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Shadow watches as two children grow into teenagers, something blossoming between them. (And no, it is NOT Tails/Cream)
Appearances can be decieving.
Couples are brought together in many diverse ways. Some are simple, some are bizarre. And some are just plain hilarious to watch from the sidelines.
Liking someone is one thing, but loving someone is a whole new level. Sequel to I Like You, OneShot
No one truly knows if they love someone, or if it''s just a simple crush. Life is that way. SaiSakura Oneshot
Sequel to Rain. After the rain is a rainbow. At the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold. One-shot Neji/Sakura
Rain, it reminds everyone of painful memories. But it also has the power to start anew... NejiSakura Oneshot
A young cat watches a boy and girl who take her in, and is unknowingly bringing them closer, and closer. Neji/Sakura
These poems were made by me, they're not very good. But it's usually how I can express myself, enjoy if you want.
This for my shorts, one chapter or a couple of paragraphed pieces of writing that help explain or introduce my charries.
Sakura loves Sasuke & Sasuke has feelings for her too, but something is very wrong with him and his emotions are hurting everyone close too him including Sakura, he does more than hurt her but ruins her future but is it really Sasuke...
This is a poem for my best friend Rebecca, I miss her so much. Maybe when I'm in the mood I'll right poems to others But not now.
*On my Sensitive as a rose story, next chapter will be up soon*
This is a biography for each of my fancharacters. This will tell you every detail of each of my fancharacters. Hope this will tell ya'll a little more about them.
DON'T READ THIS SONIC FREAK!!! oh! & who ever wrot "A Love woth dieing for"
I'm very very very ssrryy if u think i copyed u!
they will Come I promis u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My very frist FanFic! u had Better read it!
Umm this is my first time writing a story so its probably really bad! If you have any suggestions please tell me! Oh and if you want your character to be in here please tell me as well. Please include there stats! like their name,likes/dislikes, etc.
Redoing them all X3 And thanks to everyone who gave me credit for this idea.
Ok.. What a VERY CHEESY title.. (Celia: CHUCKY CHEESE!!!!) (Christy: And to think shes older than me.. -_-) Anyways... LETS GO TO CHUCKY CHEESE! (Christy: Not you too!)
Read & Review! The last chapter's up!A song contest! Which song is #1! YOU, the viewers, decide which is the best above the rest!
The First Undercover Detective story by AgentC. Hopefully more to come...
Its about a new girl going to Yugi's school. But what they don't know is that she has powers... and a little crush on Yugi... make that a BIG problem with Tia... Will Yumi release her confessions about Yugi? Find out if yuo read this fic! (P.S.: You
Here are the bios of the cast of "Undercover Detective" and of the setting. This is for any Undercover Detective Story I make.
Its about a new girl coming to Sonic's school. But will Sally be left out?....
It is about the Sonic team, Jenny, Teen Titans, and Link!