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I fell in love with this song by Nightcore. It's "My Name is Rose" I recommend it for those on their way to a party and don't feel like sharing their name and giving fake numbers. ^^
this one's a bit weird. but i like how the first chapter came out ^_^ there isnt really any way to describe this one... sry ^^;

if u like this story, please visit this site!!! ^_^
Still in Hong Kong, the dragon council wishes to knight Rose for her efforts against the Dark Dragon. However, she has to pass a few trials before she can accept the honor, otherwise, her memory of the magical world will be permenently erased.
Bwahaha... The third Hellsing OC yet XD I'm addicted, aren't I...? I think she's kinda interesting, so... read it? XD Spoilers are mild because... oh, nevermind >_<
What would happen if you didn't know your father or you mother and your grandparents are supposedly dead? This is the story of Alaphonse and Noel, grandchildren of the two most dangerous beings on earth, and Tidus, Alaphonse's demon half-brother.
I wrote this in English. Got the sheet idea from Princess Ai
Yes I know it sucks just don't flame me to hard.
I'm not a good artist, but I am a talented writer. Here is one for everybody.
Just wrote this when I was feeling angry

Come journey into the mind of one Youko Kurama and learn the secret behind his favorite technique, the Rose Whip. Learn why the rose suits Kurama so well and why he favors it in the first place. (Complete)
Love, the thorny irony, the bittersweet thorn and petal. Poetry of the darker, and more poetic side of love.
Poems dedicated to darkness, thought, and solemnity. The Darkness of Thy Heart.
It's about Sonic and Amy Rose!!!Umm I hope you like it!!What else can I say???
I had these made for you, I know how they were made, I know what keeps them alive during the winter, and I know all the things and youkai that went into making these simple flowers. What I don’t know is why. Why do I do these things? SessRin
A poem about love, death, and sadness
Against a brick wall, with nowhere to go...
Sonic finds out the hard way to never break a promise.
Umm this is my first time writing a story so its probably really bad! If you have any suggestions please tell me! Oh and if you want your character to be in here please tell me as well. Please include there stats! like their name,likes/dislikes, etc.
Well this is just a little poem. Which doesn't rhyme. That i wrote during Lunch recess.
My 2nd poem!!!READ THIS NOW!!!
umm from now on im going to put the date on these things. Writen 6-4-04
um wrote this on june 2 2004
umm i wrote this a while ago, its connected to one of my pictures "bleeding rose" enjoy