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the great dog god. an demon from the heavens. enjoy the story
Making Courage into a human seems to be a favorite thing right now in fan fiction and I realized I’ve never done a fully detailed Courage into human thing. you go! This originally was going to be a full blowing story but not yet.
A story showing how Courage's computer came to be found and how the little dog first reacted to the talking machine.
Its a story i made up! this is only the first chapter!
its a lot of writing xD and it has realistic deaths...the base part of the story isn't even done yet xD so u cant make a summary of it from the first chapter xD
Koenma has given Hiei a mission to take care of a 4 year old half demon named Kana. Hiei is furious about the idea but has no choice but to accept the new mission. Will Hiei be able to accept the fact that Kana will always be there?
This is a story told by the main character herself her journey through life with a baby and a dog as her only companions
My dog turned into a cat for five minutes
Aww! A cutie story about a wolf who was orphaned young and went to stay with a snow-dog village. He feels lonely and different and just wants to be equal, but soon finds that being equal isnt always whats important :) I can kinda relate to this. x
Lizzie has an idea to help to pet store she works in to raise more money.
I wrote this when I lost my Greyhound Angie to cancer December 5, 2004
my dog died not to long ago, so i decided to write a quick poem about it...I'm so sad...
My first story so don't hate me for trying.
Hmm i don't know what to say i guese it's sorta a story about an empty house that hasn't been lived in for ten years. The idea came to me when i watched a Yu-Gi-Oh eposiode when Yugi and Tea went into a multi million doller mansion. Anyway the go int
Overly exajerated story of my huanted house. (still it can be scary) Your welcome to comment on this work and any other work you'd like.
i don't know what to say....
This is a poem I wrote about a friend of mines stuffed dogs adventure, I liked it ^o^
Hiei just wants to rest, and this illegal Chinese immigrant just wants to sell him a green hotdog. Sounds delicious, no?