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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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Izzy-Chan and Taylour lived a fairly normal life....until strange thngs started happening, and they got transported to an alternate dimension. Now they must run from a vengeful villan!
My creative writing stories. I have my fright fair project, character story, and superhero story.
Yeah, you all remember Bleeding Love, right? Well, this is a story about my other vampire knight oc, Hideki. That's all I gots to say about it. (I forgot to mention that he's a vampire)
Princess Kel's father has announced that a jousting tournament will be held for her hand in marriage. A few days later eight princes arrive in the kingdom. Who will win? Read to find out.
SEQUAL TO BLEEDING LOVE PEOPLE!Ayame was pretty much at the point of no return and close enought to dying but now her saving grace comes to rescue her from the depths of despair.
Okay peoples. It's time for the third and final installment of the Anime Idol trilogy. That's right people this is it. So I'm going to make it much longer and I'm making the outfits much cooler. :3
hehe =] i'm hoping i can rewrite my friend's manga style into a story XD for now only the profiles.... still working on it!
No this is not a story it's to see if you want to adopt and pet from my adoptions 0___0

To see if there is still adoptions left XD
just random stories =] and they're very short so don't expect any long stories from me 0_0
This is my Naruto timeskip fanfiction that you have all been waiting for. I can't give away the story but Nia and Itachi are threatened and have to go incagnito. Hope you like it!
You should read my Kingdom Hearts OC stories before you read this. It will make more sense that way. Oh,and I wrote this a long time ago and I used to write in play form so it might get confusing. That is why I have added colors.
Okay, I have here the stories of my Kingdom Hearts OCs. I also have the stories of some kingdom hearts characters and their places in my fanfiction.
This is a fanfiction that I wrote for the anime series, Vampire Knight. It's about a girl named Ayame who is 1/3 vampire and is the newest student in Cross Academy's night class. (now newly revised)
I made this poem from a variation of my Nia Uchiha story. Basically I just put her in the middle of the fight between her two older brothers. This is like her final plea before they start killing eachother.
The characters from Anime Idol are back for another adventure. We go to a normal town headed by a mysterious castle. What will happen when we enter the castle grounds?
What would happen if everyone from Naruto world lost their powers? What would they be willing to say about eachother? How would they react? These are the questions that haunt me.
This is a Christmas story about a girl named Eliza. She lives in The City of Twilight where nobody but her is on Santa's nice list. She meets Santa's son and they become best friends. You'll have to read to learn more.
OK peoples. This is not what you think. Its not going to be judges judging singing anime characters. Its a story involving me, my friends, various anime characters, and people off of american idol. This is Anime Idol!
My friends tell me I have a talent for making parodies of song. I decided to start making parodies for Naruto and this is how it turned out.
The story of Gonan Fairchild. The secrets of how he survived death are here. Warning! If you are scared easily, you may not want to read this!
The story I really didn't want to put on here but I had to for my other stories to make any sense. Beware the spaz.
My cool FAC Family!^_^
lol...just my friends on FAC...xD
There is only one member left in the demon clan and he is ready to go after Nia and her brothers.
It's a Christmas Carol Kisame style. Kisame goes on a magical journey with his Akatsuki buddies. Sooooooo funny.