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I am now two lazy to even have three sentences written here <3



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mushu262 on May 22, 2007, 7:33:30 PM

mushu262 on
mushu262Hey Laura!
Izvini, jako dugo nisam bila on line, bio mi je pokvaren komp ... Da li se ljutis?
Kako si? Sta ima novo?

Living_Dead_Girl on May 12, 2007, 12:53:31 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_GirlIndeed! It feels great to have a long comment again ^^ hehe... I dunno, but it'd be funny if you dreamt about procrastinating. Be dreaming you're going all ohhh I have to get this done, but I'll do it laters XD. Indeed, now I have it steady where I always color all my pics, so there;s no pile. Even the ones that take forever have been colored. There's one right now that isn't completely colored that will take a while, but one of my friends is doing the long, annoying part. Well, I kind of like inking. I find it more enjoyable than coloring. Yah, I colored it on the computer and it took FOREVER than I accidently save over it with another pic. I was really upset, but I've already drawn and started coloring a replacement which looks much better, despite the error I made. My first character has a picket at the bottom of her jeans and I ALWAYS forget to draw it. Stewpid me XP. O mai, that would be awful! I loose messages that took me a looong time to type sometimes cos the sight wants to be stupid. That's why I try to copy what I've just typed, so I don't have to worry about that happening. I only add backgrounds to new pictures. Mostly new pictures that actually have quality in them. I'm almost done with my first profile! When I am done, I'll help my friends make a thread and I'll make banners for it and stuff. It'll be fun ^^ Well, yah. I'm used to making A's and B's ad that's a C!!!! C is like.... HORRIBLE for me. Yah, I do like telling stories with art, but I can;t do that til I'm done with all my profiles. Well, I am amking a couple commics for each of them. Creepy? I don't see how. Woa!! That's creepy! And Mr. White once did the square root of 5 in his head. Someone was getting a calculator to come up with it, but he got the answer before the calculator did. Next time he asks us to get one out, we're just gonna say, Mr. White, you ARE a calculator. XD I know. My Wii is just as stubborn as my computer is! I think they're designing the new machines to have personalities. This is bad. See, just like the computer, My Wii has days where it doesn't feel like working. and days where it decides to go slow. And a couple times it's felt like shutting itself off. all it takes is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and the screen stops moving, then you have to turn it off. It's wierd. If you don't have a Wii and are planning to get one, keep that in mind. Save often. You never know when it'll feel like shutting off. It's kinda funny though. I miss my Gamecube though. It's still here, we just don't play on it. It was quiet and obedient and hard working and didn't even complain. What a nice game system. hehe... I know. Rat Race is like the funniest movie. I luff talking about good movies. Oh yah!! Does anyone else have a question? How do you atart it? Don't you think they would find that odd? XD I luffed the whole balloon and cow scene. The brothers were totally awsome! It wa probably the cats that went messing with it. I luff designing, so they were quite fun to make. hehe... it has been wierd having Ty back, but I sometimes procrastinate on answering her PM cos it's reeeeally long, so I have to type something reeeeally long back, which takes a while (as I'm sure yu know XD) And sometimes I'm in a rush to get things done. I recently saw this really FUNNY thing on Youtube called Aladdin and the Cave of Cheeseburgers. You should watch it! It has 6 parts and I thought it was hilarious! Especially if you've seen the movie Aladdin recently. hehe... I'm finished with the designes for all of them and yes I make them up ^^' Yah, but I luckly know Kd's number, so I can always call and hope she picks up the ohone cos every female in her family sounds the same, so I dunno if hse picked up or her mom or her sister. hehe... yah. Unfortunately, I can exactly sell my stuff or give it to Kd, cos it would have been nice to do that. I could have gotten all kidns of expencive items for my friends. LOLZ a novel about my toe! Well, it's fine now, it's just loose and I accident;y got a small leaf stuck under it a couple Wednsdays ago and the leaf is near the bottom and it seems quite coimfy there, so I'll leave it along. How weird! *looks at toes* hehe.. I can't tell hoe many my little toe has either. Ohhh I probably names the tree at some point, but I forgot the name. I think I'll name it the same name my Man Eating Plant on Gaia has. Marbles. *pets Marbles* Bugs are annoying, but we got rreeeeally cold weather, which kind of killes all the buds and things have just started comming back. Hopefully, I'll be in Michigan when we have to move and my parents can help clean my room cos I'm affarid to. I think they find homes for them for a time, then put them to sleep if they can't find one. That reminds me, we disected cats not too long ago. I was only there half of the time though. The smell of the fermaldihyde was making me sick and my face was apparently yellow, so I had to go to the nurse. LOLZ well, I guess you could put it that way. Indeed, it's good to be weird and different. All of my church friends call me weird and I rather like it. What I don't like is when ppl say, "Are you high?" It annoys me so much that they don't think one could POSSIBLY be intelligent or funny or different without being on drugs. I HATE drugs. They're just stupid for thinking so and i ususlly yell at them when they ask that. hehe... indeed, but I don't remember most of what I just typed.

My_Last_Resort on April 15, 2007, 3:30:45 PM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_Resortdamn... that last commet was really long. and it's mostly spelled right!! me ran it though mircosoft word ^^

My_Last_Resort on April 15, 2007, 3:27:29 PM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_ResortComment Chain Back Again!!!!! Me was starting to worry since you had gone so long without commenting back. Me starting to get a little paranoid. Why isn’t she commenting? is there something wrong with her computer? is there something wrong with her file? Did me say something in my last comment that weirded her out? *Gasp* what if she's dead!?!?!?!?! Yeah, so please don’t go so long without commenting, or else me will start thinking like that.
Yes, the english final was really really easy. Me was able to get the 123 out of 120 because me handed in these passes we get at beginning of the tri for extra credit. For english, we get two hall passes and 2 late homework passes, and if we can go the whole tri without using them (or selling them) then we get 2 extra credit points for each of them which means 8 extra points! the only class that happens in is english. As far as my abilities in english go, it's half and half. Me is apparently very good at creative writing and me knows how to structure a report and everything, but the problem is that me will put off doing work and also, me cant spell for crap. You may have noticed it. but a lot of the time when me is leaving comments, me will have to look up how to spell a word, or me will just wing it. Quick question, when you were a freshmen, did you have to take these standardized tests called the Iowa tests or something like that? well me did very well in the english comprehension part of it and in the writing part of it (me ranked in like the top 95% of the nation or something like that) but when it came to the spelling part of it... me was in the 30% or something like that... so if me assembles 10 random freshmen from anywhere in the country, 7 of them will be better spellers then me. Ah well, that's what spell check is for! XD
my old school was pretty messed up... we've had a different religion teacher (yes, it was a catholic school) there every year for like 5 years... me thinks it's 6 years now. Also there's been a different math teacher there every year for 4 years... the last one disappeared about 2 or 3 weeks before school let out and nobody knows what happened to him 0.0' anyone else getting a Harry Potter vibe here? But we didn’t have a gym final there, but me does now, and for the music final we didn’t have to write the notes, we just had to be able to write all the lyrics, but me still failed them.
As for my history finals... those aren't hard at all. We do cover tons of different civilizations and stuff but he gives us a review assignment before the test so as long as you do it and do it well, you should do alright. it helps that me is good at history. so me almost always gets an A on the tests. in fact, me was the first freshmen this year to be able to get 100% on one of the tests ^^
Even when a test is extremely hard, me would still rather take it then do a project! projects mean tons of work and worry, but with a test, me can just go, "HOLY shoot, SCIENCE TEST IN 15 MINUETS!!!!" and then cram like hell ^^ yes, it is a horrible system, but it works for me.
Actually, me is not done with Twilight. hehe... actually me hasn't gotten all that further... but done worry, me will finish it eventually!!! eh... me'll stop now. Who does me think Bella should be with? As for now me thinks Edward of course, but that guy you're talking about. Me thinks his name is Jake, but me isn’t sure... is he a werewolf for something? maybe further on me will want her to be with him... me has absolutely no idea ^^ time will tell though.
glad to hear that my writing makes you excited ^^ it means you like them! Oh, one thing you should note about the story "The Fragile Mind" you do realize that there are actually 2 guys with mirror masks, right? If you read the description of the masks, then you realize that they are actually two different masks. One has a chip missing over the right eye, and the other has a Jack-O lantern grin carved into it. You’ll find out more about them later.
Me has even more InuYasha icons now!! 1361!!!!! Hell ya! how's that for bingeing! ... me thinks me has a problem...
You want to know my method of getting massive amounts of icons? well, it's quite simple really. LiveJournal. if you go to livejournal and do a search for communities that are interested in like say "InuYasha icons" or "Naruto icons" then it will give you a list and just look on the list for names like "InuYasha icontest" or "InuYasha icon awards" or "icons for InuYasha lovers" and go to the communities. or the icon tests, it will have posts for voting and you just go to them and look at the entries and you can save what ever you want ^^ tell me if you run into any problems.
You're welcome for the obsession! XP and yes, you must look at her stuff! some of it is cute, other funny, and others are just plain hot. some are all three! And me don’t know if she knows the number of the episode... probably not. Try googling stuff about it, maybe you'll get lucky!
You drew a pic for “Cut up Angels”? Sweet! That song is amazing. Of course me still loves The Used! Me has never just stopped liking a band for any reason. Sorry, me hasn’t heard “Something to Burn” but me really wants to… oh, and me is not sure if they’re coming out with a new CD or not, but they actually already have a CD out called “Berth” and it has some of the songs from “In Life and Death” on it…. hmm… to Wikapedia! Anyways, right now me is listening to The Offspring, some H.I.M. and… Sugarcult! They have so many awesome songs ^^ Panic! At the Disco is awesome too! There are just so many amazing bands out there.

Jakotsu tells Miroku he’s sexy in episode 103! Oh, and you don’t have to worry about giving me any spoilers since me was able to watch all the episodes in the time it took you to comment back ^_^’ Oh, and what Jakotsu icons do you have? Describe them to me! Chances are me has them, but just in case!
For the record, me is not just obsessed with Jakotsu, me is in love with Jakotsu! Really, you should see what me did to my profile on DeviantArt… it has a list of questions you can answer for your profile (in case you didn’t know) and Jakotsu is pretty much my answer for almost all of them. Favorite movie: Jakotsu. Wallpaper of choice: Things involving Jakotsu. Tools of the Trade: laptop and Jakotsu. You get the point. One of the questions was Favorite Skin: and me is not entirely sure what that means but this was my answer: “Skin of choice: I could say something extremely sadomasochistic right now... Something involving Jakotsu” At the question of favorite skin, me starting thinking about how much of a sadist Jakotsu is… and then me started thinking really messed up thoughts about Jakotsu, razors, and skin…. me’ll stop there since me really dosent think you want to know about some of the fantasies me has about Jakotsu. Anyways, and then me actually started to write a one-shot based on it. Part of the imagery of it is taken from a pic me found of InuYasha chained to a bed, covered in cuts, with a naked Jakotsu lying between his legs. But the fic is only half done and needs to go through a lot of editing. Umm… me is actually not sure how you feel when it comes to things like this. Please tell me. And if you take to long to reply then me is going to start worrying…

Time of a sudden change of subject!! This means it’s time for a rant about InuKik and InuKag! Something me noticed is that the characters in the show act very unfair towards Kikyo. When ever Inu runs off because he knows Kikyo is near by, Kagome gets sad and Miroku, Sango and Shippo all go "poor Kagome." They make it seem like Inu is doing something wrong by trying to go see Kikyo. InuYasha and Kagome don’t even have an admitted romantic relationship for a long time. In fact the only time they ever kiss is in the second movie, and InuYasha and Kikyo practically make out multiple times. Inu and Kikyo were, and still are in love. Kagome at least acknowledges that. Kagome saw Inu with Kikyo that time he embraced her and she put a knife to his throat and he held her anyways and watched her as she left. Then Kagome gets upset and runs off to her world but her mother talked to her and she went back, telling InuYasha that she knows he will never be able to forget about Kikyo and that she just wants to be by his side. Kagome knows Inu loves Kikyo! Everyone knows Inu loves Kikyo! It is a fact! And despite that, Miroku still goes and says that, "Kagome is worried that InuYasha still has feeling for Kikyo." Of course he does!!!! He never stopped having feelings for her!! Shippo and the others word it as "InuYasha is cheating on Kagome with Kikyo." If he's not romantically involved with her, he can’t cheat on her, and if anything, he's cheating on Kikyo with Kagome!!!!! just the way Miroku, Sango, and Shippo talk about Kikyo makes it seems as if Kagome is Inu definite girlfriend so he should just forget about Kikyo. Have they ever looked at it from inu's point of view? the reason that they don’t end up together is that there are so many factors keeping them apart. Naraku, the sacred jewel, kikyo's death, Kagome, and also they were just plain victims of circumstances. if you just went up to Inu up until about oh, lets say the fifth season, and asked him if he could forget about Naraku and the sacred jewel and what they did to them, and just be with Kikyo forever, he would say yes right away. after that he still probably would say yes. Yes, me does get very in depth on this...
……Holy shoot… me was just looking over a list of the InuYasha anime episodes, and me just found out that they only ever made 167 episodes… they just stop in mid-story and never have a conclusion… they just drop it. Naraku never dies. Kohaku is never saved. Kikyo remains here on earth. No one dies. No one wins. No one loses. Well, this means two things. 1. Me has seen almost all the episodes. 2. There is now a gapping hole in my life. Wow… so that one episode really was the last one in the series… wow… all is not right with the world. Well, me is going to wander off in a daze now… be back… sometime.

Living_Dead_Girl on April 14, 2007, 12:47:23 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_GirlYou're welcome ^^

mushu262 on April 9, 2007, 5:11:47 PM

mushu262 on
mushu262Hristos voskrse(happy Easter:)!

Living_Dead_Girl on April 8, 2007, 1:50:44 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_GirlOops! I accidently deleted one of your comments on my profile! I sorry! They stick that stupid delete thing right there and anyone could accidently click it.

Living_Dead_Girl on April 8, 2007, 1:39:24 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_GirlOhhh I procrastinate on sleeping all the time! Guess what? I got alllll of my pictures colored that are inked!! WEAHOO!! I guess I should upload them. Unfortunately, I accidently deleted one pic that took a loooooooooooooooong time to color. I was gonna color it again, but I don't think I will. It doesn't look that great and it's confusing to color, so I'm just gonna do it over again later. I've been working on making backgrounds and it's quite fun. Ohh... well, i make awful grades in Biology II if it makes you feel any better. 81.... yuk. That's like the worst grade ever for me, but everyone does bad in that class. I think the highest grade in there is 96. XD I used to read, then I switched to drawing, which I like more. Yah, he;s one of those teachers that never makes mistakeds. I men, he can do the suare root of things in his head and he can square 4325484326 in his head in like 2 seconds. XDD I think that kind of thing had happened before. We turned the computer off and it had the whole shutting down thing like yours and we went somewhere. When we can back hours later, it was still on that screen XD. Computers are so weird. None of yoir friends have seen it?? Rat Race is like the funniest movie of all time! I made one of my friends watch it and we were pkeing fun at the squirrel lady for ever. Every 2 seconds, we would say, "You should have bought a squirrel." Kinda like this. "Crap, the power went out." "*tsk* You should have bought a squirrel." hehe... yah, and the car was going fast than that bullet the guy shot. XDDD I lufffed that part! That guy's all, "STOP THE CAR AHHHH!!!" Calssic. The brothers were hilarious.
Ohh, just yesterday, the heat didn't come on for some reaosn and it got uuuber cold that night and when I woak up, it was 50 degrees.... in the house! It was horrible! I finnally got the heater working at like 8 and by the time my parents got up, it was 70. Yah, that's the reason I'm making them. Right now I'm just doing the basic designes for my characters and putting them up. Oh, I think hell froze over the other day. Remember that girl Ty I was talkign about that yelled at me cos she was mad at someone then ignored all my messages for months? Well, she appologized. That was the last thing I expected ever to happen. Either way, it's neat to have another friend back. On my characters, I've finished designing 5 out of 17 and Tori is next and she won't take long. Yukizu is 8 and she won't take long either. My old friend Xan lives down under. He used to be one of my best friends, but we haven't spoken much ina while. Mostly cos he's on FAC and I don't think he's been on in a while. hehe... yah. I hate Gaia now cos it took away all my stuff. I lost over 1 mil in items, which is a loooot! That was almost all i had. Now I can work more on my art cos I hate Gaia, so I'm not gonna waste time on it. That kind of thing where I get uber worried over nothing happens a lot. I messed up my toe the other day. I accidently tripped on the plastic mat under the computer chair and it pulled the nail half up. It's like stubbing your toe in the same spot 20 times ina row. It hurrrrt! It was all bleeding all over the place and I was affraid it was gonn coem off, but it's fine now. Itthrows up this orange gunk occasionally, but all I have to do is soak it once a day and wait for it to grow back. It doesn't even hurt anymore cos I found out what made it hurt. There was a piece of nail sticking deep into my toe, so once I cut that off, it didn't hurt hardly at all. XD cookie cakes are yum. Orly? There's tonnns of things blooming. We're in dogwood winter though, so it'll be cold fora couple more days. I hope stuff didn't die. Everything has bloomed though. I think my tree is in bloom too. I'll have to check it. It's the only thing I've planted that's still alive. I planted it 5 years ago on tree day and now it's huuuuge! hehe... it's funny to think it used to be a stick I had to carry home. Oh, I sorry about that ^^' I live in TN, so everything blooms early here. Even if it's still cold. Ohhh there we go, there's tons of bugs here that you'd have to put up with. I hate bugs. The tree just outside is swarming with bees every spring. It's awful! Don't remind me of sping claning. I hate spring cleaning. It's enough that we'll have to pack up and move soon. I hate moving. hat's a good way to look at it. It does make sense though. Hmmm... you're right! I hadn't even thought about Ty for the longest time and then she appologized. Just like if you're looking for something, you won't find it. hehe... nu more piccies to color now. I feel so accomplished. A lot of ppl haven't gone. It's a great place though and I'm doing an English report about Walt Disney. XD I can't understand why you would love thunder storms. Speaking of cats, the pound came and took most of the cats here. There were more than 20 before and now I've only counted 5 left. I know 4 of them are males, but I dunno about the last one. I's too shy for me to get near it, but I always assumed it was a girl, cos it was so pretty ^^' I luff beign called a crazy person. If they're relaly crazy, they consider it a compliment cos it means they're different.

oliveraoxi on April 6, 2007, 10:07:17 PM

oliveraoxi on
oliveraoxiVolim i ja da se šišam,a najverovatnije ću se ošišati stepenasto (kosa mi i onako dođe do ramena). Da idem u Italiju na 7 dana sa školom. Biće zanimljivo! ^^ 26. idemo



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