things more interesting.

oliveraoxi on March 2, 2007, 11:04:35 PM

oliveraoxi on
oliveraoxiZdravo! Kako si? Šta ima novo? :D

My_Last_Resort on February 28, 2007, 7:52:27 AM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_ResortYay!!! Lets keep the super long comment thing going on for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and EVER!!! *pant pant pant pant* ok... me is done now...
EXAMES IN ONE WEEK!!!!! *runs around screaming* umm... lets see here, me has exames in honors english, history, humanities, gym (yes, we have a gym final, and yes it is written) and math of course. the one good thing about this weird food project for science, is that it takes the place of a final, so no exam in science!!!
yeah, my science teacher is the crazy german lady because she also teaches german, and if she gets really mad, she'll start yelling at the class in german 0_o
me is not all that sure what we're suposto learn about food from this project since a lot of the report is on stuff like a company that deals with your food, and the history of it. the only sciencey part of our project is the experements and something we have to include about the physical and chemical properties of our product. the substitution thing, yeah that was like trying something different with out product and seeing what happened- like with bread, me had to make bread and then me had to make more bread, this time with less water, and see what happened. and for the record, not much happened... it just shrank a little. and yes, speaches are fun as long as you like what your talking about. like one time, when we were studding Elezibithan period England, me got to do a group presentation on crime and punishment, which included torture ^^ that was fun.
well, it's not that me dont like science, in fact me loves doing experiments and messing with chemicals and other weird things, but the problem is that when we have to write and talk about it from a scientific view, it's all so cut and dry... me is a writer, and me loves to twist words!
oh, and guess what me's reading... Twilight!!!!! ish so amazing!! me got ahold of it two days after you told me to read it. right now, me is at the part were Bella heard about the legend of the cold ones, and now she's freaked that Edward is a vampire, and then she has that nightmare. Twilight is addicting ^^ two of my friends ocationaly try to turn people into Edward by starring at them and chanding "Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward Edward" over and over- it hasnt worked yet. and yes, blue bloods is by de la Cruz. and in fact, it reminds me of twilight in quite a few ways. sorry, but no, me has never heard of the Perfume book. me can try to look into it though... as long a me remembers to.
how high is the first deck on the tower... umm... check wikipedia!! as for the stories, yes, me has some ideas floating around. me is constaintly thinking of how to word things and what me could write about. me can come up with ideas at the strangest times, like at the dentists while having my teeth examiled, me thought of some of the ideas that me used in the last chapter of "three cheers for romance" ^^ but as far as novels go, me has some vauge ideas, and some very worked out ideas about cirten characters and such, but as far as plots go and books as a whole, me is... still working on that.
oh, and my inu icons spree, me ended up with 868 icons ^^ NEW RECORD!!! and the thing is, is that me just dosent take any icon, me is selective, and me only takes icons that are done well. some of them are funny, others are just really cool, and others are all emo and sad... but they're some of the best ^^ me cant look at all my inu icons without getting just a little bit emotional... okay, very emptional, since soooo many of my inu icons invole inu and kikyo.
and me knows exactly what your talking about! in fact, me still has all my old pokemon and YuGhiOh cards from when me collected them. me would have to say that mah fav character from pokemon (not counting the actual pokemon) would be Misty (she and Ash make a great couple), Sabrina (she IS so awesome!), Koga (he's a ninja!!!!!), Giovanni (me just likes him), and... umm... there may be more, me just cant think of them now XD and yes, me remembers Erica. she was cool ^^ me liked her and her Gloom. who can forget Gary? he was Ash's big rival who drove around in a convertable with a bunch of fangirls XD you know, there are a lot of yaoi fans out there who are reall into GaryXAsh. in fact, just yesterday, me was looking though someones gallery on DeviantArt and me came across some GaryXAsh pics! and me has to admit... they were quite hot.
I do like InuXKagome, but only as a fun, fluffy, comic releif thing, since it is halarious. like in one epesode, where Inu shoves this corupt and really fat sage off a cliff when he was in his human form to save kagome, but the sun comes up, and he's just fine. but kagome and the others dont know that, and kagome get really sad and starts crying while inu is right behind her =P then kagome starts yelling at him that she was not crying, while she's still crying ^^ but when kagome starts proffessing her love and saying she would die for him, me find myself saying, "Then die already!" and yes, me could ramble about this for hours and hours ^^
you know how me goes through all my anime and couple phases? well, me also goes through music phases!! like when me first of "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" me listened to it nonstop for a long time. and just last week or so, me got "In Love and Death" by The Used (do you listen to them? they're amazing) and me listed to it, and nothing else for eight days straight. right now, me is going through and odd combination of Panic! at the Disco, LostProphets, Sugarcult, and three Japanise songs ^^ me cant live without music.

mushu262 on February 27, 2007, 9:19:46 PM

mushu262 on
mushu262Hvala :))) Kada je ti b-day?
Ne idem u Hrvat zato sto me moji na svu moju zalost tamo ne vode:(Bavis se gimnastikom? Cool! Srecno na takmicenju!!!
Grci imaju po 32 god.
Imas li decka u Kanadi? Ja imam dvojicu... I am a wild child:)))))))
Radices ? Cool! Ja radim kod mojih u restoranu:) Srecno sa poslom:)

Living_Dead_Girl on February 24, 2007, 1:09:50 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_Girlhehe... most of that time I was just procrastinating though. I was just gone fora couple days cos I had to stay at my grandmas and it killed my schedule. hehe... nope. I don't stupy ever. Oh, that happens to me all the time, but if I'm being forced to read it, I just move along and pretend I know what's going on. Oh, hehe... that's funny. Well, the Internet went kinda slow, so I guess you could call that rusty XD. Wet towel on your head sounds dangerous if you just sit there, but if you're on your way out, or there is no way out, it's the best thing to do. That way your hair won't catch on fire. It's quite flamable. hehe.... breakdancing XDD I suppose that would put it out. It's uber cold at night and we have no insilation, but I have a heater in my room finnally. hehe... yah. She liked her pixel stuff though. I even sent her on a little scavenger hunt for them ^^ I have to make uhhhh..... 17 of them I think. Yesh, this will take quite some time. Ray lives in NY, so she lives a lot further away than Kd. Ray still hasn't gotten on again. I wonder where she is... Ohh, they make giant cookie cakes. We bought one for my sister's 21st birthday. Your flower froze? Man, it must have been coooold! That was really nice of him ^^ There's no one like that in my school, all the guys are mean. Oh, I understand how you feel. I'm a loner at school, but I love my friends at church they're so much fun and they're the only ppl I consider friends. They're also really nice and funny. I think I finished all of that by not procrastinating for a few days. That and not many of them have shading. hehe... I have to do a project about someone that changed America. They had a huuuuuuge list, but they said you could do someone not on the list, so I came up with Walt Disney. I can't believe they didn't have him on the list. He's my inspiration. It shouldn't be too hard cos I already know a lot of things about Disney. hehe... cats are pretty smart, but very few of them do what you want them to do cos they just stick to doing what they want to do. Speaking of storm, I had the hardest time sleeping the the first night with nanny. It was justa coupel days ago. I had my rabbit in the room and there was a really bad storm and the bed was uncomphy as well. The pillows weren't much better. They were sharp cos it felt like someone ripped all the feathers off a bird and shoved them in there, with the sharp parts sticking out and everything. It was like a pin cushion. Just when I was about to get to sleep, there would be an uber loud crash of lightning. That happened at least 3 times. Then whe i did fall asleep, the rabbit stompped on its cage real loud and tht woak me up instead. Told you the rabbit was evil. I wish I could have seen it for real too. It sounded suuuu funny!! XD Yesh, I remember that guy. There are some crazy ppl out there.



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