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I am now two lazy to even have three sentences written here <3



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Living_Dead_Girl on August 7, 2007, 5:39:23 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_GirlOh, if you're gonna comment, try to comment on the recent ones ^^' Cos I absolutely hate the old ones, they were done more than a year ago, so it kind of annoys me when ppl comment on the old ones cos they look awful and my new ones look so much better. FAC wasn't working for me before. Not like everyone else where they just couldn't see their comment, I mean, every time I went to a picture or profile, it would ake about 10 minutes of loading/freezing before I could do anything. But now it only takes about 3. I think it's gradually starting to fix itself. Yayyyyness for cocobanana land! I had a weird dream the other night and my bestest friends were in it and so were out chars, but they weren't relaly our chars, they just were in the dream, cept a few of them really did 4exist, but I only remember one of them, which was mine and she was wearing and uber coolio outfit, so I'm gonna draw it in school cos it starts tomorow. Actually, only one of them does that and he's only done it with 2 pics, but I'm extemely greatful for that! Oh, I have a to draw pile again. I was visiting my dad in MI and while I was there, I drew 49 pics. I was tempted to dootle just one mor or an even 50, but I resisted the temptation. And now I have to color all of them. But none of them are shaded. One was, but just a little tiny bit and I already did that one. It should be ablut a week before all of them are up cos I've already goten quite a few up sinse I got back. 3 a day. Oh, I hope you know MI stands for Michigan. Cos my friends kept getting it mixed up with Minnesota, even though I told them it wasn't. Well, they STILL got mixed up and uber ironic things happened. The internet at my dad's house stopped working for 3 days before I left for home. Well, in those 3 days, a bridge fell in Minnesota. And of cource I wasn't online. So my friends though I was in Minnesota and I died from the bridge. They were all worried and everything. I was tickled pink when I found out. Minnesota is MN. Actually, I tought myself. So, naturally, I still suck at photoshop. Kd is learning how to use it very well and she just got it. It's not really that confusing. It depends how you use it. I usually just use paint bucket, so it doesn't take me long to color things. But when I color something that I newly designed, I have a problem. Sinse there's no set design for colors, I just kind of ranomize it, but I REFUSE to leave anything white, forgetting that white is also a color. So very few of the things I make have any white on them ^^' Well, it has to be a good black pena nd it cant's bleed. If it bleeds, then it doesn't matter how smoothly or quickly you go over the lines, the picture will be ruined if you have any detail, which is always the face. Cos if they bleed, then the line with thicken and it's like drawing with a sharpie. Sharpie is 7 times thicker in pencil, so you can't really go over it with.... that. Actually, inking is a pian after a while. Yah, that first picture took soooooooooooo long! But I'm glad I had help on the second one. Yah, that happens to me a LOT with hands. Most poses with hands, I can usually get to look great, but others.... I just can't seem to do. No matter how much I try. hehe... actually, I drew them backwards once and thy came out fine. I can draw them sideways, closed, from the front, back anywhere. I just have problems with some parts of them I suppose. hehe... a lot of ppl would save a lot of work like that. I know I suggested it to Kd not too long ago when she finished a chapter and lost i, but it probably wasn't a reeeelally long chapter if you know what I mean. Still, it does suck to lose work.hehe... yah, I'm going to put them all on FAC and have links to the profiles on my FAC profile. I'm still not done with the first, but that's mainly cos Kd didn't put it together, she probably forgot, but that's OK, cos I want to edit a few picture for her to put on there and give new instructions. I've got all the commics for the first one done and everything else, I just need my parents to get me tracing paper so I can make the moving pic. Then I'll be quite done. Hmmm... I was gonna say something... what was it? Oh yah! Do you like KH2? Cos I played it at my dad's house for the fitst time finnally and I lurve it ^^ It's easier than the first (except for the laaast boss), but the storyline is sooo much better! I even decided to write a short, random, funny story about the organization. I giggles when I thought about it in my head, so it should be pretty funny. I'll work on it when I get done with the first profile. No, I'm not in MI, I'm home now ^^ No one's in the thread cos we haven't posted in it yet ^^' LOLZZ yah. Well, Zeth gave me 2 arms and a tooth and I've got some organs. I suppose it does sound like a madd science experiment ^^' hehe... glad you think "Dude Where's my Car?" is funneh, I do too. Most ppl just think it's stupid. Just cos it's stupid doesn't mean no one can like it. Like "Little Bush" it's a hilarious show I saw a couple times in MI. New York times says it's "Crude and Tasteless" And they're right. But just cos it's crude and tasteless doesn't mean no one can like it ^^ Yah, I've been meaning to work on that language, but I've got a lot on my plate right now. My mind thinks of things faster than I can work on them. Stupid brain! Slow down! I can't keep up! LOLZZZ jerk my head up!! That's funneh! If I remmeber, I'll try saying that to someone and watch them go "WTF? 0.o" ZOMG I lurved the Donkey Kong 64!!! I still never collected all those golden bananas. Man, that game was harrrrrrrd!! Oh, but I think overall, the original Donkey Kong games were the most fun. I don't mean the crappeh ones with Mario, I mean the fun ones on Super Nintendo where you can play as Donkey and Diddy and Dixie and Kiddie. Ahhh... such good memories... Ohh I lurce tetris attack and the music on it is great! I like the penguin music and the yoshie music and the blarg music and the raven music. hehe... they should make a CD for that game. Orly? Never heard of Bubsy. Sounds kawaiiiii!! Oh, have you ever played Claymates?? That's a great game too! You're a guy that got turned into a ball of clay and you can change into other animals and stuff when you run into different balls of clay. Like there's a mouth that thinks he's a dog when you run into a grey one and he runs uuuuuber fast! And there's a cat when you run into an orange one and he walks up trees/walls, ect. There's a fish that can swim, but it can't be on land for too long when you run into a purple one. There's a beever with a brown one that can dig. Wait, I think it's a gopher. Anyway, there's also a duck when you run into a green one. He;s kinda slow, but I lurve himcos he's green, he waddles funny and when you get him going dfast enough, he flies! And he makes a quacking sound. ZOMG I forgot about that candy thing! I'll chck it out as soon as I send this. 6 more characters? I'm not making any more than I know of. I've got waiii too many as it is. Oh, I see what you mean. I'm just designing 6 of my friends characters cos it's fun to design. Hmmm... I always forget important things like naming inaniment objects that get stuck in my toenails. Oh well. Maybe next time ^^' At least I named my tree. I have to hurry up with this cos I wanna watch a long movie before my parents get home. Actually, I'm making a loooot of mangas. It'll be at least a year before I get started on the first. ZOMG weiiiirrrd!! That would look very odd if you could move all your toes individually >.> LOLZ a miracle! ZOMG the moment I saw that, I would have run away screaming. Food gets soooo scary when it's ld! Like the scary poptart.... *shudders* I saw that almost 7 years ago and i still gives me the creeps. LOLZ that was kind of funny. I brush my hair over the sink in the bathroom and I shed a lot of hair and some of it goes down the drain I suppose, but I've never had to pull any out of the drain >.> My mom says there's more hair on the bathroom floor than there is on my head. She may be right. ZOMG that sounds gross! Any little white thing that's wet and I don't know what it is and it's attahced to soemthing it shouldn't be attahced to gives me nightmares. LOLZ they send firefighters EVERYWHERE! It's like they have nothing better to do. Someone fell and broke her hip! Send the firefighters!!! It depends on how much... I just forgo the name of it they put in. It's very awful, but it's better than the smell of a rotting corpes. It might make your nose or eyes burn just a liiiitle bit. It gave me a headache. It's not pleasent. But if you like disecting things, the good should outweigh the bad and in this case, the smell. hehe... I meanly like the laughing meniacally in random ppl's ears. It's fun and it makes me feel more... weird. Which is good. Yah, I don't know why they say happy pills. If I took ahppy pills, I would be happy all the time, but I'm clearly not. No, I think that way too. Drugs=bad. They make us stupid. They kill brain cells. You may get rid of that headache or that little bit of pain you're dealing with, but how many brain cells are ou losing in the process??? Oh, KoRn has a song that I think is new. It's called Evolution. I atched the video for it. It scared me so much... it's about stupidity being the fate of the human race. It makes me wonder just how smart I really am. I mean, I always said that I wish they would get all the stupid ppl on an island and just blow it up and that would solve most of our problems, but now I feel even more threatened by stupid ppl. Now the next time I see a pregnat girl walking down the hall this year, I'm gonna run away screaming in terror. hehe... it is quite an enjoyable hour of typing. But this one has gone by quicker than usual. I think. I forgot when I started typing it. It's all god as long as I start the movie as soon as I'm done. Ohhh yah!! I haven't updated a short story that I wrote sinse last October. Which is almost a year ago. Whne I say short story, I mean it isn't as long as my manga ones, which will all be quite long. hehe... that's not gewd. Computer rebellion. Good thing they don't have arms, or they would strangle us while we type. ZOMG that happens to me all the time! Keyboards have a mind of their own. Like once I typed.... I dunno. I typed something like.... "I'm gonna go eat a sandwish." and when I looked at it, it said, "A sandwich is gonna eat me." and I was like. The hell? I don't rmemeber typing that 0.o hehe... see you later! LOLZZ I watched I want candy... dead. It wash funneh! Especially that one art. Hey! What? Hey! What? Hey! Shop it! Hey! I'll kill you. Hey!

Hikairi001 on August 7, 2007, 5:23:22 AM

Hikairi001 on
Hikairi001youre welcome and thanks for the compliment!

Hikairi001 on August 7, 2007, 12:31:43 AM

Hikairi001 on
Hikairi001Random hi.youre extremelly good at drawing

My_Last_Resort on July 27, 2007, 6:26:35 AM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_ResortWe really should find some way of cutting down the time it takes to coment back and forth. If me actualy ever got around to getting an AIM then we could have live conversations but me dosen't even know if you have one and knowing our luck, we'd never be on at the same time...
And yes, me has been to Chicago before ^^ Me has been there three times actualy. Me likes that city. It's extreemly massive. Going there makes me realise that the city me lives in isn't big at all (me lives in Minneapolis, so me can at least saw we have a bigger mall then they ever will). The job at my school was just temporary. It was only for one week. and then after that week of work, then me had driver's ed. Wonder why you wern't able to take it till you were 16? But no, me dosn't have my licence. My has my permit though. You need to have a permit for 6 months and be 16 in order to try for your licence.

Hee, Miss Zozel was a sweet teacher if you were on her good side. Mr. Parker was cool. Me dosen't think he was too nervous. My english class is the honors one, so there wasn't many idiots in it to try and give him shoot. Nope, me didnt get in any trouble at all when me skipped the begining of the class. He wrote me a late pass so me wouldn't. Me can get away with a lot with certian teachers. Me got away with murder in my history class. the teacher was Mr. Geiskie and he was really cool. My friend Dani and me were always messing around in that class and being really competitive. Any other teacher would have gotten us in a lot of trouble but Mr. Geiskie was cool that way.
That would be annoying if it kept changing your words to something else. Me figgured out how to make it so it would automatically change some words and stop changing other words using the auto-correct thingy.
Me can understand how much you want to go to France. Paris is a really fun city. Me has been there before. In case you haven't noticed, me has travled a lot. Me told you that before didn't me? Anyways, me has a friend who's going on a trip soon too. Except he's going to Italy. Venice is at the top of my list of places to travle to TT_TT Me doubts me is all that good at languages. My mom is a total pro though, when she was in college, she could speak like three different languages! Or was it four... But when me finally does get good at french, it'll be way fun to leave messages in french ^^

Everyone always thinks of harry potter when they hear about all my disapearing teachers. Someone on me was talking too said, "Maybe they got eatten by Gluttony?" No, they guy who came out of the woods didn't usualy look like that.

Since me never studies, only crams, me needs to be really careful to makes sure me learns the stuff the first time me is taught it. So me makes sure to do the reads we're given carefully and me pays attention in class... Most of the time. Me really cant rush my work. Me needs to do it at my own pace. That's why when me has a huge project or report due the next day, me sacrifices my sleep to get it done.

You know, Miss Zozel did that. She gave some students nicknames. This one girl named Katharine, who me has gone to school with for a long long time, Miss Zozel calls her Katie. So one day when Miss Zozel announced that Katie would be passing the papers out, me looked around trying to figure out who the hell Katie was, only to find out she was refering to Katharine. Ouch, that would be hard if you had a parent who taught at your school, especially if they were strange. It is really annoying when teachers cant control a class, then all the other kids wont shut up and it gets really fustrating. You know, me isn't sure how old the guy who told my friend she's hot is. Me dosn't have him yet. Me dosn't have the math teacher who steals things from studients yet either. He teaches Algebra 2. He's just a really random guy. Me has been in the library reading and he'll just jump in, shot a rubber band at a kids back and run out. My firends who've taken his class say it's a lot of fun, but all you remember is something about dropping a log and exploding ferrets. He's definatly random. Maybe he is just a little kid at heart who wants attention.

That's funny: you wanted Bella to be with Jake out of spite. Me hopes we see a lot more of Aro and his crew in Eclipse. He's really eccentric and awesome. And me thinks it's a pretty fair trade- you got me interested in gay wolf sex, so me will get you interested in gay werewolf/vampire sex XD Me will tell you if we ever make that icon. Me also thought of an icon that will ruin the 7th Harry Potter book for anyone who hasent read it yet. Me wont tell it to you in case you havn't read it yet, but basically it says, "For all of you who have not yet read the 7th book of Harry Pot- and then it shouts of ever single character that dies in the book. That would get plenty of people mad at me ^^ And dont worry to much about your icon quest, me is sure you'll catch up to me eventually. ...Okay, not really, but me is sure you can find plenty of great icons. Me found a fun one reciently that has a picture of Bankotsu holding his face in his hands saying, "Bankotsu just wants to be held"

Me isn't to suprised that you've never heard of Cobra Starship, they're pretty new. Me is not to sure how to describe their music. Me has always been bad at describing genres, but if you like bands like The Academy Is... and Blink 182, then you should like these guys. Have you ever heard the song "Send My Love to the Dancefloor" or "Bring It (Snakes on a Plane)" Obviously the song "Bring It," was in the movie Snakes on a Plane. "Send My Love to the Dancefloor" is the song that has the lyrics "Hey Mr. DJ." Me has seen those lyrics on several icons. Both those songs are by Cobra Starship. They're a lot of fun live since their lead singer is pretty crazy- he was dancing on stage and jumping off stuff. The concert was a lot of fun. Me missed most of +44 though, since me was trapped in a giant mob trying to get to Wiliam Becket. Fall Out Boy had a lot of pyro technics and stuff and they explosions hurt my ears a bit... but me can still hear so it's all good.

So you haven't found the pic "Closer" yet? Here's the link for it.
That's one damn long link... hope it works for you. It was pretty easy to find. All me did was go to, and plugged "Closer Inuyasha Jakotsu" into the search bar. Anyways, yes, sadomasochistic sex is amazing! Me don't have too many sadistic pics... me has plenty of yaoi pics and hardcore yaoi pics, but me needs more dark yaoi pics. Me is glad to hear you like sadism ^^ then me will be sure to tell you when me is finished with my sadomasochistic BanJak smut fic! But me isn't sure if FAC will let me put it up on this sight. It's not exactly PG. Speaking of BanJak, me found this one comic where Bankotsu is opening a christmas gift from Jakostu, and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. He holds them up and says, "Jakotsu... Somehow I dont think Santa gives out kinky sex toys..." Jakotsu smiles and goes, "Sure he does!"

Shippo is so unfair to poor little Inu. Shippo dosn't really know anything about Inu's past does he? Me is guessing everyone would be a lot more sympathetic to Inuyasha if he stopped one day and told them about how he meet Kikyo and what they ment to each other. All Shippo seems to know is that Kikyo's a priestess who died 50 years ago, sealed Inu to a tree and now's back from the grave. Something else is that everyone seems to be forgetting the reason why Inuyasha's after Naraku in the first place! He's not after him because he was mean to Kagome one day or because Miroku and Sango asked him nicely to help them slay Naraku. He's not even after Naraku because of the jewel shards. Inuyasha tries so hard to kill Naraku because of what he did to Kikyo all those years ago. Shippo's even more sympathetic to Koga then he is to Inuyasha. He said, "At least Koga's not a two timer, unlike someone we know." Koga promissed to marry a girl, and even after he remembers that, he still goes and flirts with Kagome. Me likes the way Kagome worded it, Inuyasha's platonic, not two timing. It would be a lot of fun in college to be able to say that me is minoring in Eastern Psychology, but me is majoring in InuKik ^^

Me is glad you missed me! and me is also glad that my updating makes you happy ^^ Well, if that's the case then me has very good news! Me updated Three Cheers for Romance too! So go read it! Hope you like it =^_^=

mushu262 on July 19, 2007, 3:49:08 PM

mushu262 on
mushu262Hvala :D Zapravo, sutra krecem. Nisam se ni spakovala. Sad idem na  sisanje da ne bih umrla od vrucine tamo. A da, sve to sto sam navela, ali sam zaboravila da kazem da je hrana MLJAC, MLJAC :D
Tamo nema kompa, tako da cujemo se za 10 dana. Lepo se provodi...
Kolike su temp sada kod vas? Kod nas je juce i prekjuce bilo preko 40 0.0
Have a nice day

Living_Dead_Girl on July 10, 2007, 1:02:07 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_Girlhehe... it's been a while sinse I've been on too. Yah, that has happened. It's neat cos you can do all these weird dream stuff. XD that's funny. In that case, my brain is always at war. Half of the time I'm in Cocoabanana land and the rest oif the time I'm in the real world... almost. Yah, I color a lot faster now, so there's no pile at all. If I need to color a piccy with a lot of shading, which takes forever, then one of my friends does the long and annoying part for me. And what takes me like a week takes them only a few hours cos they're used to photoshop and can do it uber fast. Wait, I may have already said that. Ummm... inking for me is just going over the pencil lines in pen. Then erasing the pencil when you're sure the pen has dried. The way my scanner works allows me to scan it just in black, so if it's not dark enough, it doesn't regester. Of cource, scanning JUST the black automatically puts it in pixel form. That's why if you look at a larger version of one of my more recent pictures, the lines look very... pixelated. Yah, that picture I redid, it looks wayyyyyyy better! And it didn't take long at all. Only one day of coloring all thanks to good old Zeth, who works 80 times faster with photoshop than I do. Yah... I think I'm forgetting how to draw hands cos I can't make them look good anymore. Of cource, it could also be the pose. I thought I forgot how to draw legs well cos on a picture I did, I couldn't get them just right, but on a picture I did right after, they looked perfect. Oh mai, you haven't? If I spend more than 3 minutes typing something, I try to remember to copy it just in case. Actually, I'm not done with the first profile yet ^^' The main problem is that I'm in Michigan for the summer with no scanner and my parents still never got me tracing paper, which I need to make a moving picture and I've still not done any of the commics I've been wanting to do. Oh, we did make the thread, but every single one of us has been gone this summer. Basically, in a particular spot in the forums, the thread we always go to is all but constantly seen at the top cos we bump in there so much. Bus sinse the summer, no one has been on. It's a ghost town in that thread XD. But when we come back, we'll finish the thread and bump in it and stuff. I'll make a couple banners and we can even make a mascot for it. See, I put in my profile that I was the owner of 13 sould, a few spleens, and a liver cos ppl had randomly given me those parts. Well, I got a couple teeth and 2 arms from someone else and Zeth suggested that sinse I have some of the parts, we can ask for more from other ppl and start making a person. How fun ^^ Ohh C's suck. Especially sinse I work so hard in my classes to the point where every waking moment of my life sucks. hehe... an alien. Do you mean "Dude Where's my Car?" that's a weird movie. It's funny though. I've thought about making up my own language called Shibbie. Yay for N64!! Best game system crated ever, I swear! See, when they first made it, it was the first time anyone had seen anything in 3D and it was awsome! It doesn't matter how out-of-date it is now. What matters is how it was when it first came out. Which is why I think the 64 is the best game system, no matter how old it is. Ohhhh I love Super Nintendo too. Do you have Tetris Attack or the 3 Donkey Kong Country games? Yah, the old game systems were the shiznit. XD yah, that was funny. Perhaps that was god's sign XD. hehe... the truck scene... yah... it was also funny when she goes to her boyfriend's house and she's like "Oh, this'll only be a second." But he's with another girl and she makes him throw paint on the truck and he's like "OK! T_T" Yah, it is fun typing long messages most of the time. I want Candy_Dead? I'll look for that. Have you watched the Cheeseburger thing yet. The way he says cheeseburger is funny. Or she. I can't tell cos the voices are all chipmunk-ish. Actually, it didn't take long to finish the designes and I'm designing 6 more characters for my friends and I've got the linart done, I'll color them when I get home. Well, I've got the linart on 2 done. Oh, good then I'm not the only one that can't tell the diference. A picture book? Ummm... I'm making a manga or 8 if that's what you mean. Oh, the leaf in my toe is no longer there cos the nail came off. But now my toe looks icky. hehe... feet are like mutated forms of hands. That does make more sense cos you can't really bend each individual toe and they look weird. The question perplexes me though... How god managed to fit 3 knuckles in that little toe is beyond me. Marbles only eats men, so sure, you can pet him. ZOMG I always hate it when you find disturbing things while cleaning. Especially if you don't even have to LOOK for the disturbing things. I was at my sister's apartment a few weeks ago for the begining of the summer and she lives with 3 boys, which are all absolutely.... messy. You know how boys are. They can't even pick up after their own socks. And when I was there, I had to dothe dishes.... it was the most horrifying thing I'd ever seen. They had a garbage disposal on the left side and a normal drain on the right, with of cource one of those stopper things in it. Well, get this, they had all manner of horrifying things jamed in that stopper. One of the most disgusting scenes I've ever had my displeasure to lay my eyes on in my life. and that's saying something. And I had to clean it. In one stopper, they jammed cigarette butts, a couple bottle caps, one of those twistie ties and a couple handfulls of other random stuff that I don't even want to describe. And my sister said it wasn't that bad... yah... you would have to get used to something like... that. I'm so glad I'll never have to live with or pick up after a boy. Our cat was black. And I wanted to name him, but my partners said not to. So lame! I can't even name the cat I'm going to disect. Oh, I didn't care how the cat looked at all. I thought the look was more interesting than anything else. Of cource, one theory I have is that I was partially lactose intolerant. See, it was the beggining of the month and my parents made me eat a buttload of cheese cos I wasn't lactose intolerant anymore for Kd. Well, I hadn't had any mild products in a month and the next day, I disected the cat and the smell, with the combined extra lactose that my body wasn't used to must have gone off. I do have a feeling that all that cheese had something to do with my sudden sickness. ZOMG Crystal always does that to me! Whenever I act normal... for my standards (which is running around, screaming, and laughing maniacally in random ppl's ears) she asks if I took my happy pills that day. I don't have happy pills. I don't believe in taking pills. I don't even take headache pills. If I have a headache and my mom asks if I want an asprin, I say no cos I don't care what you say, if it's a pill, it's a drug, dammit. A drug is any substance other than food that effect the way your mind and body work. Asprin is a drug. I can't tell you how many times I've had to argue with my mom on that fact. hehe... I remmebered some of what I typed. Woa, I think I'm done now. You know, I think I've been typing this message for almost an hour. How funny. I always procrastinate when it comes to writing my stories, but if I wrote as much in my story each day as I typed to my friends, hell, I'd be done in no time XD. Oh yes, one other thing I wanna mention. Yesterday, I copied a message to past it somewhere and when I clicked copy, it didn't go away. The message copied and pasted just fine and I've copied and pasted many things sinse then, but the copy from that message is still there. It's kind of see through, the letters are while and it's in that bar, which is blue and it's been there sinse yesterday. It's almost in the middle of the screen, but it supprisingly rarely gets in the way.

My_Last_Resort on July 5, 2007, 7:03:28 AM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_ResortEllo! Damn... it's been a long long time since me was last here... Is it ironic that me tells you that me gets parinoid when you dont come on for a long time and then me goes and disapears forever? But yes, me is so sorry for dropping off the face of the earth. How long has it been since I've been on? me kinda dissapeared for a few reasons. the first reason would be that I went through a really hard time in school. Me had to worry about all sorts of end-of-the-year projects and when it was two weeks till finals, me was actualy failing math T_T but in the end me scrapped through everything okay and me ended up with a B, which me was more then happy to get. But one other thing that was even harder for me was... well, do you remember when me was telling you all about the two little kitties we got? William and Vertigo are their names. Well, just a few weaks before school was over and me had so much work to deal with, we found out that little William had a fatel bone marrow disease so he died when he was barely a year old. That was very depressing, especially since William and Vertigo were the first real pets I've ever had. Then two weeks after that, we decided to get a new cat from the Humane Society so Vertigo wouldn't be alone. We addopted a cat named Franklin. Me wanted to name him Mercutio or Apollo but my mom made us stick with Franklin. As you can guess, the two kitties didnt get along at first (that's putting it very mildly) but now they play together and groom each other all the time. And then me went on a little trip to Chicago and then so far this summer, me has been working at my school so me can get financial aid and me just finished taking driver's ed. Me has been dealing with a whole lot of stuff, but me still could have come on FAC during it all, but me supose me was just drifting away from this site, but me is back! (It also dosent help that me has been getting way more active on lately) Soooooooooooo... me guesses me'll just pick up where your last comment left off.
Some teachers are just kinda cool like that. The only teacher who does that is my english teacher, Miss Zozel. She's pretty cool (it helps that me was one of the students she likes). For the end of the year, we had a student teacher teaching her class. I really liked him (no, not like that). His name was Mr. Parker and we argued a lot in class so a lot a people couldn't tell if he liked me or not. But he did. On one of the last days at school, me skipped the begining one of my classes so me could talk with him about random stuff like what me was going to do in the summer and books and things like that.

Me guesses your right. Spelling is all to easy to fix. Me never has and never will win a spelling-B in my life. My friends are always remarking on my horrible spelling asking how me plans on being an english major. Me just says that that's what editors are for. If me didnt have spell check, then me would really, really need an editor. Much of the time when me is writing comments, me will have to open a Microsoft word document an type the work a few times till it tells me it's right.
You go to a French school? Cool! me loves France. In fact, this year me will be taking French for my language. My mom happens to speak fluent French. Yeah, my old schools had a different religion teacher ever year for like the past... six years. No one's ever heard from the guy who dissapeared before. But one time, when these kids from my class were shotting a viedo from a school project, they saw the religion teacher from the year before walk out the woods where they were shotting it! Just the way he was walking and the look on his face made him look like he just killed somebody. Maybe he did?

Thanks for thinking me is so smart ^^ Me will admit, that me must be somewhat smart if me can ace almost any test in most classes withouot studing. Some classes me just cant do that in. When it comes to math and science, my test grades tend to vary a lot. It depends on what chapter we're on. Math and science are the only two classes me has gotten B's in this year. Me describes myself as a lazy, procrastonating, perfectionest. Me is lazy, me puts off my work till the very last minuet, but when me does do it, me makes sure it's done well.
your religion teacher jumps on peoples desks, throws shoes, and talks about sex? My religion was just borring. He droned a lot and didnt do anything if you slept in his class. the worst thing he ever did was tell me that me is going to hell. XP We have a teacher who hits on the students too! He even hit on my friend one time. The class was talking about geography or something and he said, "Foreign girls are hot. Like Emma here!" She's my friend and she happens to be Korean. One of our math teachers is really odd. Did me rant about him already? He randomly pops into classes and shots rubber bands at students. Every now and then you'll see him running like hell down the hallway followed by a student. He likes to steal peoples stuff and then run like hell. (he happens to coatch the track team) If you take his class, you learn nothing, but it's a lot of fun.

Since the last comment, me has finished Twilight and New Moon. Me finished them a long long time ago. Jakes cool. Me likes him. Me does think that Bella should be with Edward, but a small part of me wants her to be with Jake. One day me was talking with one of my friends, and me decided that, we should pair up Edward and Jake just to see how many people would freak at it. ^^ Then we came up with a bunch of Jake X Edward icons. One of my favorites is: "Eclipse: Unresolved sexual tension" and then it would have a pic of Edward and Jacob looking at each other.

Speaking of icons, how goes the icon quest? about 4 months ago you had about 166 Inuyasha ones so how many do you have now?

You went to a M.C.R. concet?!?!? Lucky! Me would love to go to one of their concerts... But me actualy did go to a Fall Out Boy concert! It was great. We saw a bunch of other really good bands too. Cobra Starship was the opening act. Ever heard of them? They're good. Me got the CD from a friend and copied all their songs to my iPod. We also got to see +44, which is 2/3's of Blink 182. We also saw The Academy Is... do you know them? Their lead singer, William Becket happens to be pretty. Very, very pretty. me actualy got to walk next to him when he was being chased by an obsesed mob on fan ^^ if me was just 3 feet to the left when me went around that corner, me would have gotten to get his autograph... The whole concert was just awesome. It was actualy my first real concert.

Yes, me is still completly obsesed/in love with Jakotsu ^^ and me is not about to stop. Me does have all those icons you described. Me has 174 icons about and involving Jakotsu. So yeah, me does have a lot. The pic of the chained Inu covered in cuts, me found on deviantArt. the pics called "Closer" and the artist is umm... me forget the artist. Just go to deviant and do a search for Closer Jakotsu Inuyasha. maybe you'll find it. If you can't, then tell me and me will get a link for you. It's a pretty dark pic, but maybe you'll like it. Actualy me already knew you were a hugh yaoi fan. You like Ed X Envy too much not to be one. and it's not like we both haven't ranted to each other about yaoi before. What me was actualy asking was, how do you feel about sadism and stuff like that. Me is still not sure, since you said you were disturbed by thinking of where Jakotsu, razors and skin would lead to, but you said that a chained up Inuyasha covered in cuts is hot (it is by the way).

Man, it's been a long time since me has ranted about InuKik and InuKag... So here we go!
Me has to say that Shippo is the most unfair to InuYasha when it comes to Kikyo. He is just a little kid so me doubts he can fully understand the relationship between InuYasha and Kikyo. He always sides complettly with Kagome, and never even gives the idea of Inu being with Kikyo a chance. When Inu and Kagome fight, he always views it as being all Inuyasha's falut too. He yells at Inu both before and after he runs off to see Kikyo. He yells at Inu to make up with Kagome after they fight. Shippo likes Kagome so much that he only ever sides with her. It's damn fustrating. We all know that Inuyasha cares about Kagome. Me has never tried to say he dosen't. But Mirkou and Sango and Shippo all seem to take the words "I will protect you Kagome" and change them into, "I love you so much Kagome and never want to be with any one else. Please become my mate." That's all Inu says to Kagome for like the first five seasons. He tells her that he will protect, and once or twice tells her that he cares about her but that's hardly a profession of love. When it comes to Kikyo, it's a whole different matter. He has openly profesed his love to her. Me can quote him on one ocation. Me told you before, but one time he said to Kiade, "I am preapared to leap into hell with Kikyo if that's what she wants." Me knows the exact quote cuz me wrote it down when he said it. And he says that to her after the epesode where Kikyo held a knife to his throat and Kagome ran off to her world after seeing it. Do you remeber earlier in the series when Kikyo put Inu under a spell and tried to bring him to hell with her? Me knows me's talked about this before. But anyways, Kagome was there when it happened and she starts yelling at Kikyo that this isnt what InuYasha wants. And she yells at Inu to snap out of it. Well, as you know, she breaks the spell and Inu, suprised, goes over to her and asks if she's okay, and stuff. Well, Kagome was yelling that Inu didn't mean he wanted to go to hell with her because he had stuff to take care of on earth. Later in the series, Inu says out loud that he would gladly go to hell with Kikyo to be with her forever! That means at that part when Kikyo tried to bring him to hell with her, if she had taken off the spell and diretly asked him if he would go to hell with her so they could be together, He would say frack Yes! Forget Naraku and the jewel and Kagome and all the others! Me has said it before but me will say it again. The part where Inu goes over to Kagome when she breaks the spell Kikyo had on him is the part where Kikyo's heart breaks all over again.
...Okay, rant over for the moment. Hehe, you're right, me probably could write a massive essay on this subject and publish it. Me was horrified too when me saw that they never end the anime series! But, me has mostly excepted it... at least the manga's still going. that, or it finished since the last time me checked. But no, tragically they will never finish the anime series... it's just so sad...

But on the bright side, Me is back! and as a bonus, me is updating my Edvy fic! Check it out, the third chapter of Run Away will be up by the time you get this ^^ Me missed leaving unreasonably long messages to you.

mushu262 on July 4, 2007, 4:22:07 PM

mushu262 on
mushu262oh, evo ti jedan flastercic za nogicu (::::::::(::::::):::::::)  :D
Nama je poslednji dan skole bio 24. mada taj dan je retko ko dosao u skolu.
A kakav je to kamp gimnastike? Trenirate po ceo dan? Toooo!
Srecno sa poslom. Da, ja pocinjem opet kada se zavrsi leto...
Nas ninja kamp traje od 21.-31. sledeceg meseca(barem mislim da je tako, slabo pamtim datume, imena itd...), odrzava se na Fruskoj Gori(to je blizu Novog Sada), treninzi su od 5 ujutru do 9 ujutru i od 5 popodne do 9 uvece. Ujutro trcimo 7 km uzbrdo do vrha i nazad(do vrha ima oko 3,5 km), zatim malo radimo texnike, a popodne imamo luk i strelu, surikene, razna oruzja i primenu. Veoma je naporno, ali to volim :D

black_calm on July 4, 2007, 12:12:08 PM

black_calm on
black_calmLol *huggles* My username is Hellzkitten
Annie's is amayachan666
Hope to hear from you! ^__~

black_calm on July 4, 2007, 4:15:32 AM

black_calm on
black_calmHey Hun! Sorry we haven't been talking to you or anything. I feel real bad about that. Sorry but we're not even on FAC anymore. We found a different art sight. It's I wanted to tell you but I guess it slipped my mind. Annie's on there to but we have separate accounts. Ttyl! Byes *love*





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