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A short Horror/Fantasy story about a girl named Dorothy and her three friends, Mark, Taylor, and Sarah. They enter a library that is so called "Abandoned" late one night to check it out. Together they have to face great dangers.
I haven't figured out a name for the story yet, so this default title shall do for now. :D

Anyway, this is just a snipet of my web of thoughts surrounding a particular group of characters I created.

Hmm, I've got this idea going, and I have a few chapters of it down, but I'm not sure if I'll go through with it. I trash a lot of ideas. So, don't be surprised if the next sample of writing I put up is totally different.

And no, I do not have a title for this story. It will remain nameless until I find one.

Any critique and comments are highly appreciated.
Just a dream i had a couple of months ago about the OLD WWF when the Radicalz, DX, New Age Outlaws, and the Cat lol damn i'm crazy bruta
A religious poem i wrote while i was bored at work. Based on something i learned in religion class.
i randomly rote it!
dunno y?
well hope u like
Testing out some possible story lines.
i wrote this because my friend wanted me to write a happy poem for once!And it turned out to be romantic!! hehe!
hope you like it!! pleaz comment!
This was a quick poem written for those who lost their lives
its kinda depressin!!
hope u like it!!
pleaz comment!
this is a song i wrote for ren_fan, for he band Tamashii Kasanete!!
u dont have to post it on ur site if u dont like it!
comment if u want! ^_^
soz bout it bein a lil bit depressin
this is a poem i did for the pic of when Takesi turns to the darkside!! Hope u like it!! pleazz comment!
I wrote this when i was angry, with my parents. hope you like it!
This is just a poem i felt like writing for my friends. I'm sorta worried about one of em'.
Well this is just a little poem. Which doesn't rhyme. That i wrote during Lunch recess.
I made up this story with my own original character, but shes from a specific show x_x eheh heh... anyways... this is how it goes: A girl nammed Taina has finally found a place where she can truly be happy and live her life, a city, called, Domino. T