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Many years ago,there was an elegant,mysterious dragon.This dragon could mold any clay,so he made a rare race that appeared every thousand years...And the poster...appears before the next mage is ready.Zayli...the mage...a poster,from a dear friend...
Somefin' that I thought of while I was bored and playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.^^'
Its about a boy who gets a demon sealed inside him plus his clan gets killed before his very own eyes. the boy devotes his life to find and kill whos responsible for the murder of his clan.
I'm very bored, decided to write whatever was on my mind.
There are many days... but the reality is that each day comes only once a year. Some of those days are so important, that people throw away their routines just to relish those few short hours. Such a day was coming for Zelda... [oneshot] [LxZ]
Zelda almost lifted Link’s hand to kiss it, but restrained herself from doing so. Their relationship wasn’t so deep as to fill the hole with a million scarlet roses. Instead, she offered him her sweetest smile and wished him well. [One shot]
A call from the abyss, the awakening of the forbidden… The chasm of darkness grows as he learns to love her, who is cursed by a demon… and the wings of shadow envelop him like a shroud. It is the beckoning of Winged Darknes… [LxZ] R&R! :D
If You Are a Trainer In the Tono Region, This Story Sort of Gives you an insight to The History Of the Tono Region and Their Champ's!

Don't Know what the Tono Region is? Check out this Link
Continuation of a boys Struggle against Hell
This is just one of those 'Link gets tormented by Navi' fic. Don't worry it's funny enough! It has a japanese phrase like in all of my stories. Mainly Link bashing. Nothing to violent though. But very funny. Ja ne! /Seeya!/
Ever wonder what possible names for some of the games were? Well, you're in luck, 'cause some random author, gemdrop123neo, has made this up just for you!
This is a fanfiction for Legend of Zelda only two charicters from the series is in it!
when a 15-year old girl named amy notices that something is not right in twilight town,she wants to find out whats worng,even if she moved to twilight town first day.but everynight she notices that something is lurking in the streets.until one day. . .
Happily ever after is for the fairy tales. Jack has lost his Lily to another, and the only way he can get her back is with Darkness’s aid. Even if it comes with a price.
Darkness thinks of Lily, her innocence and her sin. "White is a foolish color for a soul for it is so easy to sodden." Short one-shot. Please R&R.
Link has grown up and decided to go to a new world. But Link does not know is this world is already filled with evil that is destroying the land. Link has a new journey ahead of him who will help him. New world, and new characters maybe a new love.
I children's story I wrote for my creative comp. class
A cloaked man finds a young maiden along the shores of Hyrule ocean crying all for her absent lover. He goes to her and finds out more than what he expected. [one-shot]
i started this a while ago and i havnt been workin on it lately (note only the first done) but when i get more time to do stuff ill continue this epic tale.....
A poem type story I created a while ago because my character needed a background. It's about a disgraced half-elf who becomes a heroine.