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What If is a story about diffrent things and stuff this will improve when I get my note book down here!
This is a story about Dorinda, Dorthea, Alviss (pronounced Al-viss), Kargin (pronounced Kar-gin) Valkyria meeting the Elric's and something between Dorinda and Lt. Colonel Mustang. some kissing and cussing later on.
This is a new Mew group but instead of Tokyo the live in New York City, USA.
Frost in love what will happen and who is she in love with? Might be kissing in later chapthers
A girl of sixteen gets a wish will it be for better or worse?
This is my brother's and my oc for Naruto Frost and Stitch Hiwatari.OMG I just noticed I did it wrong, Frost is the FIVE Tailed element fox, not four tailed, so when you read please make it five.
This is my story for HP.
This is Kyosgirl's story I did I'm sorry it's so short.
My story for the new clans with my ocs
It's the story of my oc's Super NOva and Xander. Xander is eight monthes old monkey.
Meet Sakura Sohma, Yuki's twin sister with a sad past and odd sides.
She's my oc for Yu-gi-oh GX!
I fixed the first Chapter and I'm fixing some other stories to.
Hi tihs is my oc's Manhattan's story, hope you like it!
A journal of a girl like Kai with long black hair in two buns with two strands hanging down, the twerps she is talking about are Kitto and Xander
This is my story of my oc's Kitto and Xander Kai is there brother Kitto and Kai are twins Kitto has long brown hair with red and pink strikes she has baby blue eyes, Xander has blue hair, and baby blue eyes and is eight months old.